jess was a bit of a blonde back then

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away

(For the record, the song by the Beatles is fantastic and I recommend. That being said, this is not like the song. Instead it’s basically just the entirety of their relationship)

“Chloe?” The redhead tilted her head up from the textbook she was currently staring at in Barden’s best little coffee shop, turning to face the boy who said her name.

“Yeah, Jesse?” Chloe asked, a sweet smile painted on her lips, one that meant for both peace and war regarding her Beca.

(Her Beca, she mentally scolded herself, noting the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing they had going on hardly made the brunette hers.)

“I was wondering if you’d help me? With uh… Beca, actually. I know you two are close and I was wondering if maybe you’d help me ask her out?” Jesse nervously bounced on the heels of the shoes, grasping a textbook in one hand and a coffee in the other.

The thing about Jesse was he was a good kid. He was sweet and funny and nice. And although he had been pestering Beca for the majority of the year, the redhead couldn’t help but feel a little bad for him. It wasn’t like the brunette who was the object of his affection hated him. They hung out willingly every once in a while from what Chloe remembered. It’s just that Chloe had a good thing going with Beca. Secret, private, and sweet. This was a grey area.

“Oh um… I don’t really know why you’d want my help,” Chloe said, nervously smiling at the boy.

“Well I just know she talks about you a lot. How you helped recruit her for the Bellas and everything way back at the start of the year. It’s the end of the year now and… you’re a senior and she’s a freshman. I just figured you had some mentoring role and could… extend the service to me. Mentor me in the art of wooing her,” Jesse scratched his neck before grabbing the seat next to the redhead, “here, look!”

Jesse pulled out a laptop and notebook, opening them each up to reveal notes on how to ask the DJ out and a mix in progress.

“What’s this?” Chloe giggled, looking at the screen she was being shown.

“I’ve been trying to make a mix for her. And I was gonna get a boombox and stand outside her window, or maybe serenade her in the park or-”

Chloe had pretty much droned off, thinking about the time she jokingly made Beca a mix and serenaded her in the park with a small Beats Pill and some dorky ‘Dancing Queen’ By ABBA mixed with more ‘dorky jams’ as Chloe called them.

‘I’m eighteen you know,’ Beca had said.

‘You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only eighteen,’ Chloe sang jokingly, ‘just doesn’t have the same ring to it.’

‘Whatever, you dork. Let’s get back to your apartment and I can show you how it’s done.’

‘The mixing or the serenading?’ the redhead cocked a brow.

‘Both. And maybe something else,’ Beca winked, grabbing the redhead’s hand and the speaker.

‘I like the sound of that.’

“That sounds… I dunno, Jesse. Sounds like something too cliche for her,” Chloe said, trying to give the best advice possible, despite it hurting her.

“Oh. Okay. Well… what do you think I should do?” He asked her.

“You know, I think you should just ask her. Honestly you shouldn’t have to rely on a big gesture to get her to say yes. She either will or she won’t, but it’s just a date you’re asking her out on. Not a proposal,” Chloe pointed out, collecting her things to leave.

“Where’re you going?” He asked innocently.

“I’ve got Bellas practice in fifteen minutes. See ya, Jesse! Good luck!”

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Maggie Sawyer; Yoga Master.

This is only my second Sanvers fan fiction and I don’t know how I feel about it. Basically this is a fic about Maggie and her (unexpected) love for yoga. It’s fluff and also some smut m (which I’m new to so go easy on me). Sorry if there’s mistakes, I wrote it pretty fast and wanted to post it.


To Alex’s surprises, her tough as nails, badass girlfriend, loved it. Maggie never struck Alex as the “yoga type” or “yogi” as she’d later learn. And she wouldn’t have even known Maggie liked yoga if she hadn’t spotted the mat in her apartment one morning.

Alex had just woken up in Maggie’s bed. She turned her head to the left to find her girlfriend still asleep, her hair draped across her pillow and her face. It was a mess from Alex’s hands ruffling through it the night before. She still couldn’t believe that this was her life; that SHE got to wake up to HER every morning. The night before they had stumbled into Maggie’s place, and hadn’t even bothered to turn on the light. They were much to preoccupied by the passion surging through their bodies. But in the morning light Maggie’s face looked…angelic, to say the least. Alex sat up to brush the hair out of her lovers face, and that’s when she saw it.

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The Palace

Let me know if I should bother continuing, I’m not sure if I should.

Hanzo Shimada was trained well in the years he spent in the military, but once discharge, he found himself lacking benefits needed to care for himself and his young brother, Genji. They were orphans so to speak, with a mother whose life was taken by an illness for which there was no cure and a father who kicked the younger out for his sexuality, and the elder disowned for the same.

And while in the military, the eldest Shimada brother found himself making enemies left and right, and eventually when he thought he had nothing left, the cartel in charge of human sex trafficking claimed all he had. His younger brother Genji, alone and scared most likely was kidnapped on his way home from school, with a message on his door step which read as follows.
           “We know your broke ass has nothing left, there’s no way you could come up with the 10k needed to buy your precious brother back, and so he’s been sold. If you come looking for him, prepare to be killed or worse, have him killed in return.”

           Hanzo dropped everything to work on his plan, and with the help of an old military buddies connections, he found that Genji could be traced to a grand whore house in the south, somewhere in Texas run by a man named “Big Daddy Reyes”, co run by his evil bastard of a son, Jesse who went by the alias McCree. If Hanzo was gonna get to Genji, he’d have to go through McCree. The entry fee alone to get into the brothel was 2,500 and of course Hanzo had to make a few calls to borrow what he could. He’d packed his bags, full of guns he kept from the last war and a plan. Get Genji, kill Big Daddy, claim the bounty and live free with his baby brother, maybe send him to college so he had the choice of what sort of future he’d want.

           At the house it was obvious what the theme was, every man there was extremely secretive yet it was so luxurious. Business men, military officials, and just average Joes saving all they could to get a night with these men. It even held a code of class, the bar had the finest liquors and every night you’d get the pleasure to dine with Big Daddy Reyes who had a whore all to himself by the name of Jack Morrison. They almost looked like a married couple with the way that the beautiful blonde held and fawned over the handsome Latino.

           Every moment Hanzo spent he could feel his heart race nervously, he hadn’t seen Genji whatsoever and grew more and more worried by the minute.

           “Now ladies and gentleman, sadly my boy Jesse couldn’t greet us.” Gabriel began as he caressed Jacks back as their dinners were served, “But I’m hoping you all enjoy your stay here. You’ll find that we don’t spare any expense, you will have all your fantasies fulfilled.” He smiled, sipping his wine, “Whores to your liking, food made by the best and the hardest liquor you’ll ever enjoy.” He glanced around, “Now … there is one major rule here you all must abide by.” He started as he stood up, Jack following as he held the other’s chest, “Touch my honeysuckle here and you’ll find a 22 caliber pistol wound at the front and back of your skull.” He smirked with wild eyes, “And believe me, I haven’t missed yet.” He gloated as his lover blushed, glancing down. That, made everyone uneasy, and Hanzo feeling sick dismissed himself for a while to wash his face.

           In the bathroom he sighed, “Genji . . . I promised to keep you safe…” was all he thought as he dried his face before returning to the table where dessert had started. Hanzo’s eyes went wide for a moment as he gazed at the other, he had been completely changed. His wild green locks, dyed a dark black, and his body scantily clothed in a think silky black robe. Genji saw the other, his eyes widening for a moment before nodding and continuing to look down.

           They’d acknowledged each other.

           “Oh, you’re back!” Reyes welcomed the foreigner who nodded softly. “You’ll love this one, we call this little angel, Sparrow. Say hello.” Genji nodded softly, bowing before greeting the other as if they were strangers. “He’s our newest doll.”

