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could u say what's the au setting for your next work? *eyes emoji* if not it's ok! hope it turns out the way you want it to, i know /we'll/ love it <3

sjdskdjf im kinda hesitant abt sharing cos i always worry i won’t finish it but i guess i’ve written enough to kinda talk abt it, jk is a stripper (an anon asked if i’d write one a while ago) and there’s an age diff (prob 7-9 yrs, still deciding) btwn taekook and there r like, v lowkey sugar daddy vibes but not rly cos tae is also a bit more submissive than i normally write him, idk..

i feel like one of the best points about taekook usually is the equal balance of their relationship and that the dynamic i’m writing in this kinda throws that off, so idk if that many ppl will be into it but i’m having a lot of fun anfkjskd

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And oh man. Bastion. Bastion might scare him at first but I bet he’d end up loving her and coming up with some sorta scheme to show her *his* kind of countryside. Mountains and brush and desert.

bastion!!! my dear daughter. she totally would intimidate him at first, especially since she’s THE omnic that they fought on the frontlines and bastion units are the ones that even scared the shit out of gabe, you know?  

but she literally has a bird that follows her around and clearly loves her, and she loves it back. and she brought him a leaf. it was yellow and he has no idea what she meant by giving it to him but she was clearly thrilled when he accepted it and now he has a small collection of rocks and twigs and leaves and flowers that she brings him after she goes out for a walk or whatever

like c’mon. how could he be afraid of her? she gets stuck in doorways for pete’s sake.

and i bet when he’s having a really rough night, she finds him in whatever hiding place he’s found, and they go walk around whatever wilderness is available, which is how jesse finds out that she’s really in her element and comfortable when she’s outside

it’s definitely just a random week where they have nothing going on for five days where he wakes  genji up at 3AM and is like, “i need your help getting bastion in the truck”


“she can’t get up because her legs don’t lift that high but we don’t have anything to use as a ramp to get her in the back if she’s being a tank, so i need your help”


“babe. please.”

“what time is it”

“noon,” he lies blatantly. “c’mon. babe. please.”

he keeps poking genji until he groans loudly and rolls out of bed.

“thanks sweetheart!” he chirps happily, pecking him on the cheek and ignoring the death glares and mutters of partner-murder. “let’s build us a ramp!”

it wouldn’t have taken as long as it did but sadly genji doesn’t function very well at 3AM and jesse is many things and overexcitable is one of those many, many things. bastion rolls up without any issues, though, and they’re off~

(jesse “lets” genji sleep on the way. genji (generously) lets jesse live.)

the sun is juuuuuuuust starting to rise when jesse parks, and they help bastion out and she’s so excited when she starts walking and exploring, because it’s so different? like obvs i have no idea where bastion was during her short, but the desert would be so different, and the mountains!! so great 

(can you tell i’ve never been to a desert in my life) 

anyway! it’s very nice and bastion gently hugs jesse and genji and taps her face to the tops of their heads, mimicking a kiss, and they watch the sunset together. bastion explores while genji naps and jesse eats the cruddy breakfast burrito he got at the gas station on the drive over 

(and of course on the way back they blast a lot of music now that genji’s awake and it’s like a fun mini road trip) 

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He’s not mentioned again because in episode 2 he’s turned into a vamp and then Xander stakes him. Why would they mention him again once he’s dust?

OMG so you’re telling me that if your BEST FRIEND was killed then turned into a vampire and you had to be the one to put a stake through his heart and turn him to dust, YOU’D FORGET ALL ABOUT HIM THE NEXT DAY AND NEVER MENTION HIM AGAIN?

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IDK if you saw that Max and Alicia will be back in episode 20, but I wanted to be sure you knew...


best case scenarios (in descending order of probability ahahaha):
- more of Max being an Utter Babe and Alice being kickass
- more witch!Max pls
- more Sam/Max nerding out about lore (ideal: Max teaches Sam some magic)
- some evidence that Max and Sam have been in contact
- more Max being understanding about some of Sam’s difficult history
- some discussion between Alicia and Sam about possession
- some evidence that Max has been sending Sam some of his sexy selfies


- best best case scenario: episode opens with a slow pan over Sam and Max ENTWINED. throughout the episode there’s a running joke that Dean thinks they’re off nerding out doing research together but in fact they are SMOOCHING (etc) in INAPPROPRIATE PLACES

worst case scenarios:
- max dies (DO NOT)
- max spends all his time talking to dean, i would weeeeeep just give me some max/sam love it’s all i want

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hey, i seem dumb but what does 'ernest only has lovely things to say about you mean'?? ik its what jess says to rory, but does it have a meaning? i don't get it, please inform me lol

As far as I know it’s just because Rory was dissing Ernie and Jess’ cute/flirty way of responding is ‘yeah well he doesn’t talk trash about you’. Or it could be construed that ‘Ernest’ here is a stand-in for Jess’ own feelings.

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hey you got any good literati fic recs? love your blog btw c:

This is by far the longest fic rec list I’ve ever done. I hope you like them! And a few are by some of my favourite tumblr friends. It’s a compilation of incomplete AND complete stories, as well as a great amount of M-rated stuff, so I hope that’s okay. 

Thanks for the lovely compliment btw. ♥♥♥ Enjoy!

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I always liked them never talking about Jesse again because I feel like that set up the real cavalier attitude the townspeople seemed to have towards mysterious disappearances and strangely violent deaths but that said it was still odd

Well, on the one hand, that’s a good point. On the other hand, the Scoobies were by definition the ones who didn’t play dumb when confronted with this stuff, the ones who were in the know and who didn’t make up lame explanations for all the weird things that were happening. 

I get what you mean, but in my opinion, there’s just something so fundamentally wrong about not mentioning someone who was such a big part of your life, especially after how the way Jesse died shaped Xander as a character. A lot of less emotionally relevant characters were mentioned during the series run after they had died, think Snyder or Larry (who, yes, had way more screen time but never truly meant anything to any of the Scoobies…) and yet Jesse was always forgotten. 

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listen,,,why havent you come up with any fanfic recommendations?? i wanna read more sexy top tae,,,pls its for science

you say this as if i’m fucking obligated to you, i’m gonna do it though because i’m all about spreading love for writers and advocating for top tae. i’ve actually done this before too, tbh i don’t rly read much fic anymore but i remember listing a few top tae writers that i liked, knth has written a lot of vmin w top tae, there are these taegi fics home and take care by signifying_nothing, there’s this haikyuu au taegi fic called closeted by wordcoture and it’s actually really fun, there’s this fic by sunshineandpixiedust and it’s taekook, these are all smut fics w top tae, there are many more though and hopefully even more in the future,

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"#dean in the rusty bacon shirt #that would be a serious headfuck" omfg why



(so this cap of the shirt comes from 3x08 A Very Supernatural Christmas, the first episode in which RBS makes its appearance, may I propose an AU for the episode where instead of fuel for Dean and fuel for his baby, Sam emotionally presents his brother with his shiny new Rusty Bacon Shirt and Dean stoically accepts) (further permitting a tearful scene towards the close of S5 where Dean demonstrates his renewed faith in Sam not by revealing the Samulet reclaimed from the trash but by donning the Rusty Bacon Shirt, secondary Symbol of Brotherly Love) (so that scene in 5x22 where Sam’s on the car drinking and Dean comes to say, ‘it’s not on me to let you do anything’, he’s wearing the Rusty Bacon Shirt and Sam sees it and his eyes well up and he says - Dean - the shirt - and Dean says - yeah yeah Sammy it’s just a shirt and punches him on the shoulder and a Bond is Remade)