jess was the one that got away :(

Okay. This comic is great because it shows a lot of ups and downs for various characters, but naturally I’m going to hone in on McCree:

(Not to ignore Sombra being there; I’m fucking thrilled Reaper’s new star student is tailing his old one).

But. Let’s just talk about Jesse. Obviously we’re getting the most hamfisted visual cue imaginable that McCree is sad. The dude’s alone in a bar on Christmas, black-out drunk. Not generally how people spend their holiday.

Fanon has collectively painted McCree as an easy-going doofus, but if you think about it he has to be one of the most miserable, down-trodden heroes in the Overwatch setting. By the age of eighteen all of his major life choices were decided for him. From his conscription to just a few years before Overwatch collapsed his entire existence was Blackwatch. In ten+ years he didn’t venture beyond that. Being a Blackwatch agent was all he ever amounted to, and it was the only good he’d ever accomplished. It was his home and his family. It was the cornerstone of his entire identity. Through it, he thought he’d made up for the mistakes of his adolescence.

Turns out that even his “redemption” was rotten. Anything positive he ever did was washed under the tidal wave of public condemnation for all the wrongs, the manipulations, and the secrets. He can’t even look back on the years he spent atoning with Overwatch and feel proud of it, because everywhere he goes the debate still is whether or not the U.N.’s peacekeeping force was ever anything but a means for the corrupt to hold power. If they’re right, what is Jesse McCree but a man who’s never done anything but fire his gun for the bad guys?

The worst part is McCree is stuck in purgatory. Responsibly, he can’t answer Winston’s recall. This new incarnation of Overwatch is going to have a hard enough time overcoming global criticism and the failures of their predecessors – failings like those of McCree himself. If they want to win back public support then they can’t afford to be taking in wanted fugitives, least of all the former protege of Gabriel Reyes. The best thing McCree can do for them is stay the fuck away. In the meantime he’s got nothing going on save for thwarting occasional robberies and the odd train rescue here and there. He’s got no one he can count on without dragging them into his troubles with the law. There’s nowhere for him to rest his head. He doesn’t even have an identity beyond a “not good, not bad” mercenary who’s simply adrift. 

So here we have one Jesse McCree, drinking himself stupid on Christmas because he’s fucking lonely and he can’t go home. 

Conflict and Confined Spaces

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A bit of angst for you all, she and Harry are bickering and reading an article about their relationship only intensifies it more. 

You and Harry had been bickering on and off all day, it had started over you not being ready on time for a breakfast meeting he had wanted you to come to, it then was about a pair of boots you had left in the lounge room he had tripped over while on a business call, the pair of trousers that were on the line when it had started rain that you hadn’t gotten off and now were wet. They were petty little things, he was stressed you understood that he had so much on at the moment with press for Dunkirk and finalising things for the tour, but this didn’t mean he could take everything out on you. Things didn’t get any better when it was time for the two of you to get ready for a dinner with some of his friends, you had gotten ready before him to avoid the same argument that had happened earlier that day and spent the time on the couch reading news articles on your laptop, it was something you’d come accustom to, you’d loved to keep up to date with current affairs generally skipping over the gossip section not having the patience to read anything related to Harry or the friends he had made in the industry, but when a headline accusing Harry of cheating come up on your timeline you hadn’t scrolled past like you generally would have. Maybe it was the bickering the two of you had done all day, or the way he had told you to shut up this morning when you had argued back at him that made your eyes stick to the screen taking every word in analysing every piece of “evidence” the writer had provided. She was a friend of Harrys the girl the article was about Jess, you didn’t know her well just knew she was at a lot of the parties you had attended with him over the years, the article had spoken about the two of you, your relationship that had been going on for 2 and a half years. The article had quoted a “reliable source” who said that your relationship had been on the rocks over the last couple of months, it was true you and Harry had been fighting more frequently but you’d never have called your relationship on the rocks, there were photos of Harry and Jess leaving a few cafes and restaurants and one from a club. You tried not to let any of this get in your head, he loved you no matter how much you fought, he had always had female friends and you’d never been jealous of them and she was no different they had just ran into a few more photographers than usual. He had always sworn that he would never cheat, but people lied, you’d had your heart broken before by cheaters and you’d promised yourself you’d never allow that to happen to you again.

Your overthinking had been interrupted by him calling your name, you looked up from your computer quickly shutting the lid to see him coming down the stairs.
“ Put a jacket on will yeh we don’t need yeh distracting everyone with your breasts” he hardly looked at you as he commented causing you to cross your arms across your chest suddenly insecure about your outfit. You’d done as he said, in any other situation he’d never say anything about what you wore and if he did you would have told him to back off, but that article was chipping away at your confidence bit by bit. The car was silent and so was the ride up the elevator and you were almost relieved not to have to speak to him, you wanted to question him about the article, it wasn’t unusual to see stuff like this in the papers and your usually just discuss it and move on but tonight he could barley look at you. He had grabbed your hand as you exited the elevator and you pulled away instinctively when you saw your table with Jess sitting there looking perfect and gorgeous, you were thankful for the dull lighting so no one could see the way your fake smile had dropped and been replaced with sadness. You hated it was getting to you this much, that when you had so sit next to Harry with her directly across from you, you felt sick it wasn’t her fault that she had been the target of a cheating article with Harry, but the more your watched the two of them interact the more you saw how they got along so well. The conversation between the group was constant enough that you only had to fake a laugh and give short responses occasionally throughout the night and when Grimmy and Loud sent concerning looks your way you just had to fake yawn to get their attention off you.