           “He’s lovely.” Hanzo nodded as he sat back in his seat. “When will he become available?” He asked as Reyes smiled.

           “Eager aren’t you? Well he’s not, not yet at least. We reckon his bidding starts this Friday, he’s a virgin you know.”  Hanzo simply nodded as he took a shot, trying to ease his nerves as his own brother served him another.

           “For tonight, everyone party.” Gabriel laughed, Jack now seated in his lap sighing as Big Daddy traced his back, causing him to nuzzle his neck sweetly.

           “Gabe…I’m ready for bed.” He insisted as Reyes looked at him, nodding as he bid goodbye and apologized for turning in early. Gabriel Reyes was the scariest man in the south, but when it came to his guy Jack Morrison, he was a domesticated puppy, weak below the blonde who spent the entirety of the night riding the other early, crying his name and alias. The house shook with the blondes screams until nearly midnight when everyone started to depart to their rooms.

           “Daddy~ Harder!” He’d scream as the other men laughed drunkenly.

           “God what I’d pay for a night with that one.”

           “No wonder Big Daddy keeps such a tight leash on him.”

           “I think that little minx might have the leash on Reyes.”

           In the room, Hanzo sighed softly, full of liquor and worry, not the least concerned with the two’s constant fucking as much as everyone else had been. There was no way he could come up with that kind of money, the other men talked about how much they were going to bid on his precious brother, prices of nearly ten thousand were spit around in the drunken mess that was “The Palace”.

           The next morning while everyone ate Hanzo relaxed a bit, plotting how he’d assassinate big daddy, but he’d yet to meet Jesse. Speak of the devil.

           “Today we’re all goin’ horseback riding with my dear boy, Jesse “McCree” Reyes, you all call him by McCree now, he likes it like that.” He smiled, Jack yawning as he held Gabriel’s arm. The blonde was beautiful, he almost had a glow to him.

           “Mr.Hanamura, will you be joinin’ us. You came back last night lookin like you done seen a ghost.” He laughed as Hanzo smiled, trying to fit in.

           “Of course, Big Daddy.” He smiled, Gabe shooting him a platonic yet endearing wink.

           Never had Hanzo been less enticed by the idea of fucking men until this trip, that was until they made it to the Ranch where a Mr. Jesse McCree Reyes waved off a woozy, thoroughly pleasured young man before adjusting his belt and walking out.

           “Welcome y’all, I’m McCree, I’m sure my daddy’s introduced me for ya.” He smirked, tipping his hat before looking up, he was going to scan the new crowd but his eyes fell on Hanzo, stopping dead in his trash, ‘Well…he’s more beautiful than the Sparrow…’ is all the thought as he was at a stunt for words.

           Gabriel laughed as Jack smiled a bit, both had the same thought.

           “Don’t tell me you’re out of words, son.” Gabe laughed as McCree blushed a bit, Hanzo looked at him in a bit of a shock as he looked about making sure it was him who Jesse had his eyes on.

           “You know death ain’t gonna keep me from runnin’ my mouth.” He laughed a bit as he adjusted himself. Walking over to offer his hand to the shorter man, smiling charmingly. “The names McCree.” Is all he said as the other men glanced around awkwardly? Hanzo smiled, shaking his hand as an idea popped into his head. Honeypot him. This was a term used frequently in the military for secret infiltrations, they’d send attractive soldiers and agents to seduce enemies before either assassinating them or getting top secret information. Hanzo smiled sweetly, batting his lashes.

           “It’s a pleasure, Mr.McCree.” He said kindly, his accent heavy as the other gulped nervously. Hanzo batted his lashes a bit, “I hear you’re going to be teaching me how to ride.” He smiled innocently as McCree shivered a bit.

           “Course… Let me help you up…” He insisted, leading the other to a black mare, grabbing his hips with a nervous laugh as he helped him onto the stable. Hanzo blushed a bit, why was this coming so easy to him. Jack smiled softly, nudging Gabriel.

           “Our boy has the same look you gave me.” He smiled softly as he rested his head on Gabriel’s back, already having gotten on their own horse. Gabriel smiled a bit as he beckoned his guard over.

           “Our boy is in love.” He smiled as he nodded to the two as they rode side by side, “Give that one a full background check now, I don’t want his little heartbroken like last time.”

           Hanzo relaxed a bit, the conversations came easy considering he didn’t have to do much talking, for the most part Jesse did all of that. He talked about how he was actually adopted by Gabriel who found him being auctioned at a sex trafficking party when he was only 5 years old. His life was saved by the rich man and Hanzo was touched for a moment before remembering they were the bastards who stole his brother from them.

           He had to continue this mission, he had to save Genji.

Pilot: Part 1

Title: Pilot

Characters: Eve Winchester, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Jess

Summary: Eve, now 14, joins Dean on his trip to Stanford-to convince Sam to help find John.

Word Count: 1,217 words

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl

       "Listen, Eve, we’ve gotta be quiet.“ Dean told the 14-year-old girl. Eve nodded and quickly buttoned her flannel up. It was cool, and it was also Halloween night. He nodded and climbed into the apartment. Eve climbed in after him. She was excited to see Sam, her other brother, but at the same time was very nervous. She was also missing play practice for this, so she hoped it would be worth it.

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title: cappuccino

rating: g

pairing: pharmercy

tags: fluff, coffee shop au bc im horrible


Fareeha doesn’t know her name.
But she does know that the woman comes in at eleven A.M. every weekday, that she orders a caramel frappe and bowl of oatmeal every time, and that she is the most beautiful woman Fareeha has ever seen.

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Soulmate Part 2 (Tyler Joseph)

💀Part 1

“How do you not believe in it,” she asked, leaning back into your seat you watched as she gripped the steering wheel. Looking at her wrist you noticed the name “Josh” written neatly on her wrist. Shrugging you slipped your hands slightly between your thighs, turning towards the road in front of you. “Do you know the name” you heard her voice. Quickly shaking your head you stared down at your lap.  

“Nope nothing has shown up” you mumbled quietly “Maybe I’m destined to be alone” you giggled quietly rubbing your thigh softly with your thumb “Maybe I just haven’t met him yet” you shrugged and looked over at her. She nodded her head a bit before she pulled into the parking lot.  

“You’ll meet him one day” she replied with a sweet smile. Forcing a smile you nodded and got out of the car. Looking down at your wrist his name had faded. Maybe it was the fact that he was in another country or he really isn’t the one you’re meant to be with.  

Sliding into the booth you noticed the blonde girl sit across from you. Looking down at the table you felt goosebumps running up your arms. Looking down you noticed your hands shaking. Taking a deep breath you continued to stare down at your hands. Sliding your hands slightly under your thighs you tried to control the shaking. You looked up and noticed she was busy looking down at her phone. You felt your heart racing, it was getting harder to breathe again. Reaching up you wrapped your hand around your neck. You could feel it creeping up inside of you. Your chest felt tight, it was getting harder to catch your breath. 

“I need a minute” you managed to say before you pushed yourself off the booth. Quickly making your way towards the bathroom you pushed the door open to the last stall and pressed your back to the door. Both of your hands wrapping around your neck, tilting your head back you tried your hardest to catch a normal breath.  

“Y/N” you could hear as she spoke your name over and over again. Your eyes closed tightly, you gripped her shirt for dear life. “It’s okay” you heard as she whispered, her fingers running through your hair as she tried to calm you down. “You’re okay” she repeated over and over.  

Slipping out of bed, you stared in the mirror and frowned, running your fingers through your tangled hair you groaned before pulling it up into a bun. Slowly making your way down the stairs you could hear her speaking to someone.  
“Jess,” you asked afraid of your voice, the house became quiet as the word left your lips. Hearing her footsteps you watched as the blonde haired girl appeared at the bottom of the stairs.  

