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Character Preferences: How They Propose

Chris: He proposed in such a small personal way. It’s just the two of you alone at your place. He made you a nice meal and printed out the cute late night text messages you two shared over your time dating. After the meal (you cant help but notice how nervous he is), he presented them to you and took out a photo album (Jess and Emily made it) with cute, romantic, and funny pictures of the two of you. Toward the end of the album he started to get really fidgety and nervous. On the last page there’s isn’t a photo, but a note saying, “Will you marry me?”. Chris then gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring.

Sam: She also has a personal proposal. She recreates the first date the two of you had. She buys you the same flowers, takes you to the same restaurant, even buys you the same desert, and ends the date with the two of you walking through the park. As it get’s dark and the lights in the park turn on, the two of you sit on a bench. There, under the stars, she gives you a big speech on how much she loves you, and how much better you’ve made her life. Then she gets out on one knee and pulls out a ring.

Josh: Josh Washington never does anything small, so naturally he throws a giant party. He’s playing your favorite music and has all of you favorite snacks out. Only the gang is in on his plan, so they do their best to make sure you have a good time. You don’t suspect anything at first, being that Josh loves to throw parties, but then he quiets everyone down and hurries them into the theater room. There a short movie he put together beings to play. It’s a bunch of clips the two of you had recored together over the years and a few photo. When the movie ends you turn around and see him on one knee with a ring.

Ashley: It was painfully obvious to you what Ashley was going to do. She took you to a beach at sunset, and from her blushing cheeks and the fact she kept stuttering you knew what she was about to ask. You stayed silent though, and walked down the beach together hand in hand, (Her hands were a little clammy). When she tried to give you the speech proposal speech, she kept stuttering and losing track. She had to pull out flashcards and read off of them to get her beautifully written speech out. You had a wide smile on your lips, and when she finished, she pulled out a ring.

Mike: He had the ring for three weeks before he asked you. He knew he wanted to ask you a long time ago, but he just couldn’t figure out the right way. He went to Jess, Emily, and Matt in an attempt to find the perfect proposal, and after some time, He had everything set up. Then, of course, two days before the big date, he said “God, you’re going be such an awesome spouse.” He froze realizing what he said, and after some convincing from you, he decided to propose to you right then and there, which happened to be in your kitchen before you even had your morning coffee.

Jessica: She took you to New York to propose to you. First, the two of you went shopping through times square (her buying sexy lingerie for later), had an amazing meal, then ended the night ice skating in the Rockefeller Center. There she skated circles around you, not long after you noticed that people were leaving the rink. Soon there was only the two of you in the rink, and Jess pulled you in close and pulled out a ring.

Matt: The two of you were at a holiday party with loved ones and friends. Both of you joked and around and had a good time hanging out together. Pretty soon, the sun had set, and he pulled you to the center of the room. He politely asked everyone to be silent, because he had a gift for you. He pulled out a small velvet box with a ribbon on it and opened it to reveal a ring. On one knee, he started to give a speech about how much he loved you. With tears in his eyes, he ended the speech with the words, “will you marry me?”

Emily: You knew exactly what Emily was planing. She had become very quiet and slightly distant leading up to the date, and you know she only gets like that when she’s nervous about something. When she took you to your favorite restaurant, you knew exactly why. She had everything planed out, but of course, everything went very wrong very fast. A waiter accidentally dropped food all over you, and Emily being herself, flipped out on him. Then the restaurant messed up both of your orders, and you had to wait two hours for your meal. She was grumpy the rest of the night, and when the two of you finally made it back to her place, you asked if she was going to propose. She got all upset and confessed that she was, but the night was ruined by the “asshole waiter and fucking dumbass chief”. Seeing how upset she was, you went into a speech about how much you loved her, and by the end of it, there were tears in her eyes and she pulled out the ring she had picked for you. 

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I hope jay gets a little jealous in the episode with Severide

Lol jealous Jay is hot, but so is angry Jay, sweet Jay, sniper Jay…. I may just be Jay trash!

To be honest I doubt very much there will be any tie in to CPD. I suspect Kelly will find himself in some kind of trouble/wrong place wrong time (since they filmed in interrogation and the the break room already) as usual and Erin just happens to be the cop that they are using this ep. It’s been a long time since she was on Fire so I’m thinking they figured it was time to have her on again. I wouldn’t expect it to even come up on PD in the following episode. There’s usually very little continuity with the little cross overs. I know Jesse said linstead would have bumps in the road but he was making a general statement about how all couples have little issues come up once in awhile.