You thought you were doing fine at keeping your emotions at bay, from letting jealousy creep into your veins and make you regret your actions, that was until they started a conversation about a nightclub they’d gone to together, but it wasn’t just any nightclub it was where you and Harry had met. The club in discussion was renown for its 80’s and 90’s music nights, you and Harry had met there and it had become your spot and you’d spent most of your anniversaries there rocking out to the classics and to know he had taken her there had shattered your heart into a thousand pieces. You had excused yourself in the middle of your conversation and had made a beeline for the bathrooms a few stray tears making their way down your face. You had walked past the toilets and through the slightly ajar door that lead to the rooftop of the restaurant, you’d allowed yourself to slide down the wall and rest your head against your knees, you willed yourself to stop crying to stop thinking about the article and Harry and Jess and how she was gorgeous and everything you weren’t. The door had opened and out the corner of your eyes seen Harrys familiar shoes walk to where you sat.
“ I just need a minute Harry, Ill be back to keep up appearances soon” your words came out dryly not lifting you head from your knees to look at him, you didn’t need to he would have a scowl on his face like he had whenever he had looked at you today.
“ Is this your rebuttal for the fighting today to just sit at the table like you’re there against your will while everyones trying to have a good time” he spoke his words with anger which made your head snap up and raise your eyebrow at him.
“ Yes of course I live to make your life difficult Harry, didn’t you know?” the sarcasm and annoyance dripped from your words and he had shook his head at you.
“ Yeh know I was really looking to tonight and then you’ve gone and acted like a brat and ruined it” he shook his head again before going to leave the rooftop.
“ Looking forward to seeing Jess you mean” the words hadn’t meant to leave your lips, they were meant to be snarky comment in your head, but now they were out in the open and you couldn’t take them back.
“ what are yeh talkin about” his ignorance or blatant lying infuriated you
“ Don’t act dumb Harry! You took her to our club, where we met and have spent every anniversary, our spot” You had yelled at him this time as you stood up the tears had started again a look of realisation washed over his face.
“ You’re not seriously upset about that are you?” You rolled your eyes at his response and had wanted nothing more to be the brat he accused you of being and throwing a fit and screaming at him.
“ You know what I cant do this here, I’m too tired for this Harry” you sighed a stray tear rolling down your face, you couldn’t look at him without wanting to scream, and you didn’t want to ruin this night anymore than it had already been ruined.

To your surprise he had followed you out to the table and before you could say a thing he had told everyone you weren’t feeling well and he was going to take you home, he left money for the bill and the two of you left without a word. The elevator ride was silent and longer than you had remembered it being on the way up, until it stopped all together with a slight drop and the main lights turned off and emergency lights dully filled the space. You had groaned loudly before repeating the word no about 6 times, you couldn’t be trapped in an elevator while fighting with Harry with no where to escape to when things got to much.
“ Are yeh gonna speak to me now” you turned to face him you could feel the anger slowly fizzing out and all that would remain would be hurt. You just looked at him, the person you fell in love with was there somewhere, underneath the stress and anger of the day your Harry was still there you knew that, and thats what hurt you most that despite knowing he was yours this doubt and scary feeling of betrayal and thoughts that he was cheating filled your mind.
“  Are you cheating with Jess?” the words had slipped out of your mouth as tears poured out your eyes, his facial expression turned from shock to confusion before he looked you in the eyes standing up. 
“ Yeh think I’m cheating with Jess?” his words were a mix of hurt and confusion.
“ You took here to our place Harry, there are pap photos of the two of you everywhere, I don’t know what to think” you raised your voice at him a sob leaving your throat as you finished your sentence, you had let your legs collapse into a kneeling position on the floor and allowed yourself to cry harder than you did on the rooftop. Harry had stepped towards you but you had told him no.
“ Baby Im not cheating on yeh, I-I would never, Jess and I are just friends I promise yeh” You had allowed him to get closer and bend down in front of you, still keeping his distance but watching you carefully with his green eyes.
“ I read a stupid article and I believed everything, you’d been so cold to me and we had fought all day and then I saw how well you get along and she’s so pretty” you had worked yourself up so much that hiccups had accompanied your cries, Harry didn’t say anything just wrapped his arms around you before lifting you so you were between his legs your face in his neck. He had shushed you and reassured you for the first half an hour of being stuck in the lift and had you giggling over how stupid the two of you had been for fighting all day for the next 1 and a half hours. You were more than relived when the electricians fixed the problem and you safely exited the elevator, the two of you looked crazy when the doors opened the two of you sitting on the floor your tear streamed smiling face and his white shirt which had black spots from your mascara.

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Being On Team Flash Would Include...

• you’d spent time with Team Arrow on a week long mission once so knowing what they’re like Team Flash is actually pretty chill
• I mean c'mon you guys have Cisco
• Barry and Cisco eating all the food
• “okay I bought like five large sized bags of chips yesterday you wanna know explain why there’s none left?”
• “well lets just say Barry eats fast”
• having to hide snacks and sharing them with Caitlin and Iris
• making Barry do stuff for you
• “I got you coffee yesterday, y/n”
• “Jitters is only like three seconds away though…”
• “fine”
• Team Arrow wanting you
• Team Legends wanting you too
• being close with Jesse and helping her adjust when she first got to earth 1
• having movie nights where y'all would watch sci-fi films
• and that’s horrible because all of you would just be pointing out how unrealistic it was
• other movies weren’t much better either because either someone would spoil it or you’d all just be shouting predictions
• training with Iris
• being almost like another one of Joe’s kids
• everyone being protective of you and you being protective of everyone
• competing with Cisco on who can come up with better nicknames for villains
• you lose a lot though
• being there for Caitlin when she lost Ronnie
• getting in trouble a lot with Wally because somehow he always gets you to comply with whatever weird idea he gets
• Harry likes you more than he lets on
• scolding Barry when he’s irrational; that’s a lot of scolding
• “no, you can’t just literally run into trouble like that!”
• “but I’m fast!”
• “and he can blow things up with his brain!”
• “but I’m fast…”

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I've got a silly scenario headcanon where a small group gets together in the very newly reformed OW, Hanzo and Satya and the Junkers, any reformed Talon agents, and they have tea and chat and they call themselves The Ones Who Most People Don't Trust and Don't Want There At All (fondly nicknamed Club Asshole) and they all help each other out and eventually other agents slowly start joining them and they all bond and pretty soon all of Overwatch is Club Asshole.