“Hey,” she said, she looked extremely worried about you “What happened back there babe,” she asked as she put her hand out to you. Taking her hand you followed her towards the kitchen. Sitting on the stool at the little kitchen bar you watched as she started icing the cupcakes. Shrugging a bit you looked down at your hands. The only letter that was on your wrist was the ’T’ it was red. Sighing you looked over at her and shrugged again.

“I really don’t know” you replied  

“Tyler,” she said, quickly looking up at her you chewed on your bottom lip “Josh called” she added as she leaned on the counter “You feel his pain,” she asked. Nodding slightly you looked down at the counter top.  

“It’s been going on for about a month now. I thought that since he is in a different country, different time zone it would stop” you whispered “I thought that since he wasn’t here it wouldn’t happen anymore. I can’t control it” you whimpered looking up at her.  

“How do you feel,” she asked as she walked around you and sat next to you.  
“It takes everything in me” you replied, “I feel so drained afterwards, I just want to lay in bed”. 

“Have you talked to Tyler?” she asked, looking over at her you shook your head  

“The last time I talked to him was the day before he left” you replied looking down at your lap “I can’t tell him” looking over at her you watched as she raised her eyebrow “How do you tell someone that they’re your soulmate when you aren’t theirs,” you asked. Closing your eyes you felt the tears rolling down your cheek “I’ll rather keep this to myself than to have to hear ‘I don’t love you like that’ coming from his lips." 

2 Months later 

Tyler’s P.O.V 

Breathing heavily I looked over at Josh. The mic slipped from my hands. The pitching noise coming from the speakers made everyone flinch. Closing my eyes, I slowly sat in the middle of the stage. Bringing my hands to my face, I could feel my body shake. 

"Tyler” I heard him shout over the loud commotion. Looking up at him I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out, my hands pressed to my chest as I stared up at him.  

“Josh” I gasped as he pulled me up and led me off the stage, my legs barely keeping up with his. He pushed the door open to the room and helped me to the couch. He closed the door behind him and turned the lights off. I could see his silhouette moving towards me, sitting across from.  
“Breath with me” I heard him say. 

Wrapping my hands around my neck, I closed my eyes tightly. I could feel her hand being wrapped around my neck. Gasping I quickly opened my eyes and stared at the terrified red haired boy in front of me. Looking down at my chest, I felt as she pressed on it. I felt as she tried her hardest to catch her breath, she was having trouble breathing. Her small shaking hand pressed tightly against my chest, she was trying to hold on. She was trying her hardest to ride this out. I could feel her breathing get calmer, she was controlling her breathing, her heartbeat becoming steady again.  

Sitting at the edge of the stage I watched as Josh moved around on his longboard. Looking down at my hand I ran my thumb softly of my palm. Twisting my arm slightly I stared down at my wrist, running my thumb over where her name should be. Her name should be written on my wrist that’s how its suppose to work. If I’m her soulmate she’s supposed to be mine.  

“Are you okay” I heard him ask, looking up I raised my eyebrow before nodding my head slightly.  

“Yeah I’m fine” I muttered before jumping off the edge and following him towards the back of the stage. “When did Jess’s name appeared on your wrist” I blurted out. Josh turned towards me, a smile on his face at the sound of her name. He looked down at his wrist and traced his index finger slightly over her name.  

“I was 15” he questioned a bit before he nodded his head “Yeah I was 15 I was in the car with my mom and we passed this neighborhood and there were a bunch of kids playing kickball in the street and her name showed up” he said as he leaned against the wall “Years later when we finally met I told her about and she was in the crowd of kids playing kickball. She was right there and I could have met her then and there but life has a funny way of doing things” he added shrugging a bit.

Looking down at my wrist I nodded my head a bit.  

“Hey, the name will show up,” he said, looking over at him I bit down on my lip “It might not be the name you want it to be but, you’ll find who you’re supposed to be with” he added as he patted my shoulder slightly  

“Maybe I’m not meant to grow old with anyone” I shrugged a bit and walked down the hallway.  

“What does that mean Tyler” I heard him ask before he ran after me. Shrugging I looked over at him as we made our way back to the dressing room. 

“I don’t want to grow old,” I said before pushing the door open “If growing old means I’ll be alone then I don’t want that. She’s my exception, I would grow old with her because honestly who wouldn’t” I watched as he nodded his head a bit 

“But it's not with her then there’s no point to keep going” I muttered before removing my shirt and grabbing the shirt for tonight’s show.  

Gripping the microphone, I heard the crowd screaming the lyrics back. Closing my eyes I tilted my head back and felt a smile forming on my face. Hearing people know the words I wrote. The way they connected to the words that live in my brain. Opening my eyes I stared out into the pit. Freezing in place, I stared into her Y/E/C eyes. Her arms resting gently on her sides.

 Her lips parted as she mouthed out the words to my song. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back a small smile appearing on her face as the music surrounded her. She was such a big supporter of Josh and I. She looked over at me and tilted her head slightly to the right. Spreading her arms out I watched as she fell back into the crowd. Feeling my throat getting tighter as she was swept away in the hands of the crowd. Moving closer to the stage, I felt it getting harder to breath, I felt the knot getting tighter.  

Sitting up in my bunk, I gasped for air and stared at the wall in front of me. Looking at the clock I sighed “2 in the morning” I whispered. 

Picking up the phone before it actually rung I hit the green button.  

“Ty” I heard her whisper, feeling my heart racing at the sound of her voice  
“Are you okay?” I asked quietly  

“I cant sleep” she giggled nervously, dropping back down on my bunk  
“Me either” I replied, the line stayed quiet, I could hear her breathing. The small air leaving her lips relaxed my body. “Don’t hang up” I whispered hearing a small giggle leave her lips.  

“I know you’re not my soulmate but, don’t leave me,” I said quietly into the phone, feeling my heart shattering.  

“I don’t plan on it” she replied just as quietly. The line stayed quiet again, I heard as she took a deep breath. “Your name faded” I heard as she frowned when the words left her lips.

the hybrid HISSED , throwing the empty beer bottle at the group of teenagers. she had thrown it a bit too hard , however , as it shattered against one of their heads. but the blonde refused to budge , her gaze hard in a warning. “ a GRAVEYARD is a place to mourn , not your personal dump. so take your drunk asses , a long with your trash ,elsewhere before the next is aimed at a much more sensitive spot. ”

Small World

~Prompt: Kommissar and her family are walking around Germany when they run into Beca

It had been exactly one month, eleven days, ten minutes, and six seconds since Beca had last seen Kommissar. Well… eight seconds now, nine, ten, eleven… Beca groaned and sat up from her position. Originally she had been leaning on the counter and watching the small clock, her arms folded and her head laying on them. This was how she spent a lot of her free time the last month.

A lot could happen in a month. Beca broke up this Jesse, moved to LA and now roomed with Chloe. Both girls finding jobs, Beca as a music producer and Chloe as a teacher. Beca was content with the life she had. She loved it after all. But she couldn’t help the nagging feeling that something was missing. Something was wrong. Something was off. Beca spent a lot of nights awake contemplating about what it was that felt… missing from her life. To no avail though, her thoughts only led to a certain tall blonde…

Beca sighed and went over to the couch. Chloe should be home any minute with a pizza. Friday’s were always pizza nights which made Saturdays gym days. Beca absolutely hated going to the gym. And to make matters worse, Chloe always forced her to go in the morning.

“Beca!” Chloe stood in front of the spaced out brunette who was holding the remote in her hand but had yet to actually turn on the TV. “Mmm look Beca, pizza.” Chloe taunted, waving the box beneath her nose.

“Wha- sorry.” Beca said snapping out of her daze. “Pizza!”

