jess the killer


This is thanks to my CWB nonnie, who suggested force sensitive medics. Naturally my brain jumped straight to Kix. Shout out to @thebisexualmandalorian for being awesome and encouraging. It got a little long so please enjoy under the cut. Also available on ao3.

Kix knelt down next to a shiny. He was pretty badly hurt. Looked like he took a chunk of shrapnel to the chest. Kix looked around the battlefield, there were no Jedi around. Skywalker and Tano were off chasing the last of the seppies, and Cody had Kenobi cornered with some other medics back towards camp.

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if her light flickers off // every color turns to gray
if she can’t be saved // every hope turns to ash
if her smile crumbles // every laugh turns to dust
if we lose her // we’ll all end up lost

  • Savitar: One shall Betray you...
  • Caitlyn: Cisco, I trusted you! I trusted you not to eat all the ice cream, and you broke that trust!
  • Cisco: Guilty
  • Savitar: ...
  • Savitar: Okay then, One shall Fall...
  • Iris: *Trips while coming down the stairs one day*
  • Iris: I'm okay fam
  • Savitar: Dammit!
  • Savitar: nonono I still have one more! *intense voice* One will suffer a fate worse than death...
  • Cisco: F*ck you Barry, for spoiling Rogue One for me. I'd rather be dead right now -_-
  • Barry: Savitar you overdramatic piece of...
  • Savitar: ...Crap
Medbay Dominos

Happy Everyone Lives After Rishi, and Rex Adopts All of Domino Squad au. lol. Just a little something I had to write thanks to one of Hevy’s recent adventures. Also influenced by @wolveria‘s post about Echo being a trouble maker. Killer belongs to @thebisexualmandalorian <3 also on ao3.

Kix was finally taking a break to get some food. He was starving, and Jesse finally convinced him to leave everything to Killer for a little while.

He was just about to take his first bite when he heard Stick say to Poke, “Glad we’re not on duty, Domino Squad is back in the medbay for checkups. Had to deal with them last time. They are worse than herding stray ARCs.”

Kix dropped his fork and stormed back to the medbay. Jesse sighed, and followed after his husband. This was not going to be pleasant.


It was mostly quiet in the medbay on the Resolute. Killer had just left to go to the intensive care unit where a vod needed some assistance.

Unfortunately, that meant he had to leave Domino Squad unsupervised. In the medbay.

Stay. Someone will be back shortly to do your checkups.” Killer said before trotting off to where he was needed.

Echo got up from where he was sitting to start messing with some equipment on the wall. Fives asked, “Didn’t Killer tell us to stay.”

“I’m not going anywhere Fiv’ika. Besides, he didn’t say not to touch anything.” Echo replied, watching the slow smile form over Fives’ face.

“That is true. Excellent point.” Fives slid over next to Echo tossed an interesting piece of equipment to Cutup, who was still sitting on the bed next to a napping Droidbait. Hevy tapped him on the shoulder, but Droidbait just groaned and pulled the blanket over his head. Hevy shrugged and went to poke at something attached to the wall.


Kix stomped into the medbay, pointed at all of Domino Squad and yelled, “You!.”

Cutup jumped so bad, he threw whatever he was holding into the air, which smacked Fives in the head, causing him to swear profusely. The smallest snap could be heard, preceded by Hevy swearing softly, attempting to fix whatever he just broke. Echo turned to face Kix with the most unrepentant smile.

“What do you think you’re doing to my medbay?!” Kix growled out.

“Us?” Echo asked innocently, placing a hand on his chest. “We would never do anything to harm your medbay.”

“Bullshit, and you know it.” Kix barked, emphasizing with his pointed finger. “Last time you were left in here alone, you blew out half of my lights, and we had to call that ARC engineer from 212th when even General Skywalker couldn’t even figure out what you did.”

Echo attempted to explain “Honestly th-”

“-No. Don’t.” Kix held up his hand to stop him. “I don’t want to hear it. All of you are banned from being in the medbay unless supervised, or unconscious.” Cutup reached a hand to Droidbait’s shoulder. “Except Droidbait, who is an actual angel and has done nothing wrong. He can pick a sweet from Poke’s stash after he gets back.” The other four all made various levels of bummed noises, and pouty faces.

Which is exactly when Jesse walked in. He stopped just behind Kix, and crossed his arms. “Everything okay in here?”

Hevy finally turned around, casually placing the broken off piece on the table. “Yep. All good in here. Fine, really.”

A sly smiled formed on Kix’s face. “Well then, if everything is ‘all good’ in here. I’m just going to leave Jesse here with you, while I finally get something to eat.” He looked over his shoulder, “That okay with you, ruus’ner.”

“Of course, Kixystix.” Jesse gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. “Go get some food.” He looked up at Domino Squad, and lowered his voice “I’ll keep a good eye on them ‘til you get back.”

Fives swallowed audibly as the four not napping members of Domino Squad huddled just a little closer together. If they listened hard enough, they could have heard Kix’s laughter all the way to the mess hall.


Murder Of Morgan Harrington

Following my last post of Hannah Graham’s murder, this post is based on Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr’s other victim, Morgan Harrington.

On the 17th of October 2009, Morgan Harrington and friends attended a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Virginia. During the opening act Morgan went to the bathroom but she didn’t return. Friends called her after becoming concerned when she never returned and found out she wasn’t allowed back in due the "no re entry" rule. Morgan said she would find a way home and the last time anyone saw her she was hitchhiking across a bridge.

Metallica offered $50,000 on top of the reward for information on her disappearance

On the 26th of January 2010, Morgan’s body was found in rural farmland

It was the DNA on the 2005 murder victim that matched with that found on Morgan.

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr was sentenced to life for the three murders in 2016