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  • Savitar: One shall Betray you...
  • Caitlyn: Cisco, I trusted you! I trusted you not to eat all the ice cream, and you broke that trust!
  • Cisco: Guilty
  • Savitar: ...
  • Savitar: Okay then, One shall Fall...
  • Iris: *Trips while coming down the stairs one day*
  • Iris: I'm okay fam
  • Savitar: Dammit!
  • Savitar: nonono I still have one more! *intense voice* One will suffer a fate worse than death...
  • Cisco: F*ck you Barry, for spoiling Rogue One for me. I'd rather be dead right now -_-
  • Barry: Savitar you overdramatic piece of...
  • Savitar: ...Crap
Julian Albert is Doctor Alchemy

Yes, I know that we’re only five episodes in, but I genuinely believe that Julian Albert is Doctor Alchemy.


Tom Felton was added to the cast only days before Doctor Alchemy was added, and the producers said that Tom’s character was named Julian Dorn. Most people made the connection that Tom would be Doctor Alchemy right away.


At Comic-Con, during an interview, Tom was asked the name of his character, and he said that it was Julien Albert. The first Doctor Alchemy’s name is Albert Desmond.


I know that you guys are saying, “BUT JULIAN’S NOT EVIL, HE’S JUST A DICK!!!11!” In the comic series, Albert Desmond (Doctor Alchemy) suffered from multiple personality disorder, and Doctor Alchemy was the most powerful personality. Also, recently, The Flash has had two characters with MPD: Frankie Kane aka Magenta and Eliza Harmon aka Trajectory.


You might not have noticed it, but Julian has depicted some of the symptoms of MPD:

(His symptoms will be italicized)

Behavioral: impulsivity, self-destructive behavior, or self-harm

Mood: anxiety (possibly) , feeling detached from self, or mood swings

Psychological: altered consciousness (possibly), depression, or flashback

Also common: amnesia or blackout (possibly)

Impulsivity: spoiler alert, Julian almost shot a fifteen year old boy in episode 5, and also left his entire family in England to become a scientist

Self-destructive behavior: he puts himself down, saying he became useless when the metahumans appeared, and jealousy (wanting to be a meta so he can do good)

Mood-swings: Julian has more mood swings than I do, and that’s saying something. He literally goes from happy to screaming to crying in three minutes

Anxiety: he doesn’t let Barry do anything when they work together because he wants to do it the “right way”, and very obvious trust issues

Depression: he constantly feels powerless … Julian’s just a fucking wreck (no offense)

Altered consciousness: possible multiple personalities

Amnesia or blackout: again, multiple personalities and the whole Doctor Alchemy thing

…….This poor baby


Julian stated that he was in the military for four years, probably stationed in a foreign land, and you don’t just find a Philosopher’s Stone lying on the streets of Central City


Tom Felton has a history of playing very emotionally complex characters in the past (aka Draco Malfoy) that have  both a good and bad side to them


Also, the Flash likes to hide it’s main villains in plain sight  like with Eobard Thawne and Zoom, so why would Doctor Alchemy be any different?

Alright, I have two theories:


Julian from this time-line is Doctor Alchemy but Julian suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and has absolutely no clue that he is Alchemy. Barry finds out Julian is Alchemy and wants Team Flash to save him from his “Doctor-Alchemy-persona” before he can hurt anybody else.


Julian from Flashpoint is Doctor Alchemy, and he traveled through dimensions to restore Flashpoint for some reason


Y'all gotta check out this review of the last ep of the flash from @cocolanova . She’s a WestAllen shipper who kept it real on the importance of Iris on the show along with her opinion of the acting from the entire cast. Please go check it out and get those likes up for her!!

Imagine Cisco going to give you a hug/handshake/high five and unintentionally vibing with you. What does he see? Who knows~

‘I’m so late’ kept playing in your head as you ran trying to get to star labs.

You were supposed to meet there with Caitlin, Cisco, Barry, Joe, Iris, Harri and Jesse almost twenty minutes ago, but no, you just had to take a thirty minute long shower singing.

“Sorry!” you yelled back as you almost fell on a woman wearing a bussines suit, and kept running.

“I’m here!” you yelled when you got to star labs, out of breath and sweaty.

“There s/he is! And only twenty five minutes late! I think we have a record people!” Cisco laughed as he came to high five you, you laughed and put your hand up.

As soon as yours and Cisco’s hands touched he stopped, and it was obvious that he was vibing something.

Everyon froze and waited for Cisco to snap out of it, but as soon as he did he said someting about his workshop and left, leaving all of you confused.

Barry started to get up to go after him but you stopped him.

“It happened when he touched me, maybe I should be the one to go after him?”

You didn’t wait for an answer and quickly ran towards Cisco.

“Hey,” you said when you found him, sitting on his chair, fingers messing with some wires.

“Hey.” He said, not even glancing up.

“What did you see?” 

“That’s the thing,” he started, “I don’t really know.”

But you knew that he was lying, you knew him too well, and his face wasn’t confused, it was shocked.

You grabbed a chair that was in the other side of the room and sat next to him.

“You know that you can trust me, right?” you asked.

“Do you feel for me anything?” 

His question was so unexpected that you almost fell from your chair, feel? Did he know something? Were you that obvious?

“What do you mean ‘feel’?” 

He looked at you, and you could see that he was nervous about something.

“’Feel’ like hate or anger or love?” The last part he said so quietly that if you weren’t sitting so close to him you wouldn’t have heard.

“Love?” you asked, “Why? Cisco is everything okay?”

“Can you please answer, y/n?”

“I don’t know if love,” you said, “maybe strong liking is more like it?”

He looked confused, and honestly, your tone was confused too because you had no idea what you said.

“Well,” you said, “maybe love? I mean, what kind of love? Like family love? Or love love? Like couple love-”



“I saw us getting married.” He said.

You could feel yourself smiling, but the smile dropped as fast as it came.

“And you don’t like it.” You stated more than asked.

“No!” He practically yelled, but soon looked at his lap, “I like it, I just don’t know if you like it.”

“I like it.” You said.

“Great!” He looked at you and smiled, and you smiled back.

After some awkward moments you decided to speak.

“So what now?”

“Jitters?” He asked.

You smiled, “Jitters.” You answered.

No less than two years later you were both looking into each others eyes and smiling, with your friends and family around you, saying “I do.”

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  I love to draw Reinhart, and his Coldhart skin is challenging to draw. But then I came up with the idea { also for my “Giant” concept practice for my drawing class } : is Halloween, why not make him like a Giant ghost knight ? [aw man please don’t nag me about this matter, is big too no ? ] And the battle between the creature hunter McHelsing and HanzOni ( Demon Hanzo) :DDD. YES !! NAIL THAT IDEA AND DONE THIS CONCEPT !! 


Attack on Gorilla City  the flash 3x13