Two minutes later Beca was sitting on the couch, eating pizza, and watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Chloe sat beside her but wasn’t as immersed in the show, more concerned with her best friend’s behavior recently. Beca had been acting strange, different. Like someone who was constantly sad, but not moping.

“Beca has something happened recently? You seem a little… sad.” The redhead worded carefully.

The brunette nodded, “I’m okay.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “Yeah sure okay now really what’s wrong?”

Beca sighed and set down her half eaten slice of pizza. “Do you ever feel like maybe there is just… something missing from your life?”

The redhead shakes her head. “Is this about Jesse? Do you regret breaking up with him?”

“No.” Beca says firmly. “That was the right decision. I just feel a bit… empty.” She said cluelessly, looking down at her folded hands in her lap.

Chloe moves next to her and rubs her arms in a comforting way before wrapping them around Beca in a side hug. “Are you sure that this isn’t about someone?”

“No Chloe this isn’t about Jes-”

“Not Jesse,” Chloe interrupts. “Maybe a woman. Tall, blonde, German accent, speaks nine languages now that she has added loser.” Chloe giggles.

“Kommissar?” Beca asks confused.

“I saw the way you looked at her Beca. You like her.” Chloe nods softly.

Beca sighs, thinking back to the blonde and for once not stopping her train of thought. All the short comments, the toothy grins, the smug smirks, that damn eyebrow raise… Beca sighs and thinks back to the airport, wanting nothing more than to stop her from getting on the plane. At the time, Beca didn’t know why she felt that way but now that Chloe was voicing this out loud… she might have an idea.

The brunette rests her head in her hands, her elbows propped up on the sides of her knees. “Chloe… She’s in Germany. I can’t…”

“You could. Get on a plane, tell her, like some cheesy love story.” Chloe giggles. That giggle quickly fades as she tries to be serious. “You like her Beca. I can tell. You’ve regretted not telling her and it drives you insane.”

“What if she doesn’t return the feelings?” Beca asks, extremely insecure.

“She does.” Chloe promised.

That was how Beca ended up on a random street in Berlin trying to navigate her map. German classes were a good idea because she could at least recognize a few places as restaurants and then also she decided to stay for two nights in case she couldn’t find Kommissar within a day so she picked the hotel she could read the most about.

Beca had tried googling where Kommissar lived and she tried searching through Worlds and she even went as far to ask every Bella if they had spent any time with a DSM member and had their phone number. All her attempts ended miserably though but she at least knew with absolute certainty that Kommissar lived in Berlin. Now the only flaw to her plan was that Kommissar could be off touring or visiting a different place or Beca wouldn’t be able to cover all of Berlin in time-

Her thoughts were stopped when she accidentally ran into a sign propped up outside a small cafe. Beca winced at the sharp edge of the sign and folded up her map, looking around. Everyone in Germany was freakishly tall. Every single person. There were lots of people with brown hair, lots of blonde, a family, a pack of kids running out of a store with something in their hands…

“Tiny maus?”

Beca froze. The voice came from somewhere behind her, distant. But she would recognize the voice anywhere. Slowly, she turned around and immediately found the pair of the bluest eyes. Kommissar was just as Beca remembered her except not as intimidating. She was beside two people who looked to be her parents, her mom with blue eyes and blonde hair, her dad with blue eyes and brown hair. Kommissar took her dad’s height, her moms grace, and her good looks from both of them.

Kommissar was holding the hand to a small little girl. Her blonde hair was extremely long, dropping down to almost her waist, and in the other hand she held a white rose. Kommissar smiled widely at Beca as they made their way toward Beca, the brunette moving toward them.

“What are you doing in Germany?” Kommissar asked, her smile still in place. It was different from the usual coy smile or toothy teasing grin. This one was genuine.

“I umm… I came to see you.” Beca muttered.

Kommissar’s father spoke to Kommissar, whispering something in her ear. This caused Kommissar to grin.

“Mama, Papa, this is Beca Mitchell. I met her at Worlds.”

The mother stepped forward and inspected Beca before smiling warmly. “Who are you really dear? You can’t just be some competitor, Kommissar is smiling far too much at you for you to just be a regular person.”

“Ja,” Her father agrees. “My little girl hasn’t smiled this much in ages.”

“Ja,” a little voice chimes in. Kommissar smiles and picks up the little girl who has to be at least five.

“This is Karsi, my little sister. Can you say hi?” Kommissar asks.

“Hai?” The word comes out extremely awkward in the little girl’s mouth.

Beca smiles, “Hi,”

Kommissar gently puts down her sister and moves to Beca, “You never told me why you are here.” She noted.

“Yeah… About that…” Beca gives her half a smile. “I sort of realized I really like you so Chloe convinced me to jump on a plane and find you but it was a stupid idea cause I don’t speak that much German and Berlin is so big but I guess it worked out cause here you are-”

Kommissar cut off her rambling by kissing her, her hands coming up to cup the sides of Beca’s face.

Little Karsi tugs on Beca’s shirt, breaking their kiss. Beca crouches down to the little girl’s height as she hands her the flower she had been holding, muttering something Beca couldn’t hear in German. Kommissar smiles brightly.

“She says thank you for making me so happy.”

Beca grins, “Thank you for making me so happy.”

The brunette pulls her back into another kiss and Kommissar’s parents can’t help but smile.

“What a cliche American love story,” Her mom says.

“Ja,” her dad agrees nodding.

Little Winchester

8. “Why didn’t you try harder? You just left.”

11. “So you hate me now too? Join he club.”

Characters : Dean x Sam x reader

Requested by @supernatural4ever156

A/N: I decided to put these two together. I hope you enjoy it!


You were just a sophomore in high school. Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Or so you were told.

You could remember the day your family fell apart, it was the day your brother Sammy left for college.

That was the day you swore you’d never forgive him.

But here you and Dean were, standing right in front of him.

“Sam?” A blonde girl in pink shorts and a blue smurfs top turned the light on, exposing you all.

“Hey Jess, hey.” He turned to Dean who already had his eyes glued to her silhouette. “Dean, Y/N, this is my girlfriend Jessica.”

“Wait, your siblings?” She asked.

“I love the smurfs.” Dean smirked.

Both you and Sam rolled your eyes simultaneously.

“I gotta borrow your boyfriend here, talk about some private family business but uh, nice to meet you.” He pointed directly at her.

Sam pursed his lips, shaking his head. “No, no. Whatever you wanna say, you can say in front of her.”

“Okay, dad hasn’t been home in a few days.” Dean exclaimed.

You nudged his side, knowing he shouldn’t discuss this in front of the blonde.

“So he’s working over time, he will stumble back sooner or later.” He muttered.

You clenched your jaw shut, feeling the anger boil inside as his snarky remark etched into you.

“Dads on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.” Dean repeated.

“Jess excuse us, we have to go outside.” Sam exhaled.

As all three of you made your way outside, you felt the cold air hit your face immediately. Helping you relax a bit.

“I mean come on. You two can’t just break in the middle of the night and expect me to hit the road with you.” He stated.

“I told you Dean, we don’t need him! Let’s just go.” You exhaled, crossing your arms over your chest.

“No, I need you both. Okay, we’re a family.”

You rolled your eyes and shook your head. “Since when has family ever mattered to sammy?”

Sam furrowed his brows at you. He’s never seen you act this way towards him. Growing up, it was you three against the world. But now, he could feel the hate you have for him, and he wasn’t sure as to why.

“What?” Sam asked.

Dean let out a huff, knowing exactly where this will lead too. “Forget it, come on. Are you coming or what?”

“You don’t care about us! You never did.”

“Y/N, shut up. We don’t need-”

“Why didn’t you try harder? You just left.” You felt your voice crack as tears welled in your eyes.

Sam was taken back, not knowing what to do. “Y/N, I told you-dad and I we just don’t get along.”