This is McDorable, y’all know how I love the Hanzo + Satya Broship.
I think that the others would probably create their own “club asshole” branches for funnzies (aka I got a little carried away with the sorting hat):

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I love your writing! Could I request a fic please? Where McCree has a secret fiancé, living somewhere safe and reminding him that he has something to live for? But the remaining Deadlock members find her and kidnap her? And she's terrified when she realizes how much they hate Jesse and how they're willing to do anything to her in order to hurt him.

((A/N - I did this in Blackwatch era if that’s okay! It made more sense as Deadlock was more recent and oh my goodness gracious me I got so carried away with it I love writing McCree as a hero oosh. Might have to upload to AO3!))

“Please be safe.”
“I always am, doll.”

You stood on your toes to be able to press your lips against his. His rough, chapped lips that you were forever telling him to put lip balm on. You saw Jesse out the door, waving to him as set off down the road towards the Overwatch base. You twirled your engagement ring on your finger, a thin gold band that had a set of three diamonds with the middle one being slightly larger.

Jesse had proposed to you last year. You had known him since his days in the Deadlock gang, only because he used to frequent the diner you worked at. On more than one occasion he had bought you a strawberry milkshake or paid for your favourite song to be played on the jukebox. You were always careful though. You never became too close for the fear of doing something wrong which might anger him or the gang. You always accepted his compliments with a smile, and politely refused his requests to go dancing after work. It was only ever him that visited, saying what you had was a little secret, sealed with a wink.

Overwatch had then infiltrated Route 66, tearing apart the gang and luckily giving Jesse another chance at life to do good in the world. Knowing that neither of you were in any more danger, he proposed to you then and there. He constantly complimented you on your accent, your style, your pretty eyes. You had only moved to the little town a couple of years prior. He had of course sweetened you up and you accepted. You were his rock, and he was your charming cowboy.


“Honey, I’m home!” Jesse jokingly sang out as he sauntered through the front door.

You greeted him with a smile and a peck on the cheek. With what Jesse was earning working in the Blackwatch division under Overwatch, there was no need for you to carry on working at the diner. You had your own little ranch on the outskirts of town. You spent your days cleaning, cooking, sewing, ironing, being kept hidden..

“Did you tell them today, sweetie?” You held your hands in front of you, an expectant look on your face.

Jesse’s furrowed brow and sigh told you everything. Your engagement was a secret. A secret from your family, friends, and Overwatch.

“That’s.. fine.”
 You turned away from him, heading back into the kitchen to finish up the stew.

“Darlin’, it’s not fine.”
“So why can’t you tell them? Why can’t I tell them? Why can’t I tell anyone?”

You span on your heels to look at him and crossed your arms. Jesse’s eyes widened at your sudden anger. He understood your frustrations, he really did. It just seemed for however long you two has known each other everything between you had to be a secret.

“There are… Complications.”
“Such as?”

Jesse sighed and took his hat off, moving round to sit on the sofa and patting the seat next to him. You precariously followed suit, back stiff and perched on the edge of the seat.

“Yes? What about them?”
“With Overwatch being close by, they’re gettin’ a bit antsy. Since they, well, arrested half o’ their men they didn’t take too kindly to it. Doll, the base isn’t even the direction that I head off to in the morning. I have to do that in case I’m bein’ followed.”

Your shoulders tensed slightly.

“Being followed..?”
“They’re not the nicest o’ gangs and they try to keep tabs on people. Whether they know that I was given’ a second chance.. I don’t know.”

You looked at him. He was staring at the carpet, eyes drawn to a particular out of place thread. He fiddled with the hat in his hands.

“Which is why I have to keep us a secret.” Jesse slowly said.

You nodded, taking the hat from his hands and walking around the sofa to place it on a coathook. You hadn’t realised he was following you until you turned around and bumped into him.

“(Y/N), you are my home. You always have been. If anythin’ were t'happen’ to ya..”

You leant forwards onto his chest, him then covering you with his arms. He of course smelt like cigars, gunpowder and coffee. You were his home, and he was yours.

You pulled back slightly so you could look up into his chocolate eyes, etched with concern.

“I love you, Jesse McCree.”

He broke into a smile and picked you up, twirling you around.

“I love you too, (Y/N).”


The next day went off without a hitch, you said your farewells and began preparing food for dinner.

Knock. Knock.

You frowned. Wiping your hands clean on a teatowel you lightly stepped over to the front door, peering through the peephole. Two young men dressed in black stood cockishly on your porch. You weren’t supposed to have any visitors today. You weren’t supposed to have any visitors, full stop.

You hooked the metal chain onto the door, so when it opened there was only a tiny crack you could see through. Better to be safe than sorry.

“May I help you, at all?”

“Is McCree here?” The one on the right spat.

“Erm, who? I think you may have the wrong ranch.”

Your heart was racing. Jesse had prepared you for this, to feign ignorance if anyone came asking for him.

“Your fiancé?”

You blanched. You tried to slam the door closed but one put their foot in the way. You grunted, and ran towards where you kept your shotgun in the cupboard under the stairs. You’d never had to use it before, but being so far out in the open you constantly had wild beasts and trespassers roaming your lands, you had to threaten them somehow.

You aimed it at the door, preparing for the worst when a crack shot through the air and your front windows were shattered. You held your hand up to your face to shelter from the flying glass, a few shards managing to scrape across your palm.

“Don’t come any closer.” You threatened. You inwardly cursed yourself at how weak you sounded. You emphasised by jabbing the shotgun in the direction of the window.

“Why, miss, we don’t want to hurt you.”

The two intruders stepped through the shattered pane, pointing revolvers at you and grinning wolfishly. Your breathing quickened. Your eyes scanned around the room, while slowly stepping back. You needed an exit route, and you needed one now.

“Just tell us where McCree is and we won’t have to put a bullet between your pretty eyes.”

They were stalking towards you, every step you took back they took one forward. The gun in your hands was shaking. You cocked it and aimed at their feet, firing which sent a whirlwind of wood splinters into the air.

This gave you a few mere seconds to sprint out of the living room, into the kitchen and out the back door. You heard cursing from the strangers and then heavy footsteps of them chasing you. You rounded the corner and pressed your back against the warm wooden slats, gun poised to whack the butt into one of their heads as they came round.

