jess rosales


I finished Lord of Shadows a few days ago  and like almost everyone  I´M BROK

Trying to find solace for my soul  this tought came  to my mind 

soo the next year the fist book of TLH will be published according with Cassandra will be a connection, and i was thinking how can be the fist book of TLH be connected to the last book of TDA and then i realized


He is of course an ancestor of the Blackthorn´s but HE DIED and CAME BACK TO LIFE

it is a coincidence this plot line of Annabel being resurrected, the Black Volume ? I think not
why and how the Black Volume belong  to the Blackthorn´s in the first place?

It Could be posible that this  is the conection? and What does this mean?

We know for sure that we are going to see a super dark Julian after what  happen to Livvy

Livia.” Julian’s voice rose, cracking and tumbling over itself like a wave breaking far out to sea.
“Livvy, my baby, please, sweetheart, open your eyes, it’s Jules, I’m here for you, I’m always here for
you, please, please—”

i mean he was willing to break all the parabatai bond´s just to be whit Emma.

“They are not us,” Julian said. “This isn’t just about you and me, this is about the children. About
my family. Our family.”
“Jules.” The dismay in her eyes was stark. “I’ve always known you’d do anything for the kids.
We’ve always said we both would. But when we talk about anything, we still mean there are things
we wouldn’t do. Don’t you know that?”
You scared me

He was so ready to sacrifice Arthur if that meant the safety of his siblings, and now that his little sister died in his arms, he will not do nothing?

Sometimes he wondered if he was doing the right thing for his uncle. But did it matter? Either way,
he would protect his brothers and sisters. He would sacrifice Arthur for them if he had to, and if the
moral consequences woke him up in the middle of the night sometimes, panicked and gasping, then
he’d live with that.

I think he will not accept it and will try to bring livvy back. He would die for his siblings for his babies he had said it  before, but the real question is

Would he be the last sacrifice to bring Livvy back?

dream of a little girl, the memory of a sister reaching up her arms: Julian, Julian, carry me.