“But you got a long with me and Dean. We were a team. And then you just left!”

The older winchester threw you over your shoulder and made his over to the impala, leaving Sam to his thoughts.

“Dean let me down!” You exclaimed.

As you both reached the car, he placed you on your feet, pursing his lips and crossing his arms over his chest.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! Dammit Y/N, we need him to help us. Grow up and stop acting like your five.”

The last thing you ever wanted to do was upset your older brother. He was your rock. Aside from Sam, he was everything to you.

“So you hate me now too?” You croaked. “Join the club.”

Tears began to fall as you let yourself go.

Dean engulfed you into his arms, pressing his lips to your head. “I don’t hate you Y/N. I could never hate you.”

He lifted your chin, and flashed a soft smile, “it’s just you and me kid. No matter what happens, I’ll always love you.”

You pulled him in for another hug until the sound of footsteps became noticeable.
“Okay let’s go. But just to be clear, this doesn’t mean I am back in the family business okay?” Sam exclaimed.

Both you and Dean glanced at one another and nodded.


As you were about to slide in the car, Sam pulled you aside.

“I want you to know that leaving you was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.” Sam stated. “I love you so much Y/N, and the last thing I ever want to do is hurt you.”

You felt the knot in your throat grow. “I love you too sammy.”

Sweet Caroline: Part 2

Previous Parts
Dean/Reader & Sam/Jess
Prompt: Y/N is a member of Angel Real Estate office, and is sent to the small town of Harmony, North Carolina, to look at the land for a client; she doesn’t expect to meet Dean Winchester.
Tags: AU: Big City meets Small Town, Jess is pregnant :)
Words: 1,211
Note: Nothing really having to do with Harmony, North Carolina, just a pretty name and I know it’s a small town :)))) also please let me know what you think!!!?
Tagging: my beautiful beta @ddean

Originally posted by supernaturalidgit

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Calum Hood, the schools golden boy. He’s the reason that the varsity team is undefeated for four years. He’s got perfect grades, a scholarship to one of the best colleges in the country. But no one knows his secret, that his passion for music is bigger than his passion for soccer. And what happens when Ember Williams finds out that secret? Read to find out! 

Chapter 4


How could I be so stupid? Thinking that I actually had a chance of Calum liking me. Why would he even like me anyway? There is nothing to like about me. I’m not pretty at all, I’m overweight, I’m a book worm, I’m not sociable, I have nothing likable about me.

But seeing him kissing that girl hurt so much. I convinced myself–with the help of Jess–that I might actually have had a chance with Calum. Everything she said about him liking me, made me believe that he did like me.

“God I’m so stupid!” I scream to no one in particular, angrily wiping away the tears from my eyes.

“Hey, no you’re not,” Jess says wiping a stray tear off my cheek. She caught up to me not long after I left Tyler’s house.

“Can we just leave? Please? It was a terrible idea to come here,” I feel so drained of energy, I just want to go and sleep.

“Sure let me just go get Kim,” She gives me a sympathetic smile and pats my arm before leaving to the house again.

It takes about five minutes before I see her emerging out of the door with Kim, Tyler, and Calum behind her. My eyes widen and I try to make myself look as if I hadn’t been crying five seconds ago.

“Tyler said that you were leaving, why so soon? I didn’t even see you get here,” Calum asks, his face full of concern once he gets a good look at my puffy eyes.

You were too busy sucking face with some skinny blonde.

“Ember’s feeling a bit ill, so we’re gonna take her home,” Jess steps in for me when I look at her for help.

“Oh.. Um well feel better,” He scratches the back of his neck, and I know that he doesn’t believe Jess by the way he answers.

I just nod, not trusting my voice. I scramble into the backseat quickly, followed by Jess. Kim is talking to Tyler, and Calum stands there staring at me, looking very confused. I look away from him before I start crying again.

Kim finally gets in and we leave, an awkward silence settling around us, until she breaks the silence, “Ember I’m really sor-”

“Don’t, just don’t. Please,” My voice cracks and more tears start spilling out of my eyes. A sob emits from my mouth, causing me to break down again.

Calum’s POV

I stand there, watching her leave once again. My shoulders slump, and I exhale a long breath.

“What’s up?” Tyler asks softly.

“She wasn’t feeling ill was she?” I ask, not looking at Tyler.

He’s quiet for a minute, then I see him nod, “She was feeling fine. Physically that is,” he says the last part quietly, but I know it’s meant for me to hear.

“What’s do you mean? Did I do something?” I question, feeling worried.

He gives me a sad half smile, “That’s for you to find out yourself, Cal.”

That just confuses me even more, and I knit my eyebrows together looking at Tyler confused. He just pats my back and turns around, heading back to his party.

What was that supposed to mean? “That’s for you to find out yourself.” I comb back through my memories trying to think of what I could have possibly done wrong. I don’t remember saying anything that she could have taken the wrong way. I could have said something, and not even thought of it.

“Ugh!” I groan and put my head in my hands. I stand there for a minute, thinking of what I did wrong, and I literally cannot think of anything. I’ve never been this frustrated, and disappointed, not even when we were losing a game, majorly.

I had finally gotten up enough courage to ask her out, kiss her, tell her how I feel, to do something. I’d wimp out every time I was about to, and before the game I promised myself that I wouldn’t wimp out this time.

Well I guess wimping out isn’t an option anymore.

I sigh and make my way back into Tyler’s house. The loud music starts to give me a headache, and I’m not in the mood to party anymore. I quickly find Tyler, who’s soberly dancing with a very tipsy girl, whose face I cannot recognize due to the fact that her hair is covering it.

I’m glad that Tyler’s not drinking because 1. He would get suspended from the team if he was, and 2. I wouldn’t want him having a drunk hookup, then finding out he got her pregnant, or that he got a STD. He’s my best friend, I’d never want that for him.

We made this pact when we first became friends back in freshman year, that we’d never drink during soccer season–which is a huge rule anyway–and we’d never drink enough to make terrible mistakes. I don’t drink anyway, alcohol is disgusting, and I’d rather remember what I do at all times, plus it’s illegal, so why risk it? Being able to have courage, and not care, is not worth the risk of everything that could go wrong.

“Hey Ty!” I shout over the blaring music.

“Yeah?” He turns his attention away from the girl who doesn’t seem to care, and walks away, latching onto another dance partner.

“I’m gonna head home.”

He frowns, “I thought you were gonna help me clean up the mess, then spend the night?”

“I’ll make it up to you, promise.” I give him a smile, and he nods, knowing that I will.

“Okay, drive safe man,” We do our hand shake-chest bump, quickly.

“I will. You be safe too,” I give him a serious look and he grins, and nods.

I leave the house and go to my car that was parked in the driveway. Thankfully there are no cars behind it, so I get just leave. Once I start the car, I plug in my phone and hit shuffle. I immediately recognize the song, and get an idea of how I’ll tell Ember how I feel.

Ember’s POV

Once we got back to my house, we went to my room and I collapse on my bed. I swore to myself that I’m done crying, but I still feel like I had tears wanting to come up.

“Hey, you’ll get over him. If he’s superficial enough to play tonsil hockey with her, then he doesn’t deserve you,” Jess says softly as she sits down on my bed and starts rubbing my back.

“I just thought he was different. And I really thought he might have even slightly liked me, no thanks to you,” I grumble, turning to face her.

She just gives me a sad smile, “I know Em, and I’m sorry. I truly thought that he liked you.”

I just sigh, “Whatever. I’ll get over it. He’s just a boy. A very cute, smart, nice boy who I’ve liked since the seventh grade, no big deal,” I rant sarcastically.

“It’ll all work out eventually,” Kim finally speaks up.

