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Let's Talk About The Runaways

Our Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. drought will soon come to an end…but not this week.

Last week, I talked a bit about what the upcoming The Inhumans show might look like. There is another show, however, that I am looking forward to much more.

The Runaways (no, not the band) was a comic created by comic legend Brian K. Vaughan and even had an arc written by Joss Whedon himself. It is beloved by many, and I am not the exception to this rule - these characters are more near and dear to my heart than any other Marvel characters.

The series has been a favorite at Marvel Studios and has been strongly considered for a TV series or movie pretty much as long as it has existed, even going as far as opening casting on a 2012 movie before dropping it in favor of The Avengers. Recently, it has been picked up by Hulu for a pilot episode and a first season of written scripts, and has started hiring writers. Fingers crossed!

The Runaways is about a group of teenagers who find out that their parents are secretly a cabal of supervillains running Los Angeles called The Pride, who are working in servitude of giant god-like creatures called the Gibborim bent on destroying the world. The kids inherit their super-abilities and make a run for it, determined to take their parents down - except one, who is secretly working with The Pride.

Let’s take a look at the heroes themselves so we can have an idea of who might appear.

Alex Wilder

Sixteen year old Alex is the first Runaway we meet, and is the voice of reason - he refuses to take a “codename” and has no superpower, aside from using his superior logic and intellect and a decoder ring to translate the Pride’s manifesto, The Abstract. Alex leads the Runaways, much like his parents and crime bosses Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder lead The Pride.

Nico Minoru

Nico is a sixteen year old geek-girl-turned-goth, and the object of Alex’s affection. After finding out her parents Tina and Robert are dark sorcerers, Nico steals her mother’s soul-bound weapon The Staff of One, a magical artifact capable of casting any spell - but can never cast the same spell twice. She takes on the codename “Sister Grimm”, from her old online screen name. For a little crossover action, look out for her mom Tina Minoru and her Staff of One guarding the sanctums in Doctor Strange!

Karolina Dean

Karolina makes being the seventeen year old vegan sweetheart daughter of Hollywood superstars Frank and Leslie Dean look easy, and for her it was; at least, until she had to come to terms with her feelings for other girls, and the fact that she is the daughter of evil aliens trying to destroy the world. Taking off her MedAlert bracelet, Karolina assumes her colorful true Majesdane form, a bright being of rainbow light flying through the air. It’s no wonder she calls herself “Lucy in the Sky”.

Gertrude Yorkes

Rebellious and cynical fifteen year old Gert always suspected her parents Dale and Stacey were evil, she just didn’t think they were time-travelling cat burglars from the future. Breaking into her own house for clues against the Pride, she discovers her birthright - a genetically engineered deinonychus that is psychically linked to her, commissioned by her parents in the future. Gert decides on the codename “Arsenic” to match her pet dinosaur’s name, “Old Lace”.

Chase Stein

The oldest of the group, eighteen year old Chase is seen as a disappointment by his parents Janet and Victor for choosing athletics over grades. This is understandable, as he discovers his parents are actually mad scientists, and he steals a pair of X-Ray goggles designed to see through clothes and flame-controlling gauntlets called “Fistigons”. Dubbed “Talkback” for his big mouth, Chase is also the primary pilot of the kids’ robotic frog-like vehicle they stole from their parents, The Leapfrog.

Molly Hayes

The youngest of the original group, energetic eleven year old Molly has an affinity for goofy animal hats and cutesy-talk - though she is actually much smarter than she lets on. She doesn’t fully believe her parents Gene and Alice are evil telepathic mutants like the other Runaways claim. A mutant herself, Molly has super-strength, calling herself “Princess Powerful” (though the rest of the team insists on “Bruiser”). Molly gets mad when superheroes try to separate her from her friends, beating up the likes of Wolverine, Darkhawk, Punisher and Cloak. After exerting her abilities, Molly immediately falls asleep.

Victor Mancha

A later addition to the team after one of the Runaways dies, Victor thinks he is a regular geeky sixteen year old - until he discovers that those were false memories implanted in his two year old android brain by his creator, Ultron. Victor is originally taken hostage by the Runaways after discovering from a time-travelling Gertrude from the future named “Heroine” that he will become a supervillain named “Victorious”, and soon after learns that he is an android capable of manipulating anything with a electromagnetic field.


Seventeen year old Prince/Princess Xavin is an alien Super-Skrull in training.  Having no fixed gender, Xavin freely shapeshifts between human, skrull, male and female forms at will. First introduced as Karolina’s betrothed in an intergalactic arranged marriage, the stuck-up and militaristic Xavin becomes an indispensable member of the team, possessing all the abilities of the Fantastic Four and more: shape-shifting, pyrokinesis, invisibility, rock-like skin, psionic force fields, super-strength and elasticity.