They never came round. You were sure they were following you. You frowned, peeking out to see if they were still there. They weren’t.

Treading carefully and aiming your shotgun, you stepped around the corner to look by the back door.

“Checkmate, princess.”

Something cold and hard pressed against the back of your neck. You shuddered out a breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding. You stared blankly ahead into the desert, dropping the gun on the ground and raising your open hands to shoulder height.

Gravelly footsteps made their way so the one that had originally spoken to you was standing in front of you.

“Wild one, she is.”
“No wonder McCree went for her.” The one behind you sniggered.

You narrowed your eyes at the one in front, who was now pointing his gun at your chest.

“Don’t try anythin’ funny, sweetheart.” He smiled sickly sweet at you, and then nodded at the one behind you.

A rag soaked in something sweet and alcoholic covered your nose and mouth, making you cry out. You scrabbled at the man’s hands by your face, hearing him wince from where you cut him with your nails. He was relentless. Trying to struggle made you breath in more sharply and quickly, which you didn’t realise was helping their cause. Your hands became fuzzy, knees weak and vision blurring.

“Sleep tight.” They chuckled.

Everything went black.


“Why ain’t she pickin’ up..”

Jesse scowled at his burner phone, the number he had been ringing going to voicemail. He wanted to let you know that he was going to be home early today, as he’d managed to get a half day off and he could help you cook dinner as an apology for yesterday.

He scuffed his way through the long grass, the heat forming sweat droplets on the back of his neck.

He frowned. Tyre tracks by the front of your ranch. You weren’t supposed to have visitors. Feeling uneasy, Jesse unholstered his peacekeeper. Before he had made it to the front of the house, he could see that the front window had been smashed in and the door was slightly ajar.

Oh no.

“(Y/N)? You home, doll?”

He peaked in through the window and saw glass everywhere. Two pairs of dusty footprints by window making their way towards- blood? He stepped through the wooden pane on high alert for any signs there’s someone still in the house. It was deathly silent.

Jesse crouched when he made it to the doorway to the kitchen, picking up a shard of glass that definitely had blood on it.

Well, shit.

He quickly put his earpiece in and channeled it to the base.

“McCree to Watchpoint 66.”
“McCree. Reyes here.”
“I need your help.”


Your head was pounding. Your palm stung. Your breathing was rattling, as though you were dehydrated. Your neck ached from where it was hanging awkwardly, a stray hair tickling your nose. You tried to reach up to brush it out of the way and scratch your nose. You tensed your arms when you realised you couldn’t, something rough had bound your wrists together behind your back. Your eyes shot open. Your vision was blurry, trying to adjust to the dim lit room. You looked down and realised you had been bound to a wooden chair. Trying to cry out for help, you realised a cloth of some sort was drawn tightly across your mouth. Glancing down, even your ankles were tied together from what you could see with rough hemp rope. You tried to regulate your breathing, air heavily leaving your nose.

Your head shot up when the rickety door swung open, a dark figure standing in the doorway.

“She’s awake.” The voice rumbled, nodding to someone else in the hallway.

The figure stepped over the threshold towards you. You tensed up, drawing in a sharp breath and head held high.

He wore dark leather trousers and a billowing cream top, almost like an old fashioned pirate. He grabbed your jaw with his calloused hand, forcing you to look up towards his shadowed face.

“So you’re the one that Jesse McCree has fallen for. A pretty lil’ thing, huh.”

He had the same southern accent as Jesse, albeit more menacing. He turned your head to the side, losing eye contact. Only spending a minute with this savage and he’s already made you feel like a piece of meat up for inspection. He leaned in close, lips hesitating over your ear.

“Do ya love him, sweetpea?”

You shut your eyes, tears squeezing out the corners and you drew in a shuddering breath.

Answer me.”

You nodded your head, him only being satisfied when he let his grip go off your face and moved back. You bowed your head, wondering how you got into this situation. Wondering what Jesse’s reaction would be when he saw how ransacked your house was. Wondering about Jesse.

“Don’t cry. I di'n’t mean to make ya cry.”

He gently wiped away a streaming tear, his touch as soft as a lover’s. You glanced at his tan hand that was so close to your cheek. He took his hand back and thwack. His right hand struck your cheek, snapping your head to the right and hair falling over your face. The pain brought a fresh batch of waterworks, sobs choking in your throat.

A dark chuckle escaped from your captor. He pulled up another wooden chair from the darkness and sat down.

“D'ya know how long we’ve been lookin’ for that mutt?”

You shook your head, learning quickly it’s better to play along.

Too long. After that darned Overwatch took half o’ my men we wanted to fight. Obviously we didn’t have enough manpower. When we learnt that ingrate was alive and workin’ for them? Hoo, that’s a whole ‘nother story.”

He leant back in the chair, his right ankle coming up to rest on his left knee.

“I had my men follow him. That Overwatch weren’t pretty smart to keep an ex-Deadlock member livin’ on Route 66 were they? He tried to be clever. Sent them on a fox hunt, he did. Until one day we finally caught him going back to ya nice lil’ ranch out back. Seein’ you greet him at the door warmed my heart, I must say.”

Your eyes widened.

“He had a lil’ missy and he was keepin’ her secret from the world. Well, I wonder why that is? That Jesse McCree had snagged himself somethin’ real nice and didn’t wanna share her. We thought we could do him the favor. We could let him know how much he hurt us, at the same time hurtin’ him.”

You frowned at this. They wanted to hurt him? By hurting you?

The stranger leant forwards placing a hand on your knee.

“Don’t worry, doll. We only want to let him know how big o’ a mistake he made when he betrayed us.“  He stood up, stalking around to the back of your chair and placed his hands heavily on your shoulders. "You are the key.”

You shuddered under his grasp, your entire body shivering at the thought of what they, or he, were going to do to you.


“Jesse, you need to calm-”
I am calm.” Jesse seethed.
“Well then get your hand off of my desk.”

Jesse looked down, his nails digging into the wood creating splints on Gabriel’s desk. He grunted, flumping himself into the chair opposite Reyes and hiding his dark eyes behind his hands.

