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ngl still kinda into this glassblowing au idea. like, dean gets bullied into taking a random class with sam and jess or maybe charlie, and to his surprise he kinda loves it, even though (or maybe because) it’s such a polar opposite to the auto shop work he’s usually elbow-deep in. so maybe he secretly takes another couple classes, and inevitably gets sucked into the youtube rabbithole looking for video demonstrations and instructions and advice, perhaps particularly the channel of the obviously fake name castiel, whose videos run the gamut from giving detailed how-tos/what not to dos of the basics to wordless demonstration of the guy crafting these delicate angel figures which seem to be his specialty, silent except for the sound of the fire and glass, and dean may have some not-entirely-artisanal thoughts about as he watches those hands and that mouth.. and eventually, after dean’s gotten permission from bobby to appropriate an unused corner of the salvage yard for a tiny makeshift studio (“just don’t burn anything down, idjit”), he splurges on a bare-bones starter kit and starts making misshapen beads and marbles, the occasional lopsided shot glass, and a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t resemble any known object but dean keeps anyway. SO, there’s some sort of artisan get-together happening nearby, and dean doesn’t think anything of it, except he may have become a lurker on some forums that have nothing to do with muscle cars, classic rock or frisky women, and sees the name castiel novak pop up in a couple threads discussing the convention, because apparently dean’s not the only one who’s noticed the guy. so dean swallows his pride and begs/bribes/bullies charlie to go with him (since he knows sam would never let him hear the end of it, and neither will charlie for that matter but she’s slightly less annoying about it), and whoa, the dude’s shitty webcam definitely did not do justice to either his skill or his appearance.

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I have to say; I usually LOVE, love triangles. I'm a sucker for them. I know I'm a minority but they are so juicy. But so far we have only gotten like one moment with jess watching them dance at the wedding. I want more drama, I want jealousy and heartache why can't this show do more of what they did with the wedding episode SSA?:(

It’s all in the execution. They can feel fresh and exciting when done well but everyone has seen rom-coms before and knows the narrative beats so they can often just feel stale. Nick/Jess/Sam in S2 was actually a love triangle but everyone loved that because it felt real and honest. This Nick/Reagan/Jess setup just feels kind of awkward with Nick and Jess’s history and everyone living together. Also didn’t help that Reagan was missing for half a season so the love triangle took forever to even start. Took a lot of momentum out of the entire arc which is basically the heart and soul of any good love triangle.

This love triangle just doesn’t feel like it has any stakes. They don’t want Jess and Reagan to catfight but making them all buddy-buddy doesn’t quite work either. And everyone in the loft knows about Jess’s feelings (minus Nick and Reagan) but that had no effect on anything. There is just no audience buy-in into this thing. If you just watched this season in isolation without knowing Nick and Jess’s history, I wouldn’t root for them to get together either because it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. We want them to get together mainly because we remember S1/S2 and not as the characters they are now.

B’s works in progress

Hey guys. I’m trying to knock out a bunch of fics again to build some up. So, other than Christmas fics, Negan smut week chapters (starting Monday), 2 challenges I’m in, and series chapters that I’m working on with Amy…here’s a list of what you can expect once I start posting random things again!

  • The System. Daryl x Reader. Daryl and reader were in foster care together over a decade ago, and she can’t stop thinking about him recently.- COMPLETE
  • Utter Perfection part 3. Crowley x Reader. Crowley and reader move forward in their relationship.
  • Safety of the Mind. Sam. After Jess dies in the fire, Sam loses it. Him and Dean hunting is all in his mind.
  • Into the Enemy’s Arms. Daryl x Reader. Reader was one of Negan’s wives who runs away, landing in Alexandria.
  • Voice on the Other End. Sam x Reader. Reader works as a sex phone operator, who Sam happens to call one night for some stress relief. Personalized for @faegal04
  • Love, Tony. Tony Stark x Reader x Natasha Romanoff. Tony and reader are a couple, and he’s an ass around the time of her birthday. This is his way of making it up to her.
  • We All Have Secrets. Sam x Reader. Reader is a new personal assistant on set, Sam is a set worker.
  • One Moment in Time part 2. Rick x daughter!Reader. Lori, Rick, and Carl deal with reader showing up.
  • When Worlds Collide part 2. Dean x Harley Quinn. Harley is back in Dean’s arms, learning to be a hunter.
  • It’s Just Prom. Tony Stark x sister!reader. Tony’s little sister is asked to prom.
  • A Simple Text. Charlie x Winchester!Reader. Reader doesn’t have the best luck with girls, and Charlie wants to change that.

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Anyone here read Jess' opinion on Sam/MM she just posted? Honestly, if Sam had been spotted with Cait or he travelled to the cities where she was at the same time, they would think they were a couple. No questions asked. Sam and Cait posted similar pics of the same spot (from location work) and they think they are married, but for Sam and MM that means nothing, because Sam was in a video with Cait's cat? SMH

Are you surprised Anon? I’m not. The thing is, I don’t believe she actually believes the crock full of 💩she post about Sam and Cait. She knows, and has known for two years that they are not a couple. She’s been active a little over 24 hours and she’s back to “let’s make 💩up”. By this time tomorrow the MM hate will be posted on her blog. Different day, same 💩 with her.

Thanks for stopping by Anon. Have a great day. 🌼

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My tribute for @arcanebarrage. No words can explain the way I love this fic. Thank you so much for all those feelings.

Y’all click here and read it! You won’t regret!

until dawn – stereotypical teen party movie trailer edition

this is my contribution to the until dawn fandom. enjoy.

what if

what if Sam got the mark of Cain

what if Sam was the knight of hell

what if it was Dean that had to get him back

what if Sam unleashed the darkness

what if Sam had the connection with Amara

what if Sam was the walking soul-bomb

what if the person Amara brought back was Jessica…

what if we learnt more about Jess’ family background

what if she grew up like Sam did

what if she moved to Stanford to get away from it all

what if she’d been having the dreams too

what if she was too worried to tell Sam for fear of him freaking out

what if she told him it wasn’t his fault

what if he believed her

what if Sam got his soulmate back

what if


Parents: “nobody cares”

What Have the Characters of Gilmore Girls Been Up To Since We Last Saw Them?
Stars Hollow has gone through eight winters, springs, summers, and falls between the final season of Gilmore Girls and the revival.
By Emily Tannenbaum

Someone has to explain how Dean Forester got so jacked.

  • Jess: I'm a little cold
  • Mike: Here, take my jacket
  • Ashley: I'm a little cold too
  • Chris: Here, take my jacket
  • Emily: I'm cold as well... Matt?
  • Matt: Oh, yeah, take my-
  • Chris: Here, take my other jacket
  • Chris: Josh, b r o , here's my other other jacket
  • Chris: Sam, you cold too?
  • Sam: I'm wearing a fucking towel
  • Chris: Here, take my other other other jacket
  • Josh: I wish my sisters were here
  • Chris: I know, bro. Me too...
  • Chris: I still have two more jackets