I just nod, then stand up, announcing that I’m going to the bathroom. I shut and lock the door once I get there. The second I look into the mirror, I instantly regret it.

My eyes are so red and puffy, and I have tear tracks all down my cheeks.

This boy is having such a huge affect on me, it’s like I caught him cheating.

But he was never yours in the first place.

I splash some cold water onto my face, trying to get rid of the pathetic tear stains, and red eyes. I eventually give up, then change into my pajamas; sweats and a big t shirt.

Once I emerge from the bathroom, I see Kim and Jess sitting on the bed smiling at me. I notice three pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and my favorite movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

“Let’s get your mind off things,” Kim smiles and pats the spot next to her.

I sit down, and we turn on the movie, and get sucked in, immediately forgetting that I was crying about Calum not ten minutes ago.

Monday morning rolls around all too quickly. I dread going to school, and mainly seeing Calum. I don’t what I’ll do, or say around him.

The weekend went by way too fast. Saturday morning Kim had to go home, for a reason I don’t know, she just rambled whole bunch of nonsense, and I was half asleep, so that explains why I can’t remember. When Jess and I woke up around noon, mom made us chocolate chip pancakes. She only makes those for me when I’m sick, or something bad happened like when I was ten and my pet hamster died.

I know that she knows something about what happened last night. I came in with tears rolling down my eyes, and in the morning three pints of ice cream were in the garbage, plus the pancakes. She asked me about it, am I just shrugged it off, not wanting to talk about it. She understood, like the kind mother she is, but I know she’ll want to know what was wrong eventually, and I’ll tell her. Just not now. It hurts too bad right now.

“Come on Luce, we’re gonna be late!” I call up to my seven year old sister who takes longer getting ready than I do.

“I’m coming!” She grumbles and stomps down the stairs looking adorable in her pink tutu.

Apparently it’s dress up week at her school, and she gets to wear whatever she wants. I wear whatever I want to school–normally just jeans and a t shirt–so i’m down with her wearing what she wants.

We get in the car, and I only speed five miles over, to get her to school on time. It’s a deal I made with my parents when they bought me a car, I have to take Lucy to school every day, take her to ballet class, and run whatever errands they need me to run. It’s a deal I gladly made in order to get my own car.

“Have a wonderful day sweet cheeks,” I call her by her nickname that she hates, and she sticks her tongue out before retreating to the school.

I hurry to my school, blasting Green Day throughout the speakers, preparing myself for the dreadful Monday ahead.

Finally lunch time is here, but I don’t feel like eating. All of my previous classes dragged on and on, never seeming to end.

I reluctantly join Kim and Jess in the lunch line, grabbing a few things that don’t look appetizing, and make my way to our usual spot after paying for my lunch.

Kim and Jess follow me quickly, sitting down and we start talking about something I don’t know, because I over hear Shannon Wesley talking to one of her fake “besties” about her great hook up on Saturday.

“I knew that he totally wanted me, and by the way he treated me at the party proved it. Calum is so hot, he’s like a walking sex god. His abs are amazing.”

I squeeze my eyes closed, holding back fresh tears. I hear a snap, and feel a sharp sting in my hand, but don’t think anything of it.

“Ember, are you okay?” Kim asks touching my shoulder.

“Yeah, why?” I lie through my gritted teeth.

“You’re kinda.. bleeding,” She answers, sounding like question.

I look down to my hand, to in fact see that I am bleeding. I see that I was squeezing my glass soda bottle so hard that I cracked, and broke the neck of it. A tiny part of the glass sticks into my hand, causing the wound to bleed.

“Oh,” I whisper. I grab my napkin, and clean up the blood traveling down my hand.

“You need to go to the nurse’s office.” Jess says worriedly.

“No! Calm down, its just a tiny piece of glass, I’ll just go get it in out in the bathroom,” I shrug it off.

“We’ll come with you,” Kim volunteers, and I wave her off.

“No you guys stay and eat. I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself,” I wink at them, and get up to go dump my tray.

Out of the corner of my eyes I can see Calum approaching me, so I scurry to the trash cans, dumping my tray and throwing it on the stack of other dirty trays. I head to the door, but he catches up to me, standing right in my path.

“Ember, can I talk to you for a minute?” He asks sweetly, and I can’t look at him, without seeing him and Shannon kissing.

“No, sorry,” I start to walk around him, but he grabs my arm.

“Why not?” He looks so hurt, and it makes me feel terrible for being rude to him.

“Because,” I yank my injured hand away from him, clutching it in my other hand.

He see’s the piece of glass, and takes my hand carefully in his, “What happened?” He asks, looking concerned.

“A glass broke, now excuse me,” I pull my hand away a second time, ignoring the feeling I get when his skin touches mine, and walk past him.

“Can I help?” He catches up walking beside me.

“No, I’ll be fine. Thanks,” I answer, hurrying into the empty girls bathroom, finally getting away from him, just as the tears escape my eyes.

How could I not recognize that it was Shannon at the party? Perfectly skinny, gorgeous blonde hair, as much as I hate to admit it she’s extremely pretty too. Everything guys would want, and everything that I don’t have.

I can’t help but feel disappointed build up towards Calum, hearing that he hooked up with Shannon. I really thought that he was different, but I was wrong. He’s just like every other guy in this school.

I run some cold water over my hand, and take the piece of glass out. It was just a small piece, it didn’t go in very deep, so it stops bleeding after a few seconds. I wash it, only wincing slightly at the stinging of it, and dry it. I find then put a bandaid in my backpack and put it on it.

After I finish cleaning up the cut, I think of Calum, and the tears continue on flowing. After about ten minutes of crying, not crying, then bursting into tears again, the bathroom door opens. I start to panic, not wanting anyone to see my tears.

“Ember?” I recognize Jess’s voice, and instantly relax knowing that it’s just her and Kim.

“Yeah,” I croak and they turn me around, noticing the tears.

“We saw you talking to him. What did he say?” Kim asks softly.

“He hooked up with Shannon,” A sob leaves my mouth, and Jess’s arms are instantly around me, holding me tightly.

“He told you that?!” Kim asks incredulously.

I shake my head, “No, Shannon was talking to her friend about it during lunch,” I mumble into Jess’s shoulder.

“That fucking skank! I’m gonna kick her ass,” Jess fumes. She rarely curses, and when she does, you know that she’s really pissed.

I grip her tightly and shake my head. She calms down, and helps me calm down. I let go of her, pulling my head away to smile at her once I’ve stopped crying.

“God, I feel like such a baby,” I mutter wiping the last tears away.

“You’re not a baby. You have a perfectly fine reason to be crying,” Kim hugs me tightly for a moment then lets go.

“Let’s get out of here before someone comes in,” I mutter, turning to splash cold water on my face, making the redness in my eyes go down slightly.

I dry my face quickly, and we exit the bathroom. I look up from the floor and see Calum across the hallway talking to Tyler. He notices me, and starts to walk over to us. The bell rings saving me from talking to him again.

I walk away to World History, taking one last glance at his frowning, confuse face.

World history drags on, and for once I’m actually glad that it does. I’m only glad because next hour is Spanish with Calum, and I’ll have to talk to him.

When the bell does ring, I sit in my seat for a few extra moments, before getting up, slowly heading to Spanish.

I find my seat, getting out my binder for the class, starting working on the project again. Calum enters with Tyler, and I feel his eyes on me. I don’t look up though, I can’t, or I know he’ll see right through me.

The bell rings, and Mr. Garcia tells us to group up, and that today will be the last day to work on the project in class. He announces that it’s due on Friday, and if we don’t finish today he expects us to find a way to finish outside of school.

Calum makes his way to where I’m sitting, and pulls a chair over to where I’m sitting.

“Ember?” His voice comes out soft, and cautious.

“Yeah?” I answer, still looking at my notes.