“She’s out there somewhere and we’re sittin’ here doin’ nothin’. She could be hurt or dyin’ or-”
Don’t. Don’t you dare say it. Jesse, we will find her. I promise.”


You don’t know how long it had been. They would occasionally bring in water and sludge for what they called food. They had to feed you, this being the only time they would ungag you. Your wrists were chafed from being constantly bound, your ankles only released when you needed to relieve yourself. You had lost all energy to fight. It didn’t help that every now and then they would rough you up.

Your head ached, there was dried blood crackling by your nostril and you were sure your ribs were either cracked or majorly bruised. Breathing became a struggle, it was all you could focus on.

They didn’t seem to care about information about Jesse. All Deadlock wanted to do was hurt you. Hurt you so they could hurt him.

The door creaked open, you flinching at the light that shone through the doorway. You were tired and you wanted to give up. It was the man that you had first seen when you were taken.

“Looks like he’s given up lookin’ for ya, doll.” He smirked. “There’s been no word for.. Oh. Four days now.”

You stared blankly at the floor by his feet; you wouldn’t have given him a reaction even if you could. He walked over to you, holding something in his hand that glinted against the light.

“I think it’s time to.. Up the pace. Don’t you think, sweetheart?”

Only then did you look at him properly, studying what he had in his hand. A knife. You tried to shrink into your chair, worried eyes passing between the knife and his shadowed face. A swift strike and the blade was plunged into your thigh, blood seeping out from around the edges. You shut your eyes and let out a muffled cry, pain blinding your vision.

“Good girl. I made sure t'record that one. I’ll send it to ya fiancé and let him know how ya doin’.”

You breathed in deeply through your nose, tears now running freely down your cheeks and you trying to hold back sobs. You’d never known pain like this before.

He pulled the knife from its warm confines to wipe on his trousers, your blood running down onto the floorboards. He twirled the knife in his hands, looking like a predator wondering where he was going to make his next strike. You pleaded with your eyes as much as you could, you couldn’t take much more. You’d fantasized about being back at home, in your bed, with Jesse.

You didn’t know how strong your threshold was for pain but you knew you weren’t going to last long if they started torturing you for the hell of it.

“Com'ere, doll.” He grabbed your throat, leaning in dangerously close.

He passed the blade down the side of your face, making a deep cut down your cheekbone. You could feel blood trickling down, just adding to the list of injuries you had. He tightened his grip around your neck, digging his fingers in which would no doubt leave some lovely purple splotches.

An earthy rumble echoed through the building. Your captor looked at you in concern then span around to face the doorway. He moved around you, behind your chair and pulled your hair so your neck was on show. A loud crash and then suddenly there were three people all in dark clothing looking through the doorway where a rickety door has once stood.

“Long time, no see, McCree.” The man said, now pushing the blade against your bare throat.

“Get your dirty hands off of her, Max.”


You whimpered, struggling in your bounds on the chair. The grip in your hair tightened, making you take a short breath and changing your view so all you could see was the ceiling.

“You ain’t in a position to tell me what to do, Jesse. Unless you want your sweetheart’s blood spewin’ everywhere. Say, how does it feel? To have somethin’ you love taken away from ya?”

“Let her go.” A voice you didn’t recognise said.

“Uh uh. Not until the lil’ rat here understand what Overwatch did to my gang. And how betrayed I felt when I learnt he’d gone off gallavantin’ with ya.”

You could feel the blade dig in deeper, droplets beginning to form. The pain in your leg was excruciating.

“She’s got nothin’ to do with that.”

Your breathing was becoming heavier, the tightness by your throat and the general aches and pains from your leg, ribs, cheek and hair were becoming too much for you. The room became incredibly warm, your hands and feet becoming tingly and limp and eyes drifting shut.

“Looks like she’s already given’ up, Jesse. You’re too late.”

You heard a muffled crack in the air before you let yourself drift off.



You leaned into the touch of someone stroking your hair back from your face. You stirred, eyes shooting open and breathing increasing from what you last remembered.

“(Y/N), it’s okay. You’re safe.”

You quickly scanned the area and all you could see was white. White ceiling, white walls, white bed. Bed. You turned to where the voice came from and there was Jesse. Your Jesse that had come to save you, perched on the edge of the chair waiting anxiously. You leaned back onto the cushy pillows and let out a sigh. You glanced him over. His beard was more scraggly and under his eyes were dark. You held out your hand towards him, him instantly taking it in his grasp and holding you tightly. His thumb rubbed over your engagement ring.

“Jesse..” You croaked.
“Stop. (Y/N), I’m so sorry.” His voice sounded gravelly, broken. “I thought I could protect you.”

You squeezed his hand in reply, trying not to say anything which could damage your throat.

“I should'a been more careful. I should'a done what you said and told them about us. They could’ve protected you more than what I could.”

You frowned at this.

“No, Jesse-”
“I did this to ya. I wouldn’t be surprised if you up and left me.” He covered his face with his free hand, rubbing his forehead.

You retreated your hand slightly before slapping him on the wrist.

“Don’t you dare. You rescued me. What’s done is done but we’re here now. Safe.”

He peeked at you through his fingers, brown eyes meeting yours. A small smile formed on his lips before darting around your face and taking in what Deadlock had really done to you. It faded.

“Wounds heal, Jesse.” You reassured, catching on to what he was looking at. “I never doubted for a second you wouldn’t come for me.”

“Could'n'ta done it without Reyes.”
“I’m sure he’s lovely.”
“He’s the one that took me in after Deadlock.”
“Even more so.”

Jesse relaxed a bit, glad to see that you had woken up and hadn’t changed a bit.

“So I’m guessing Overwatch know about us then, huh?”

He nodded.

“I had to.”
“Not under the best circumstances.”
“I wish it could’ve been better.”

You turned your head towards him so you were facing him fully. You grabbed his hand that was still laying on your pristine sheets with both hands, bringing it up to kiss his knuckles. You hesitantly glanced down at your wrists, ropeburn clearly showing.

