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Title: Free Samples (2012)
Director: Jay Gammill
Screenplay: Jim Beggarly 
Trailer: (x)
Fun Fact: This film was the debut for both the director, Jay Gammill and screen writer, Jim Beggarly which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Hungover and snarky, who hasn’t felt like this for a day? Jess Weixler’s character, Jillian feels this on a phenomenal life scale as a law-school drop out and transient with daddy-issues. This film covers Jillian taking over her friend’s ice cream truck giving out free samples to oddball customers and friends for a day.

Each encounter gives Jillian a push into the direction of discovering life isn’t all too bad if you just give it and other people another chance. These encounters are quirky and different, including a homeless woman, lackluster musicians, old friends from a previous life, an oldschool Hollywood beauty and a charming charismatic Jesse Eisenberg which provide moments of great humour and fabulous acting by Weixler.

For a film that takes place in the course of the night before a day in one ice cream truck, the script is pleasantly paced with perfect indie charm. Weixler and the remainder of the cast deliver something for those who are reluctantly learning to become adults with dry humour and sincerity.


“Sister Cities” set visit - Stana Katic, Troian Bellisario, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jess Weixler