jess the killer


if her light flickers off // every color turns to gray
if she can’t be saved // every hope turns to ash
if her smile crumbles // every laugh turns to dust
if we lose her // we’ll all end up lost


Preacher S02E02 - Mumbai Sky Tower

Alright, three possible explanations here for all of this. Number one: Terminator. Machine sent from the future to kill one of us. Number two: Terminator 2. Machine sent from the future to kill all three of us. Or number three: he’s Nazgûl, Fell Rider. Lord of the Rings. Brilliant film.

Important things Talking Preacher has taught us:

•Graham McTavish’s Achilles heel is the Calvary sword.
•Joseph Gilgun Naired his entire body and now his “balls are immaculate.”
•Cassidy and Fiore “probably” had sex. It was discussed at length in the writer’s room.
•Tulip would probably kick Cassidy and Jesse’s asses in a fight, although Jesse is “pretty badass.”

things i need from season 4 of the flash:

barry being a dork (pls we haven’t seen it in a while)

lisa snart

leonard snart if possible

iris (and barry) being happy for more than 5 minutes and without something hanging over them

just more cisco and wally in general

more wally and jesse!! they’re cute and pure

maybe address the trauma that everyone has to be going through (esp. iris) for more than one or two episodes? pls? it’s not healthy/realistic to ignore it 

gay stuff™   

also caitlin’s transition from being a villain/finding a sense of herself again


Preacher - S02E12 - On Your Knees

Jesse Custer is heading for big things: Greatness, glory, power. He’s a very special person. And deep down, whether he’s ready to admit it or not, he knows the two of you just aren’t. So my question, what this has been about from the beginning. And I think we should really dig in to and discuss here, given that the fate of the entire universe is at stake, is… How shall we proceed?