“I love you, Jesse McCree. Don’t you ever forget or think that anything will come in between that.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).”

Night Moves (Part 4)

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Summary: The reader hooks up with a guy she meets at a bar one night after she gets to the town where her childhood friend Jess is getting married in a few days time, leading to some unintended consequences…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,900ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: This one was a fast write but tons of fun to come up with!…

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Dorian comes to stand by his side and turns attention to the sculpture. Together they are always affected by its presence, although Felix would never pretend to be as burdened. There is loss for them both but more so for his father, grief dredged from a long well of memory when his is but a teacup in comparison. He has often wondered if it is a blessing or a curse that there was such little time shared before treachery tore them all apart.

“He would be proud of you, just as I am.”  A hand drops upon his shoulder, squeezing with reassurance. It is a difficult thing to refrain from shrugging away - not from the touch but the deep emotions coating the sentiment. He tries for levity to break away the lump inside his chest.

~Bloodlines chapter one (ao3 | tumblr)

You have no idea how long I wanted to commission @badasserywomen and I finally got the chance! And the result is breathtaking just as expected. Anyway have Dorian and Felix standing before Vaxus sculpture. 

A strong woman.

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Word count : 2,754
Author : Mel
Warnings : AU-ish. Someone dies.

You smiled up at the screen. “It’s a boy.” The ultrasound tech informed you.

You grinned and turned to the blond next to you. “A boy.” You teared up, and so did she. “Jess, I’m giving Dean a son.”

“Look at him.. Oh god. Don’t make me cry, I’m next.” She chuckled.

After getting cleaned up, and off the chair, it was Jess’s turn. You took your pictures and smiled down at them as the tech took measurements and checked vitals. When it came time to find out, you looked up at Jess with a smile, then at the screen. “Ready to find out?” She nodded to the tech. You both had wanted boys, wanted them to grow up together, and close. Jess bit her lip and waited. “It’s a girl.”

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Just a High School Crush

Pairing: Dean x Reader, past Dean x Lisa, Sam x Jess, Anna x …everyone

Tags: AU: High School, fluff, underage drinking, bad and awkward flirting, dean’s a sweetie, smut, friends to lovers, kinda.

Words: 6900


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anonymous asked:

For Poly!McHanzo, how would McCree act if he noticed that s/o prefers Hanzo over him? Like since McCree is the one who mainly deals out punishments and is super rough, where as Hanzo dotes on her more and is a little bit more gentle, she naturally just gravitates to Hanzo more. NSFW please!


It was bound to happen with how different your experiences with the two of them were. Hanzo was just so much more gentle with you, it was preferable to spend time with him. Jesse was always the one to punish you when you would misbehave, Hanzo there to soothe you afterward while McCree sat back and watched the both of you; he found those moments to be pretty sweet and liked watching them. You didn’t want it to happen but you knew that Jesse would notice and would probably do something about it. 

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Otayuri Getting Jealous

•Both Yuri and Otabek are extremely jealous in their relationship

•Yuri doesn’t even try to conceal his jealousy, while Otabek is more subtle about it

•If Otabek is talking to someone and Yuri gets jealous, he’ll get extremely possessive and walk over, put his arm around Beka’s waist, and sometimes in extreme cases go so far as to practically yell “BACK OFF, HES M I N E”

•If Otabek gets jealous of Yuri talking to someone, he’ll walk over seemingly calm and uninterested and put his arm around Yuri’s waist, and will lowkey give the other person a death glare until they leave

•Yuri never realizes this until one day this happens and he turns to face Otabek to get his opinion on what him and the other person are discussing and just sees Beka shooting daggers at the other person


•Whenever Beka gets jealous he’ll kiss Yura while they’re walking away afterwards like “you’re mine” and (not so) subtly makes sure the other person sees

•One time they got ambushed by a bunch of Yuri’s Angels on a date and some of the Angels got a little /too/ touchy with Yura so Beka kissed him in front of all the Angels just so they would back off

•Yura nearly passed out he was blushing so much

•Pictures of said kiss ended up on every Angels’ fan account by the end of the day

-Mod Jess

emotionalmorphine  asked:

More dragon nonsense! One of the dragons becomes enamoured with Jesse and starts following him everywhere -EVERYWHERE. It's starting to become a little exasperating because a guy needs time to himself, yeah? But it looks at him with those adoring eyes and wants to cuddle with him at night and he just can't say no to that. Hanzo looks grumpy about it but never mentions it until Jesse finally asks and Hanzo explains the dragons represent the duality of his personality. And that one loves Jesse.

(I’ve gone for the fanon dragon names!)

Jesse initially didn’t have any objections when Udon started following him around.

He had quite the fondness for Hanzo’s dragons, often watching Hanzo sitting on the couch with Udon and Soba wrapped around him like giant long cats, bellies in the air for a scratch, whiskered faces resting against Hanzo’s. He’d tried to get close once or twice, but Soba invariably hissed at him and Hanzo would chuckle, warning him away until they got used to him.

Well, it seemed that Udon was certainly used to him. Jesse woke up one morning to find a gently snoring blue dragon in bed with him, surprisingly warm and firm for a spectral beast. He tentatively reached down and scratched his ears, and Udon woke slowly, stretched, and purred.

It was fucking adorable, and Jesse quickly grabbed his phone to send a photo to Hana and Lucio.

Having a spectral dragon in your bed was one thing. Having the damned thing follow you everywhere was quite another. It didn’t take long before Jesse started to become a little exasperated with the entire situation. Going to the bathroom, for example, was something a fellow needed to do on his own, without a long blue cat wrapped around him like a scarf. But whenever he closed the door, Udon would whine and scratch until he realised he could just turn spectral and come in anyway.

It was hard to say no to such a beautiful creature, though. Udon seemed to know his moods, and whenever he sensed Jesse getting riled up, he turned his big eyes on him and purred quietly, and Jesse sighed.

Hanzo seemed to be somewhat put out by the entire thing. Jesse noticed him glaring across the room at him one morning as he stood at the kitchen sink washing dishes, Udon stretched around him and nuzzling his neck.

