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‘Why Don’t You Kiss Her?’

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: April 12th, 2017
Warnings: Shy Bucky. Fluffy Bucky. 
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
AN: LOOK WHO FINALLY WAS ABLE TO POST SOMETHING!!! Confession, I have some Jesse McCartney on my playlist–this is one of his songs. I am unashamed to admit that I love this song! I first heard it when I watched Kim Possible So The Drama and have been hooked ever since!

‘Why Don’t You Kiss Her’ : Jesse McCartney (the lyrics will be typed in the fic, but if you wanna listen to it!)

“Bucky!!” (Y/N) squealed followed by loud giggles that echoed throughout the compound. Bucky’s fingers were wiggling as he stalked her around the couch with a mischievous grin on his face. The two of them were playing cat and mouse around the room, as Bucky’s hat was clenched in her hands and being held to her chest. (Y/N)’s giggles were being fought back behind her captured lip as she watched every movement Bucky was making. Deep down she knew he could easily capture her, but Bucky never did. He enjoyed dragging this sort of thing out. 

“Come on, doll, gimme my hat back. Then aaaaallllll this will be over.” His Brooklyn accent seeping through his charming smirk as he slowly began circling her again. 

She giggled and shook her head, “How about a trade? Give me phone back and then I will give you, your hat back.” Her feet moving slowly in circles making sure her back is never towards Bucky. 

“Well, that is what you get for sneaking Snapchat pictures of me with those animated features covering my face!” He chuckled at her, mentally planning his attack, “You turned me into a cat!” Tilting his head at her with a smile, “Then made my head into a cookie! That ain’t cool, darlin.” His smile growing as (Y/N) began laughing again, “Annnnddd let us not forget you did that FaceSwap thing–you put Sam’s face on mine!” Pointing his metal finger at her. 

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kickin’ ass, taking’ names
“a man’s gotta have rules.”

🔫 mourning ritual - bad moon rising (cover) 🔫 pantera - cowboys from hell 🔫 dorothy - wicked ones 🔫 steppenwolf - born to be wild 🔫 juliet simms - trouble finds you 🔫 george thorogood - bad to the bone 🔫 mantra - i want 🔫 ram jam - black betty 🔫 kaleo - no good 🔫 ac/dc - back in black 🔫 black pistol fire - suffocation blues 🔫 judas priest - breaking the law 🔫 the white stripes - blue orchid 🔫 dorothy - raise hell 🔫 queen - another one bites the dust 🔫 bryce fox - horns 🔫 iron maiden - run to the hills 🔫 goodbye june - oh no 🔫 ac/dc - thunderstruck 🔫 year long disaster - the fool and you 🔫 ozzy osbourne - bark at the moon 🔫 bleeker - highway 🔫 bon jovi - wanted dead or alive 🔫 isobel campbell & mark lanegan - snake song 🔫

a playlist for blackwatch!mccree

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someone used to love me. // a literati playlist 

[aka a mix for that ex you just can’t get over]

i don’t want to get over you - the magnetic fields / forever - haim / what difference does it make - the smiths / all you had to do was stay (cover) - maddie wilson / a part of me (feat. laura whiteside) - neck deep / redemption - frank turner / where are you now - mumford & sons / you could be happy - snow patrol / needing/getting - ok go / all too well - taylor swift / how 2 get over ur ex - beth o’reilly / over you (feat. a great big world) - ingrid michaelson / stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before - the smiths / goodbye kiss - kasabian

bonus track: when we were young (cover) - ryan dolan

listen: 8tracks | spotify

Libra Couple Playlist “Hard to Believe”

(+ Aries): Head is Not My Home- MS MR

(+ Taurus): Heartbeat- VÉRITÉ

(+ Gemini): SuperLove- Charli XCX

(+ Cancer): Blue- Marina and the Diamonds

(+ Leo): Sweater Weather- The Neighborhood

(+ Virgo): Arms Tonite- Mother Mother

(+ Libra): Hypnotic- Zella Day

(+ Scorpio): Is There Somewhere- Halsey

(+ Sagittarius): The Sea- MØ

(+ Capricorn): Real Love- Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

(+ Aquarius): Tongue Tied- Grouplove

(+ Pisces): This Love- The Veronicas


International Women’s Day Playlist Part 1

1. Echosmith- Come Together

2. We Are The In Crowd- Manners

3. Against The Current- Gravity

4. The Summer set- Chelsea

5. Candy Hearts- I Miss You

6. Crystalyne- 6 In The Morning

7. Call Atlantis- Story Of Your Life

8. PVRIS- My House

9. Love, Robot- Fire Escape

10. Colour me Wednesday- Shut

11. Trash Candy- Rush Hour

12. Courage My Love- Cold Blooded

13. Hey Monday- Homecoming

14. The Maddigans- Miles Ahead

15. Bright Light Parade- Right Now

16. Stay The Night- Falling In Place

Or listen on spotify here!

rehab - rihanna // who did that to you - john legend // okay I believe you, but my tommy gun don’t - brand new // how to save a life - the fray // pickup truck - kings of leon // crazy - gnarls barkley // snap out of it - arctic monkeys // DLZ - tv on the radio // say my name/cry me a river - the neighbourhood // don’t let me be misunderstood - santa esmeralda // somebody that i used to know - gotye (feat. kimbra) // sail - awolnation // nightcall - kavinsky & lovefoxx // suburban war - arcade fire // hold back the river - james bay // sleepyhead - passion pit // bloody shirt (bastille remix) - to kill a king // set fire to the rain - adele // the wolves - ellie goulding // wonderwall - oasis (8tracks)