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Some stuff about Jesse, Hanzo and their little baby daughter

They’re both really protective of her but Hanzo is just a bit more of a mother hen because he’s kinda overcompensating for failing Genji when they were young so he won’t let Any Harm Ever come to his child. He has trouble leaving her alone for all of five minutes in the first couple months and Jesse has to keep reminding him that he is also very much capable of taking care of their child

As for clothes, both of them are Very invested in dressing her but Jesse goes more for anything cute and Hanzo prefers chic baby clothing. And yes they did end up buying that onesie.

gabe is a proud grandpa


this au just gets worse and worse the more i draw it

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As far as parenting goes, allow me to offer an alternative to... that other thing. Said alternative being McCree using his serape as a babby sling, and/or Hanzo sending McCree a picture of the bab sitting in one of his hats.

yesss omg that’s so cute both of that

Also: Hanzo texts like an old person

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Hazo and Jesse's kid can speak fluent japenese the only problem ? They obly speak with a southern draw like pop-pop . Btw what is their name ?

She got Jesse’s drawl and Hanzo’s resting bitchface, they’re both very very proud

Her name is Sachiko Joséfina McCree. Han + Jess decided against having her last name include Shimada since they don’t want their kid tied by name to a crime empire for the rest of her life so they just went with McCree, but to compensate for that Hanzo got to pick a first name. The second name is the name of Jesse’s mum!

She speaks Japanese, Spanish and English fluently and bits and pieces of a bunch of other languages because of her very international arsenal of uncles and aunts 


When your husband wants to take your daughter everywhere so he can show how adorable and amazing his barely speaking child is.

I don’t really have a name for the couple’s little girl.Though, as most mixed raced children take after their caucasian parent, I imagine that she has most of McCree’s coloring, but with lighter skin than Jesse. With who her parents are, I also think she’s bound to be called handsome than beautiful when she fully grows up.

And yes, this is a sort of sequel to the werewolf McCree and Dragon Host Hanzo AU, because that’s what @ovalnephrite requested. 

Long post again! Sorry for the long block :3

Regret… something that he was all too familiar with.

In his youth he had been care free, not a care in the world. School was a breeze to him, making friends less so but the ones he did make were keepers. He took dancing classes in his spare time, played soccer and rode his bike around the streets of Los Angeles. When he got older he dated, had his share of fun, and experimented before he found himself.

Honestly, he felt like nothing in his life could go wrong.

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Written for @spnpolybingo​. This fills the “vacation” square.

Summary:  Jess finds out about Sam and Dean and has a surprising reaction.

Word Count: 3650

Warnings: smut, Wincest, threesome, anal sex

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy this one! I’m only gonna tag @justanothersaltandburn because I don’t know who all is into the poly stuff, lol. XOXO

Jessica Moore is a goddamn gift.

Sam knows that from the second he’s introduced to her at that party. She rolls her eyes at Brady’s failed attempt at subtlety when they’re introduced, and smiles at Sam, sweet and sexy. Sam thinks he’s already a little in love.

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