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Just want to thanks all the amazing ladies here.. when I saw the photo in Jess's tumblr I was sick, really sick, and I wanted to cry so much, but I find the original post of just wrenched and I read all of your comment and I could take a step Back and really saw the pic.. my life is a mess actually and beliving in SC love help me so much.. its kind of ridiculous I know.. so thanks again to all of you, I could face the day by day thanks to your humour, irony and more ❤💙💛💜💚

Oh anon, this makes me want to cry more than the photo. This group of women (maybe we have some men) are the most resilient and loving group. How could we not be, we were brought together by love and the friendships that have grown are amazing! I appreciate the candor and camaraderie that we have here everyday.

took a break from emote requests to do some christmas sweaters! happy christmas everyone! i hope to do some more of these with other overwatch characters, so keep your eyes peeled <3

satya is very beautiful and fareeha is very gay 

i can’t believe they had maggie finally admit to alex what she went through as a child and i have to put up with this stupid love triangle instead of explaining further what LGBT children go through every day. Like, I love that they gave her such a realistic and relatable backstory but please, don’t have her drop that bomb and then give the storyline like 3 minutes… Its just too important to let slide… the LGBT community deserves better. 


Local Cowboy in Training Accidentally Adopts Smol Orphaned Aussie

while on a mission in Australia, Blackwatch’s newest recruit finds tiny Jamie in a warehouse they were set to destroy, filled with illegal goods. the last thing Gabe expects Jesse to bring back from doing a last sweep of the place is a starved Aussie barely old enough for grade school. spoiler alert: he does not kill Jesse and instead accepts “yet another stray” under his wing.

(as a Junkrat main, I just wanted to draw my beloved Aussie and it kinda… spiraled out of control……)

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id like to think theyre buds…….

(dont think its a thing but pls dont tag as ship ty)

UGH I honestly thought after sleeping I would wake up more calm but I just woke up even more pissed??

Can we talk about how Lorelai STILL treats Jess like he’s the scum of the earth! Like BITCH Jess is the reason Rory and you made up in season 6!! Jess was the one who encouraged Rory to go back to Yale and make up with you. And then skip to the revival and ONCE AGAIN Jess is the one who encourages Rory to drop her bullshit and get her act together and ONCE AGAIN Rory listens to Jess and starts to get her shit together. And despite all this even a million years later Lorelai has nothing but bad things to say about him??? LIKE GET OVER IT. He was a messed up teen who was forced to move away from his home and live in a strange town when he happened to go off on you. He’s grown up SO much since then and honestly was the only character in the revival who was in a good/mature place the whole time and she STILL can’t let go of that one incident that happened a million years ago because he was being an angsty teen.

Gilmore Girls - AU: Rory/Jess and the prom date that never happened.

I love the idea that the Shimada brothers dragons are sort of sentient in their own way. Sort of like giant scaly energy cats. And what if, just hear me out, the dragons reacted to the Shimada’s emotions without the brothers inclinations. 

So during battle Hanzo’s dragons refuse to hurt Genji despite how much Hanzo demands he isn’t his brother and while it embarrasses Hanzo terribly Genji is still glowing about it. 

Or at one point Zenyatta see’s Genji interacting with his dragon in a very casual way and becomes curious. So he asks Genji if he can perhaps examine the dragon and Genji is a little shy but agree’s. When he summons the dragon the first thing it does is wrap itself around Zenyatta, purring like its nobodys business, Zenyatta is completely charmed by it while Genji is in the corner trying not to die from embarrassment. 

Hanzo has similar problems with his dragons and their illogical fondess for a certain cowboy.