“I didn’t mean to poach your dragon, darlin’,” Jesse said carefully. He didn’t want to ruin his budding relationship with Hanzo, but it wasn’t his fault Udon had latched onto him so.

Hanzo sighed and ran a hand through his sleep-tousled hair. Soba rubbed his face against Hanzo’s, letting out an inquisitive chirp. “You did not poach him,” Hanzo said tiredly. “He is driven by instinct, and no small measure of that comes from me.” Hanzo cleared his throat uncomfortably, glancing away, and Jesse dried his hands and came to sit next to him. He shyly slipped one hand into Hanzo’s, rubbing a thumb over the back of his hand, and Hanzo relaxed a little.

“So he’s latched onto me because–” Jesse prompted.

“The dragons embody aspects of my personality. Soba – “ Hanzo scratched him under the chin, and he purred – “is more easily angered because that is the part of me that he senses most. Whereas Udon –”

“Yeah?” Jesse said encouragingly when Hanzo fell silent.

Hanzo turned slightly towards Jesse, angling his body so he could lean his head against Jesse’s shoulder. Udon chirped in excitement, purring in Jesse’s ear and sliding over so he was curled around both of them. “Udon senses those I care for deeply.”

Jesse’s heart skipped a beat, and he tilted Hanzo’s face up. “I’ll thank him later,” he murmured, and gently kissed him.

Udon wriggled in joy, and even Soba started purring again.

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i’m waiting to get my hair cut with nothing to do so i’m just going to post some more overwatch avatar au headcanons (sorry this is such a long post lmao)

● like i said in my post where i posted the art i made for it, hanzo and genji are both firebenders and princes of the fire nation. hanzo is the heir and is pressured by their father a lot, but genji is allowed to slack off a little more. when hanzo and genji are both of age, he decides to teach both of them a lesson in respect and discipline and that kind of nonsense by having them fight an agni kai together. hanzo is angry at their father and unfortunately takes it out on genji and he mortally wounds him. hanzo flees the fire nation because of fear and guilt and genji was probably disposed of (and then found by waterbender/healer mercy who heals him and stuff)

● genji, after being healed and provided with new body parts (i’m mixing overwatch lore and technology with avatar lore) travels around before he stumbles on the air nomads, where he finds air bender master zenyatta (not sure yet if he’s human or omnic, but i’m leaning towards omnic) who teaches him about peace and a lot of spiritual stuff (genji especially loves the story of raava and vaatu and the first avatar)

● hanzo travels through the earth kingdom. he only uses a bow and arrow now and hasn’t used fire since he ‘killed’ genji. he doesn’t think he is worthy of it and wants to reclaim his honour (zuko much), and his fire powers have weakened because of it. he meets bounty hunter/earth bender mccree in a probably very messy way like a bar fight, but they hit it off together and decide to travel to ba sing se together to find work. of course they fall in love along the way. one time they’re in danger from other benders and hanzo can’t protect mccree with his arrows and his desperate desire to save mccree gives him back his fire powers, but when they’re safe again he can’t recreate it. mccree convinces him to find the dragons who might be able to give him his powers back, so they travel to the sun warriors together and hanzo meets the dragons and learns that the true source of fire is not anger and pride but life and love and all that shit

● mccree used to be in an earthbender gang, where he learned the basics of metalbending (he never got very good at it) and discovered he could lavabend as well. his gang gets busted by a group of vigilante benders and non benders: gabriel is an airbender who broke away from the nomads to pursue less peaceful and less spiritual ways, jack is a non bender who is kind of bitter about being a non bender, but he is really good at strategy and hand to hand combat, and ana is an earthbender who teaches mccree some tricks.

● a seperate or optional headcanon that i have may or may not be canon at the same time as the above, and it’s that there’s an avatar. it’s either lena (who is an airbender and just like aang) or maybe surprisingly gabriel. i think with gabriel he left the nomads before he got his tattoos because he was not interested in the spritual side of it all. so he ran and told no one he is the avatar except for ana and jack and they form a team avatar but they call themselves overwatch because gabe doesn’t want to be recognised all the time. but the same thing happens as in canon, like there’s an explosion and everyone thinks the other is dead. gabe turns away from being avatar and the world is thrown into chaos. years later, the overwatch recall happens because the avatar isn’t there to save the world, so they will try to do what they can.

Imagine: Lip x Reader
Word Count: 1147
Caution: Cute fluffy Lip


You were walking into the Gallagher house just as if you were apart of their family, well you were pretty much family to them. You’ve been dating Lip for about 3 years now, you walked in and yelled “Morning Gallaghers.” Carl yelled out “Shut the fuck up Y/N.” You laughed and walked up to Lip’s room, you hopped into bed with him saying “Lip, come on baby wake up.” He grabbed onto you and laid you next to him “Shut up and sleep here.” You laughed “Nope, we start college today. You’ve gotta get up.” You were going to college for (your major in college) while Lip was going for mechanical engineering. He groaned “Fine but I’m driving your car.” You laughed “Fine now lets go downstairs.” You kissed his cheek and walked down to see everyone sitting at the table laughing, Debbie yelled “Hi Y/N!!!” You smiled “Hey Debs.” Fiona yelled “Y/N can you convince Debbie to get a fucking abortion please.” You sighed “I’m not getting involved you two sort this fucking shit out damn.” Ian said “Told you so Fiona no one except you cares if Debs has a baby or not.” She yelled “Oh my fucking god, Ian take your medication we’re going to pick Mickey up from jail and get him to convince her.” You said “Leave Mickey out of this Fi, he doesn’t wanna get out and come to this. Also Yevgeny isn’t a problem for Svetlana or Mickey, V and Kev don’t have so many problems with Amy and Jemma.” 

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Fictober - Day One

Character: McCree

Theme: Fall

Word Count: 1.4k

A/N: Mad fluff to start us off guys, mad fluff. Also way longer than the rest of them will be but I got so very carried away.

