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from which stars have we fallen, to meet each other here?

If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, my darling, it will have been worth it.

or, the story of the ARC trooper and the royal handmaiden.

It’s finally here, it’s finally happening. Not even two months ago, @evaceratops​ and I threw ourselves into Fives/Rabé rarepair hell after an innocent discussion about the handmaidens’ hidden personalities and lives. Somehow, despite the fact that Fives and Rabé never meet in canon, they are so, so wonderful together, and we decided the world needed to know. 

Now, after many, many hours of work – their story is ready.

It’s a long, slow burn, stuffed to the brim with mutual pining, undercover gala missions, political intrigue and drama, and the most incredible team-up of the 501st and Naboo’s Royal Handmaidens. And it all begins on Alderaan…

When Kennis asked what the stranger had wanted, Lady Malyna waved aside his concerns. “Poor thing needed a few credits to help out of her sister. Neither of them earn enough in the Organa household, can you imagine?” She laughed as she shrugged off her coat, leaving Kennis to scramble to pick it up. “The ruling family being so frugal with their money, how awful!”

Kennis thought about his own meager wages and said nothing. The stranger had an awful lot of nerve, to walk up to a noblewoman and ask for credits like that. He almost said something to this effect, but Lady Malyna had already swept up the stairs, leaving him to glower with annoyance in the foyer.

He still had a bad feeling about the stranger, but they never showed their cloud-gray cloak again. Not one week later, both he and his Lady had forgotten all about the strange incident in the streets.

Somewhere in a forgotten, shadowy corner of the park, a tiny chalcedony bead shone half-buried among the flowers.

Had anyone been watching, perhaps this story would have ended before it began.

✧ i. shadows in the chalcedony courts ✧ is now live on ao3 – cover art by @autem-lux​ ❤