Klara Prast

Being a fellow mutant and close to Molly’s age, twelve year old Klara immediately bonds with “Princess Powerful”. Born on a farm in Switzerland, Klara emigrated to America after her mother discovered her ability to control and communicate with plants and deemed her a witch, marrying her off to a abusive middle-aged man - hey, it was the 1900’s, after all. Klara was rescued from the past and brought to present day by Karolina Dean. Still very conservative in her thinking, the shy and quiet Klara struggles to adapt to modern life, escaping in a new-found love for video games and her friends. Molly calls her “Tower of Flower”, but she much prefers “Rose Red”.

The Flash Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

Kudos to @thwhmsclgryffndr for helping me compile this list! Let me know what you think or if I’ve missed anyone important.

GRYFFINDOR:                                                                                                     Barry Allen,                                                                                                               Iris West,                                                                                                                   Wally West,                                                                                                               Henry Allen,                                                                                                           Ronnie Raymond,                                                                                                     Patty Spivot,                                                                                                        Jay Garrick,                                                                                                     David Singh,                                                                                                   Mason Bridge 

HUFFLEPUFF:                                                                                                Caitlin Snow,                                                                                                      Joe West,                                                                                                        Eddie Thawne,                                                                                                 Nora Allen,                                                                                                      Cecile Horton 

RAVENCLAW:                                                                                                  Cisco Ramon,                                                                                                 Jesse Wells,                                                                                                    Martin Stein,                                                                                                      Tina McGee,                                                                                                 Hartley Rathaway,                                                                                            Tracy Brand 

SLYTHERIN:                                                                                                  Eobard Thawne,                                                                                              Harry Wells,                                                                                                   Hunter Zolomon,                                                                                              Julian Albert,                                                                                                       HR Wells,                                                                                                     Leonard Snart,                                                                                                   Mick Rory,                                                                                                        Linda Park,                                                                                                     Dante Ramon

You know which two characters I want to see hanging out? Martin Stein and Harry Wells.

Assorted reasons:

  • Team “I care so much it scares me and the people around me”
  • About 0.05 chill between them
  • Constant arguing about absolutely everything
  • (Everyone is convinced they hate each other, but vehement arguments are their version of friendly banter.)
  • Jesse, Cisco and Jax commiserating about having to be their Supervising Adults most of the time
  • Jesse loves Martin. Jax is slightly scared of Harry. Cisco pits them against each other for his own amusement.
  • There’s only one working board marker so this means war
  • (No one has ever let Harry live down the time he did a power slide across the lab just to get to the last marker pen before Martin did.)
  • Imagine the absolute hell they’d unlease on anyone who tried to harm any of their kids

Just give me grumpy scientists who care too much hanging out and being argument buddies and absolutely destroying supervillains who come anywhere near their assorted adopted (or otherwise) young people.

adacanary  asked:

I have three things: 1) Your headcanons are pretty much my favorite things ever and I so enjoy reading them. 2) Any headcanons on Sara/Leonard? Destiny didn't happen or they got him back or any other situation where Len is alive is good. 3) Can you do what all the legends would dress up as for halloween? Thank you and you're awesome :)

Aww this is so nice thank you!

Ummm I have EXTENSIVE Len + Sara heacanons. My favorite one is right here, but honestly my entire poorly organized headcanons tag is littered with Len and Sara nonsense amidst larger posts. If you want something specific-er (???) please just let me know, they have one of my favorite dynamics on the show and I was brotping them before the show even started

AND HALLOWEEN OH MY GOD. Sara and Jax go HARD for Halloween, and once they get Kendra and Ray on board there’s no escaping it

  • Okay so Ray and Kendra obviously teamed up with some killer Spock and Uhura costumes. You can interpret that as a Couple’s Costume ™ or just friends rocking coordinated costumes, whichever makes you happy. They were pretty proud of themselves.
  • Jax and Martin also teamed up for an absolutely AMAZING Finn and Han Solo like oh my god can you even imagine how excited Jax got? “COME ON GRAY. IT’S A COOL YOUNG BLACK GUY AND AN OLD WHITE DUDE. THIS WAS MADE FOR US.”
  • And Clarissa could be Leia!!!
  • Then Jax probably made the puppy dog eyes and convinced Mick to be Chewbacca for him. Mick loved the suit so much he straight up fell asleep in it during the crew Halloween party and it took like an hour for anyone to notice
  • If Caitlin was around (and who says she’s not?) she’d probably get in on the action and dress up as Padme because if there’s one thing I know about Caitlin it’s that she’s a slut for the prequels
    • lmao it’s funny because Caitlin and Padme were both in love with guys who CAUGHT THE SHIT ON FIRE
  • Also I’m JUST SAYING if Wally is around he’d totally get in on the action with Jax by dressing as Poe. Because he’s a pilot, Wally likes going fast, you get it.
  • Thea is probably Rey to complete the trinity. 
  • Jesse would probably be Hermione, let’s be real here
  • And then Len was Boba Fett because Leonard Snart is a FUCKING LOSER. (And nobody could convince him to be Elsa, even though he’d look AMAZING in drag.)
    • Seriously, Kendra could write a DISSERTATION on those eyelashes, but nooooo, he’s just gonna let them go to waste.
  • Honestly Sara probably like… called Kara and borrowed her costume? And just fucking went as Supergirl because she refuses to even dress up as anything less than a badass. And then she almost got in a fistfight with a 60 year old physicist when Martin said the S didn’t “look quite right”
  • And Rip was all “I won’t partake in your silly pseudo-pagan holiday” and then Sara plopped a cowboy hat on him and was like “You’re basically dressed up like that 24-7 anyway” and Rip couldn’t even argue tbh

DCTV Autistic Headcanons!