“Why are you avoiding me?” He sounds so hurt.

“I’m not avoiding you,” I try to sound casual.

“Then why aren’t you looking at me?”

I just shrug, not knowing what to say.

“Ember, please look at me,” He sounds so desperate, I can’t help but look up at him.

He suddenly looks pained, “Have you been crying?”

“I-I… The glass, it um.. Got stuck really far in, and hurt a lot..” I sputter, not making eye contact.

“I don’t believe you,” He replies quickly.

“Good for you,” I deadpan.

It’s quiet for a moment, then Calum speaks, and I almost don’t hear him from because of how quiet he is.

“What did I do?”

I look up at him, instantly regretting what leaves my lips.

“Why don’t you go ask Shannon?”

“What?” He asks, looking extremely confused.

“I said, why don’t you go ask Shannon. You seemed to be getting pretty cozy with her at the party,” I reply coldly.

His mouth widens, as if he just figured something out, “That!


“That’s what you’re upset about! You saw me kissing Shannon didn’t you?” He grins, and it hurts seeing how happy he is.

“Oh my god Ember, you have no idea how relieved I am.”

I just shake my head, “Well I’m glad you are,” I retort sarcastically, looking down, not allowing myself to start crying over this idiotic boy again.

“It was a dare, Ember.”

My head shoots up, not believing what I just heard.


“It was a dare. We were playing truth or dare, and she dared me to kiss her,” He smiles at me, looking so relieved.

“Did she dare you to hook up with her too?” I glare at him.

“What?!” He exclaims.

“I said did sh–” I begin to repeat myself, but he interrupts me.

“No, I know what you said. How did you come up with that?” His eyebrows knit together.

“I overheard her telling her friend about how great of a hook up you are,” I explain, rolling my eyes.

He begins to laugh, and I get confused.


“I never hooked up with her. Hell, I’ve never hooked up with anyone and I wouldn’t have her  be my first.”

My eyes widen, and once he realizes what he just admitted to me, his so too, and his cheeks turn red.

“So you didn’t hook up with her?” I say hopefully.

“No, I went home right after you did. And I didn’t even want to kiss Shannon, but it was a dare. I gotta keep my tough guy rep up,” he winks playfully at me and I giggle a little, “also I didn’t want to be rude and say no, but now I think I should have.”

I nod, “I’m sorry Calum. I’ve been acting really bitchy, and I shouldn’t have believed her. I just always assume the worst..” I look up at him apologetically.

He smiles softly, “How about you make it up to me by meeting me in the band room after school?”

I just nod and smile, wondering what he’s up to. We work on the presentation until the bell rings, then when I start leaving he grabs my hand, sending a shock of electricity through me when he does.

“I’ll see you in the band room after school,” He squeezes my hand lightly and I nod, not trusting my voice.

He smiles at me, then let’s go of my hand, and walks over to Tyler. I can still feel the tingling on my hand even when he’s gone.

This boy is putting me on a roller coaster of emotions.

My last hour goes by slowly, and for the first time today I wish that it wouldn’t. I have no idea what Calum has planned, but I’m really nervous.

The class finally ends, and I hurry to my locker, shoving my books into it. I then head to the band room, my hand shaking, and my stomach tying itself in knots, as if I could throw up any minute.

I push the door open and see Calum pacing around the room, a guitar case on the floor next to a chair.

“Hey!” He exclaims, looking as if he’s out of breath.

“Hey,” I reply softly.

He just smiles at me, and I look between him, and the guitar tilting my head in the wonder.

“So…” I trail off

“Oh yeah! Okay um…” He snaps back to reality, and I find it adorable. He scrambles around for a chair, and puts it across from the one that was already there.

“Have a seat,” He starts to nibble on his bottom lip, and that distracts me for a second. I sit down, staring up at him.

“So um I’ve been wanting to tell you something for a long time, and I could never find a way to tell you, but I finally have.”

I just nod, getting nervous. He sits down in the chair across from me, grabbing the guitar, and clutching it in his shaking hands.

“Okay.” He takes a deep breath then starts strumming.

(Here’s a link to the song)

“I’d be more of a morning person

If I got to wake up next to you

Well, let me ask you something

Would you be one too.”

I don’t recognize the song, but I listen intently to the lyrics.

He ends the songs and looks up at me. My eyes bore into his, trying to figure out what he meant by the song choice.

“That was amazing,” I whisper, still staring into his eyes.

“Thanks,” He replies, setting down the guitar, looking as if he’s collecting his thoughts.

I stand up and walk over to the piano, softly pressing down on the keys, “But I don’t get it. Why’d you sing it to me?”

It’s silent for a few moments before he lets out a shaky breath,  “Because I like you.” He says softly, just above a whisper.

“What?” I breath out and turn around to see him standing right in front of me.

“I like you Ember, I’ve liked you for a long time, and I never knew how to tell you,” he admits, his eyes full of insecurity and uncertainty.

“Wha- w-why?” I ask completely seriously.

He’s clearly shocked by that, staying silent for a minute, then he finally speaks, “Why not?”

I just look at him, “Why not?” I repeat him, and he nods.

“Because I’m me. Boring, unsociable, not popular, not pretty, not skinny, there are so many reasons.”

“Do you really think that little of yourself?” he takes a step forward.

I simply nod, distracted by the scent of him.  

“Well I disagree completely,” he states, and I look up at him, furrowing my eyebrows together.

“I don’t think you’re boring at all. And as for not being popular, or sociable, I could honestly care less. It doesn’t matter that you’re not skinny, and no you’re not pretty.”

I look down, not wanting him to see how much that hurt. I feel Calum getting closer to me, our chests almost touching. Two soft fingers lift my chin up, to meet his intense gaze.

“You’re gorgeous,” he whispers, and I exhale the breath I didn’t know I was holding in.

He closes the distance between us, leaning in slowly, and this time nothing interrupts him.

Author’s note:

I made that more than twice as long as I usually do, just because I love you guys. Please give me some notes and feedback, I love talking to you!

The song I used in this chapter is Nothing, by Lewis Waston. He is one of my favorite artists, and I thought that this song fits pretty well.

love you all lots!


Chapter 6

When I was younger I was watching a movie and I noticed something weird so I asked my mum “is America on the other side of the road” instead of saying ‘does america drive on the other side of the road’ and my mum looked me dead in the eye and said “yes” so seriously I believed her and so I spent like the first eight years of my life thinking all the houses opposite ours was America.
I live in Australia.

Piercings & Tattoos

~Prompt: Kommissar has a tattoo & Beca tries to find it.
Bonus: Kommissar has an attraction to piercings
Double bonus: fluff
Triple bonus: angst

“No way,” Beca’s eyes widened at the Kommissar. “A tattoo? Where?!”

The blonde smirked. It was currently two in the morning after Worlds and neither of them were particularly drunk. Instead they had both chosen to skip the after party along with a handful of others. Some people were doing some night touring, others were on dates, and Kommissar and Beca? They were sitting in the hallway of the hotel their groups stayed at talking.

At first it had been rather awkward until the blonde pulled out a bottle of whiskey and they took turns drinking. Not enough to be drunk just enough to loosen up a bit. The brunette had made the decision not to join the party when Jesse told her he’d be going. It was bad. Really bad. Recently Beca had been trying to find the right time to break up with him and the plan was to do it after Worlds when they got back but nope. Jesse had to come and support her.

The blonde had made her decision immediately. Not in the mood to be with her team. Yes she enjoyed DSM, yes she enjoyed being a leader. But that was the issue. With DSM she was only a leader. Nothing more nothing less. To everyone except Pieter she was just a bossy, intimidating, blonde German. Pieter was a high school friend. In fact he was her only friend.

