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SPN at Hogwarts: The Boggart

Gosh, people have been liking this spiel I’ve been doing! They’ve liked it so much that I’m making another chapter.

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SPN at Hogwarts: The Boggart

Dean Winchester woke to a pillow in the face.

“Are you coming to breakfast or are you just going to sleep there all day?” asked Benny, standing over Dean. Dean groaned, groggily sitting up.

“You could just shake me a bit to wake me up, you know?” Dean grumbled, rubbing his eyes as he stood up.

He glanced around the room. All the bunks seemed to be empty besides a few snoozing people under alternating yellow and black covers.

“Well, you could wear more than just boxers while sleeping, but you don’t see me telling you how to live your life, brother,” said Benny, grabbing his hat.

“That’s different,” Dean said, blushing a bit as he grabbed the closest button down.

Benny shook his head.

“No, not really. You alway seem to kick off those frigging sheets of yours. You’re lucky no girls crept in last night and had their way with you,” said Benny.

Dean shivered.

“Seriously? You’re going to make rape jokes?” said Dean. It was a sore spot for Dean. He had always gotten too much attention for his own good. Dean’s even been in several close-call situations. It was scary.

“Come on, you know I’m just kidding around,” said Benny, walking to the door, “Now, are you going to put your pants on before we go to breakfast or do you want to walk around like that?”

Dean rolled his eyes, putting on his pants.

“Seriously, Benny, I can take care of myself, you know that, right?” said Dean.

Benny smiled.

“Oh, come on, you know I know that,” said Benny, sorting through some clothes, “And sometimes, a little help from others doesn’t kill you.”

Benny pulled out a Hufflepuff tie and handed it to Dean. Dean smiled, nodding as he took the tie and put it on. Benny took another look at Dean’s clothes.

“Those clothes don’t fit you at all,” said Benny.

Dean sighed.

“They’re my dad’s old clothes. Sometimes, I wonder if I’ll ever fit them,” said Dean.

Benny put his arm around Dean as he walked him into the Hufflepuff common room.

“I know a person who knows tailoring magic. give me your uniforms when you get back from classes and they’ll be form fitting by tomorrow,” said Benny.

Dean sighed in relief.

“Merlin’s beard, thank you Benny,” said Dean.

He glanced around the room. There were a few first years still hanging out in the common room, all of them giving Dean strange glances. Dean avoided eye contact.

“Do you think that friend of yours can teach me those spells at some point?” asked Dean.

Benny shrugged as they walked into the hallway.

“I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t know, this guy, he likes to be on the down low when it comes to shady things like sewing,” said Benny, grinning.

Dean rolled his eyes.

“Speaking of people you know and I don’t, who do you usually sit with during Breakfast? Any fun people in Hufflepuff?” asked Dean.

“All the people in Hufflepuff are generally pretty great, brother,” said Benny, “But, being the sixth year I am, I generally hang out with sixth years.”

Benny and Dean walked into the Great Hall and sat at the Hufflepuff table.

“Dean, meet James Frampton, Portia Adalwolf, and Bess Myers,” said Benny, pointing each of them out.

“So this is Dean?” asked Portia, pouring herself some orange juice.

“He’s shorter than I thought he would be,” said Bess, shoveling down some bacon.

Dean narrowed his eyes.

“Hey, I’m six foot one, I’m tall,” said Dean.

James nodded, finishing off some waffles.

“He’s right, you know,” said James, “He’s way taller than average height - It’s nice to meet you, by the way.”

Dean smiled weakly.

“Yeah, nice to meet you too,” said Dean as he scarfed down some pancakes.

“You’re usually the first one here, Benny. Why were you so late?” asked Bess.

“Late?” Dean echoed.

“Sleeping beauty here’s hard as hell to wake up is what happened,” said Benny.

Dean laughed, feeling sheepish.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I’m generally a heavy sleeper unless I’m around Sam. I don’t know why, but I can usually just tell when he’s having a bad dream. When he was little, he used to grab my arm or something and I’d just wake up instantly,” said Dean.

“Sam Winchester? You mean that Griffindor kid, right? The who took twenty minutes with the sorting hat?” asked Portia.

Dean felt bittersweet, smiling about the fact that at least Sammy got it right before he thought about the second part of what Portia said.

“Twenty minutes? It took Sam that long?” asked Dean. Bess nodded.

“Oh, yeah,” said Bess, “It was the longest I’ve ever seen the sorting hat take to decide on a person’s house. From the rumors, I heard the hat was bouncing him around from Ravenclaw to Griffindor.”

“Ravenclaw?” asked Dean.

Bess nodded.

“Yeah, Ravenclaw. You repeat a lot of stuff,” said Bess.

Dean opened his mouth, then closed it.

“Come on, be nice to him. He’s a good guy,” said Benny.

“I don’t know how good of a guy he is if he looked that disappointed in being part of our house,” spat Portia.

“I wasn’t too glad at first when I was selected to be a Hufflepuff,” James pointed out.

Portia glared at James.

“That’s not the point,” said Portia.

“Dean, don’t worry about these two,” said James, finishing off his glass of milk, “I get where you’re coming from. Everyone else in my family has always been a Ravenclaw. Hell, there’s this myth in the family that we hail from Rowena herself. But, I don’t know, this house just, well…it grows on you.”