I have a few more, but these are my favourites and the ones with the most canon evidence behind them.

  • Barry Allen
  • Eobard Thawne
  • Harrison Wells (Earth 1)
  • Harrison “Harry” Wells (Earth 2)
  • Kara Danvers
  • Jesse Wells
  • Martin Stein
  • Ray Palmer

I am 100% down to elaborate on any of these, so if you’ve got questions just ask!

You know something else that rubs me the wrong way about The Flash? The way they treat intelligence. 

Look at who’s a genius in this cast: Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, Harry, Eobard, Jesse, Hartley, Snart, Ronnie, Stein. It goes on and on. I won’t even get into how the writing constantly dumbs down these geniuses in ridiculous ways so that other geniuses can explain things to the audience by proxy, or how ‘genius’ sometimes means that someone can instantly be good at everything, and sometimes means that a professional scientist doesn’t know what a singularity is. 

I mean it’s great that Jesse had five majors in college, but come on. She’s, what, 19 years old? Is it even logistically feasible that there were enough hours in the day to get all the credits she’d need for five presumably STEM majors? Also how does any of that translate into her being street-smart enough to vanish on a completely new earth with no money and no identity, and turn up a few weeks later in a nicer apartment than any 19 year old has ever lived in ever? This is a rich, sheltered girl who has a rabidly overprotective father and must have lived in a classroom her entire teenage life. But she’s a genius, so she can just figure it out.

The show dealt with the idea of intellectual snobbery in one episode - with Caitlin dismissing Jax as a Firestorm replacement because he was a mechanic - but it continually shows that same snobbery over and over again in how these people treat each other. 

I’ve seen people talk again and again about how Barry is dumbed down to give the STAR team a reason to be there, and that’s a glaring issue. Cisco is dumbed down for Hartley to seem necessary. Caitlin’s position is easily filled by someone with no practical experience, who’s fresh out of college. The same character who shows Cisco up for laughs more than once. 

Pro-tip for Flash writers: education =/= intelligence. Intelligence =/= experience. 

And it’s gross the way ‘intelligence’ in all its mutating forms constantly uses the lack of knowledge as a punchline. This is how Hartley and Harry were shown to be assholes, but almost every character does it. 

Remember when Eobard had them building a time machine, and Cisco joked with Ronnie that he shouldn’t get involved because this wasn’t building a bookshelf from IKEA or whatever? I hate that joke, not only because it makes no sense - Ronnie was the lead structural engineer on the entire particle accelerator project - but because Cisco is usually better than most of them about judging people around their intelligence level, but they still give him these occasional moments of intellectual snobbery. 

Joe is a device for the audience, constantly confused, and though his character is respected overall these little moments are played as jokes constantly. And now Iris, who has been repeatedly shown to be resourceful, quick-thinking, brave, strong, reliable, any number of amazing things this team needs, is being completely devalued by fandom because she hasn’t got any one particular form of super-intelligence like the others on the team. 

All in all I’m left with this feeling over and over again, like The Flash doesn’t really know what genius is but it’s gonna shit on anyone who doesn’t actually have it. And that’s really kind of gross. 

FW Style: Jess Stein

Jess Stein is a fashion blogger for a vintage website called TuulaVintage. Here she’s wearing a mix of Proenza Schouler and Zara. “I used to sell all my clothes on eBay" she tells The Inside Source about her love affair with the site. “I got a Celine bag a few weeks ago for 900 bucks. I use the bag all the time" 

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Guys, I think I just figured out who Zoom is.....

Barry: What’s wrong? Are you ok?

Henry: It’s a party, come on. We can talk about all this tomorrow.

Barry: Talk about what?

Henry: Barry…

Barry: Are you not planning on sticking around?

Henry: Ok…Ok, do you think…Can you be all that you are becoming with me here?


Alright, lets over analyze this.

“Henry” is asking Barry if he thinks that he can reach his full potential while he’s here worrying him, because Henry wants him to reach his full POTENTIAL so he can eat his soul because he’s Zoom.

Henry has been missing since this episode to only return AFTER Barry got his ass beat by Zoom.

Then when Barry’s all down in the dumps about getting beaten and thinking he’ll never be able to go fast enough, you know who encourages him to suck it up and try harder?