When they had crashed into each other after Worlds Beca was determined to talk to the blonde and learn to gloat and be confident. Turns out Beca just got angry and ended up complimenting Kommissar who did nothing but smirked and brushed it off. When Beca had been able to form the question “How do you stay so calm? Does everyone you meet just flatter you?” That had started the process of getting to know each other. Both of them changing into comfy clothes and meeting up in the spot they currently sat in to play something like twenty questions.

There was light, good natured humor in the air and Beca found herself slightly breathless at the sight of the beautiful German woman with her hair down, eyes twinkling with happiness, and her posture carefree. No longer a tense infuriatingly gorgeous goddess just a beautiful woman that was so much more than her looks. Beca appreciated this.

Kommissar, on the other hand, was having a great time having another person other than Pieter to talk to. She loved her friend greatly but it was nice to get to know a new person and talk girl things. As odd as it sounds she found it difficult to talk about some things with him because of his gender. A few topics he just couldn’t really understand, likewise she couldn’t always understand a guy’s troubles but she was there to listen at best.

“Yes a tattoo. And no you don’t get to know where it is.” Kommissar smiled and watched the other girl’s eyes widen slightly in shock. Kommissar took the time to admire Beca’s eyes. She was always a fan of green eyes and although Beca’s certainly weren’t green, they sort of looked like they were tinted with a light green. Kommissar found it fascinating how Beca’s eyes seemed a little blue, a little grey, a little green, and mostly brown all at once.

“Will you at least tell me what it is? Pleassse?” Beca whined.

Kommissar laughed, “Perhaps one day.”

“We don’t have many days left so you might as well just tell me.” Beca tells her.

Kommissar sighs, “Anything else you want to know because I have a feeling that this is going to be this is probably going to be a long conversation.”

The sudden seriousness of the blonde slightly scarred Beca but she didn’t hesitate to ask, “Your name. What’s your real name because I can’t just refer to you as the Kommissar.”

“Luisa.” Kommissar answers easily.

“Luisa,” Beca tries the name and it tastes sweet in her mouth. Kommissar won’t admit it to anyone but the first time the name slips from Beca’s mouth, she actually finds she likes her own name for once.

“Anything else?” Luisa asks.

“Nope, so what is the tattoo?” Beca asks, bringing her knees in close to her chest and resting her chin on them.

“I have more than one.” Luisa adjusts herself so that she can turn around. She slips off her shirt to reveal a tattoo of a tiger head on her back. Its somewhat below her neck and not very big, maybe the size of Beca’s fist or slightly larger.

“Woah,” Beca’s hand moves of its own accord, brushing the smooth skin of Luisa’s back. Her fingers trace the tattoo and the blonde shivers due to the chill Beca’s fingers bring, goosebumps rising on her skin.

Beca’s eyes can’t seem to stop staring at Luisa’s back, eyes taking in the flawless skin until Luisa pulls back down her shirt. The blonde turns around and moves her left foot into the space between the two, sliding off her sock to reveal…

The brunette looks more confused than amused which makes Luisa less worried about showing off the next tattoo. On her ankle is a tiny picture of some angel wings and a halo. The words “heaven is for real” written in beautiful cursive underneath.

“Why?” Beca asks, her voice pure curiosity. Luisa silently thanks the gods that Beca isn’t being judgemental about it.

“Pieter dared me to do it,” Luisa waves it off. “My family is against religion completely. Thinking it is foolish and composed of myths, tall tales, and legends.” Luisa puts back on her sock and crosses her legs again. “So… Do you have any tattoos?”

Beca shakes her head. Wondering in the back of her mind why the blonde thought it would take so long. That took no time at all. “I do have a piercing though.”

Blue eyes noticeably darken and the blonde looks infatuated. “Where?” Beca swears her voice has dropped an octave lower.

“Umm… My belly button,” Beca stammers, wondering why Luisa looks so… aroused? Her brain makes the connection, a confident smile painting her lips. “Oh my gosh do you have a thing for piercings?”

Luisa nods, biting her lip. In two seconds the blonde has moved over to Beca and has pulled her to sit on her lap, the blonde kissing her fiercely and her fingers toying with Beca’s shirt before slipping under and toying with the piercing. Beca pulls back giggling a little. “If I had known a piercing would get this much out of you I would have told you about the others.”

The blonde’s eyes grow impossibly darker. “There are more?”

“God, woman, you are looking at me like you are ready to devour me.” Beca teases.

Luisa licks her lips slowly. “Because I am. Then they are going into Luisa’s room, fumbling into the bed. The blonde feels complete arousal but the calm part, the controlled part of her brain forces her to stop and just admire Beca, her finger still toying with the piercing.

"I apologize but I think now is the time you learn about the last tattoo.” Luisa tells her. She takes off her pants and watches Beca bite her lip. Then she takes the waistband of her underwear and slips it down slightly to reveal more words. Beca traces her thumb over them as she reads the words aloud.

“Never enough.”

Luisa’s expression is carefully composed and emotionless. Watching Beca take a few moments, her first instinct to be angry and then confused and then both.

“Why would you want this on your skin?” Beca demands.

The blonde swallows hard. “It was my sixteenth birthday present. My parents were strict. They would beat me and tell me I would never amount to anything. I was gay as well and they knew this but after a year of trying to beat it out of me they decided to ingrain the words into my memory.” Luisa’s voice shakes slightly as she speaks.

“They strapped me to a chair and printed these words onto my body. Telling me that if I wanted to mess around with someone of the same sex they would have to get over my imperfections. They said it would snap whoever I was with out of their delusions and that they would leave me. Just like everyone else.” Luisa’s voice has gotten lower and lower. Now almost to the point that she is whispering.

“I’m never enough. I will never be enough. I was never enough.” The words are spoken like a mantra, which Beca assumes they probably were at one point. “Now that reminder is with me every day.”

Luisa must see the saddened look on Beca’s face as she pulls back on her pants, climbing into the bed beside her to lay down and relax. “Don’t be sad about it. Its in the past maus.” The blonde tells her as though reading her mind.

“But… that’s not right!” Beca shouts. The blonde just shrugs and the brunette ends up pulling Luisa close, her head in the crook of the German’s neck.

“It’s not okay.” Beca whispers into her skin. “I won’t ever let anyone hurt you that way again. And I won’t let anyone tell you that. Including yourself. You are enough. You are more than enough.”

Luisa smiles and she’s glad Beca can’t see the tears in her eyes. And when the brunette falls asleep Luisa whispers to the darkness.

“Don’t make a promise you can’t keep.”



“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me”, Chris mumbled, after Jessica finished her speech with that typical colgate smile of hers. “Wha– Why would you even– What made you think that making up a story like this was a good idea?”

The blonde girl rolled her eyes while sipping on the Cuba Libre she ordered a while ago. There was neither guilt nor embarrassment in her expression - even now, when it was obvious the ‘wanna catch up and drink something?? ;)’ invitation she messaged them was just an excuse for… well, this.

“Guys, seriously, come on,” Jess pouted a little and it looked as honest as it atually wasn’t. “It’s for like, two or three days while she’s here. We’re gonna hang out a lil’ bit, go shopping, go for drinks, then the birthday party at my place and, well… everything goes back to normal.”

Jess’ younger cousin, Violet, was going to visit her and Jess promised to organise and host her 18th birthday. The thing was, she also told her a lot of made up stories - because she was Jess - and one of them was about her two good guy friends who also happened to be boyfriends. And Violet, a massive slash and yaoi fangirl, was delighted. And said she has to meet them.

So Jessica, knowing Mike and Matt would rather crash and burn than even hold hands, asked the two only people she believed could help her out. And, as nonchalant as she was trying to act, the desperation was real.

I-I don’t know, Jess,” Chris finished his beer quickly and glanced over at Josh. “What do you think, bro?”