jess wheelock

Various Artists
Czap Books
6x9 SC, 56 Pages
A collection of short comics - Jenn Lisa surprises a hiker with the responsibility for taking care of an infant who appears out of thin air. Cassie and Dee, the talking horse decor, stew in anxious tension as their plans to escape Applebee’s start to unravel, as told by Jess Wheelock. Through the eyes of a conceited princess, Paula Almeida shows us fragments of the bloody imperial war being waged against the horned inhabitants of a “New World.” Laura Knetzger fantasizes about the breakdown of modern society and being able to start life over as if in a Miyazaki movie. Jon Gott presents a series of cryptic and conspiratorial documents tied to Cleveland bridges.

PUPPYTEETH 4 will debut at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival on May 10th and 11th, 2014.