You smiled as yet another leaf landed without a sound onto your shoulder, brushing it onto the concrete. This was your favourite walk to take when you needed a little alone time, away from the stress and strain of everyday life. You pulled your coat a little tighter around yourself and focused on the surroundings that always soothed you. It wasn’t everyday you managed to find time for this kind of relaxation and you intended to enjoy it while it lasted.

This street was laden with trees of all shapes and sizes, and each season brought with it a makeover. In Winter, there were bare, snow tinged branches blowing in the frosty wind that turned your cheeks ruddy. Spring brought new life in flower buds left, right and center, and in turn, brought a spring to your step. Summer was full of green leaves and bright blossoms and a heat on your face that made you want to bring your armchair some days. But despite all these wonders, Autumn was still by far your favourite.

The branches were now adorned with a canopy of fiery crimsons and burnt umbers, the wind tickling your sides but only making you feel more cozy cuddled up in your coat. Fallen leaves coated the pavement, making each step echo with a satisfying crunch. It was practically impossible not to feel inspired in what seemed like a magical place.

You found what you now had dubbed ‘your bench’ and, after checking it wasn’t too damp, sat down on it with a relieved sigh. Pulling your book out of your bag, you wiggled a little to get comfy before beginning to read, almost immediately losing yourself in the story. Reading outdoors was one of your favourite pastimes, whenever you had the chance to do so.

You were so lost in the book that you didn’t even notice when somebody took a seat on the other end of the bench, glancing in your direction as they did so. Didn’t even notice when he kept his gaze on you, a small smirk on his face as he slid a little closer on the bench. He had to lightly tap your shoulder to even get you to notice.

However, since when you did notice he was right beside you, you yelped aloud and jerked backwards from him until you were leaning right over the arm of the bench. Then suddenly, your head hit the concrete path, cushioned only slightly by the layer of leaves coating it, and the stranger was lying half on top of you, half on the floor. Apparently these benches can’t take the weight of two people on one side of them.

There was just silence for a few moments. You panicked. How on earth you should handle this? Get up like a shot and run away? Just stay exactly where you were until he left? Push  him off you and blame the entire incident on him? Just as you were making a decision, the decision was made for you.

He started to laugh. At first it was a hardly noticeable chuckle before it turned into a deep chested laugh. After a moment of confusion, the hilarity of the situation hit you in waves and your giggles bubbled out of you before you could stop them. He rolled off you completely and lay next to you, both still laughing, tears escaping the corners of your eyes as you clutched your sides in pain. This state lasted for several minutes, as every time it died down, you’d just have to look at each other and it would start up all over again.

Finally you managed to calm yourselves down, wiping the tears from your cheeks. The as yet unknown man jumped to his feet first, holding out a hand to help you up with a cheeky grin, one you returned as you allowed him to help you up. You brushed your clothes off whilst the man set the bench back upright and plonked back down onto it, this time very much on the other side and you giggled once more before sitting back on your side.

Looking at him now, you finally realised just how attractive he really was, and scolded yourself inwardly for not noticing before you made a fool of yourself. His mane of hair looking a little messy from the incident but you found that only added to the ‘rugged charm’ look he seemed to be going for. Although was that a…cowboy costume?

“Jesse,” the man spoke, southern accent startling you slightly but this time you kept your surprise internal, “Jesse McCree.”

You took the hand held out for you to shake firmly, and smiled, deciding that a man who was still willing to have a conversation after you pulled a stunt like that was probably worth getting to know.

“Y/N” you replied, keeping with the James-Bond-esque style of introduction, “Y/N L/N.”

He smiled at your reply which you returned before looking down at your lap when you realised you were both grinning at each other for far too long. He chuckled at your shyness.

Silence reigned over the two of you again, but this time you were quite comfortable and hoped he was too. You heard him mutter a small “ah!” as he got up and walked round the bench to the ground you’d fallen onto. From there, he picked up a cowboy hat and brushed the leaves and dirt off it gently, pouting the entire time. You could have sworn you heard him talking to it at one point.

Once he was sure it was clean, he placed it back onto his head with a flourish and tossed you another winning smile, one that you couldn’t help but chuckle at. After what seemed like a moment of contemplation, he offered you his hand for the second time that day and you met it with a furrowed brow of confusion.

“Care to accompany me on a walk, darlin’?” the accent went straight to your head and you fought to keep the dizziness at bay. Before accepting instantly, like you may have wanted to, you weighed the pros and cons. Pro: you’d get to spend more time with a handsome stranger. Con: he was still a stranger and you weren’t in the habit of chatting to people you didn’t know. Pro: you’d get to spend more time with a handsome stranger.

“I’d love to,” you finally decided, accepting Jesse’s hand and using it to haul yourself up from the bench. You tucked your book back in your bag and took your place beside him, bumping his shoulder slightly as you both began to the walk leisurely down the street.

You walked for about an hour, just up and down that street again and again; each time you reached the end of a street, you’d both find an excuse to walk back again. You made small talk at first, about anything that popped into your mind, often receiving a cleverly timed flirty comment every second sentence. This earned him a warning “McCree…” each time and a smirk that you tried to hide.

When you just couldn’t find any more excuses, he sighed pointedly.

“Well, it was lovely fallin’ on top of ya, hon,” he said, and you raised your eyebrows, remembering how you had met as if it had been years before. Your eyes flashed with mirth.

“It was, wasn’t it?” you quipped back, “Why did you tap me on the shoulder in the first place?”

“Ah,” he laughed again, and you decided you could never hear that sound enough, “I was going to compliment your hair accessory.”

Your hands reached up to touch your hair, free from any accessory, when he elaborated.

“There was a rather pretty orange leaf on your pretty little head.”

For the rest of your life, you thanked that tree each time you passed it for shedding it’s leaf onto your head at just the right time to allow to you to meet Jesse McCree, despite the fact that he reminded you constantly nothing would have stopped him from talking to you that day.

Giant: Ch. 5

When you leave someone
Their love lingers on,
Like a fresh wound
With no one to love.

The paper stared at her, refusing to blink. Lena knit her fingers together and rested her cheek on them as she lingered over the words that sat there. She blew air threw her lips and prepared herself to finally read her father’s words.

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