Portia whacked James’ head. He groaned, wincing as he rubbed it. Callous as it sounded, Dean felt at least a bit of relief from what James said.

“Thanks,” said Dean.

James nodded.

“No problem,” said James.

Bess looked down at her watch.

“We should probably all go. It’s almost time for class,” said Bess as they all stood up.

“I may not be around for lunch, so I’ll meet up with you at dinner, okay?” said Benny, walking with Dean out of the Great Hall.

“You’re not eating lunch? Why?” asked Dean.

“Knitting Club,” said Benny.

Dean raised an eyebrow.

“What? I can’t learn how to knit? How else do you think you get those warm sweaters you and Sam get every winter?” asked Benny.

“Those are wonderful sweaters,” said Dean, approving the decision.

“You should check it out sometime. It’s actually pretty fun,” said Benny.

“Yeah, maybe,” said Dean, waving goodbye as they went their separate ways.

Though the hallways were flooded with people, Dean never felt so alone. Dean already knew people were giving  him looks, whether it was from how he reacted to his house last night or how loose his clothes were. Not only was Dean feeling alone, but he was still feeling horrible for just being a Hufflepuff.

He walked into the Muggle Studies room, unsure of where to sit. He glanced around the room. The class seemed pretty divided between Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws. Dean had come late and most of the seats had already been taken, it seemed.

“If you’re looking for a seat, you can sit near me.”

Dean blinked, looking around.

“Over here.”

Dean saw a blonde girl waving at him, smiling shyly. She had a Hufflepuff tie on. Dean felt a bit relaxed that somebody from his house was going to acknowledge him after how he reacted last night, how he was still reacting.

“Thanks,” said Dean, “I thought I would be stranded somewhere in the back.”

“No worries. I get the feeling of not fitting in. You’re Dean Winchester, right?” asked the girl.

Dean nodded.

“Yeah. You?”

“Donna Hanscum,” said the girl.

“Why’d you say you didn’t fit in? You don’t seem to be missing any social skills,” said Dean.

“You mean Donna Hamscow over there?” said a Ravenclaw boy a bit louder than he had to say it, “I don’t see how you can't see why.”

Dean glared at the guy as he walked down to a group of Ravenclaws closer to the front.

“Who’s that asshole?” asked Dean.

Donna smiled a bit when Dean said that.

“Gavin. He's Crowley’s son.”


“Professor McLeod, but all the students call him Crowley. I’m not sure why, though, the nickname’s been his since before I came here,” said Donna, shrugging.

“Weird name,” said Dean.

Donna nodded.

“I know, right?” said Donna, taking out some donuts she must have snuck in, “You want one?”

Dean grinned.

“Who would pass up a donut? Weirdos, that’s who,” said Dean, grabbing one.

A young looking man stumbles into the room from the office connecting it, taking out organized notes.

“Good morning, class,” said the young man, adjusting his tie, “My name is Professor Peter Jenkins and welcome to the wonderful world of Muggles.”

Dean and Donna stood at the entrance of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class, wearily gazing at the intimidating, dangerous-looking door.

“I heard they got a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this year,” said Donna, “I heard he's insane.”

Dean didn’t like the sound about that.

“Insane as in good insane or insane as in the bad, dingo at my baby crazy?” asked Dean reluctantly.

“The latter one. But more like the prolonged exposure to hell sort of crazy,” said Donna.

“Great. That’s just super,” said Dean, not liking the sound of any of that.

“Are you two dorks going to keep ogling the door or are you going to go in?” asked Gavin in a surly manner.

“You wanna go in first? Be my guest, shorty,” said Dean, stepping aside.

Gavin didn’t acknowledge the two. He strode up and opened the door, walking into the room. Immediately, the door slammed behind him.

Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Well that doesn’t look good,” said Dean.

“We should all proceed with caution if we wish to enter that room. At least, that’s my opinion.”

Both Dean and Donna jumped. Dean turned, seeing those familiar blue eyes.

“Merlin’s Beard, Cas! You gave us a heart attack!” said Dean, wondering if there was a way to consciously lower his blood pressure, “Wait, you’re in my class? Why weren’t you in Muggle Studies?”

“Because I chose Study of Ancient Runes for my elective,” said Cas.

Dean blinked.

“Wait, that’s an elective?” asked Dean.

Cas tilted his head curiously.

“Who’s that?” asked Cas.

Dean blinked. He turned to Donna, who she herself was confused.

“Donna? Donna Hanscum? I’ve been in classes with you for four years,” said Donna.

Cas narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t remember you,” said Cas.

Dean rolled his eyes.

“Seriously?” asked Dean.

Cas furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why wouldn’t I be serious?” asked Cas.

Dean opened his mouth, then closed it. He noticed Cas was way too close to him for it to be normal. Before he could respond to any of that, there was a scream from the Defense Against the Dark Arts Room.

All the students outside of the room turned to the ominous door as the screaming kept going.

“I see someone’s already walked in.”

It was someone behind the group of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, 

“I’m sure one of you already knows my name by now,” said the man, walking towards the door.

Dean could see Donna tense up.

“Professor Gordon Walker,” whispered Donna to Dean and Cas.

Dean knew that man. Gordon Walker used to be one of the top Aurors for the Ministry of Magic, specializing in Vampire cases. He was said to be so coldhearted that he even killed his own sister when he found out that she had became a vampire and joined a blood cartel. Rumor had it that Walker had gotten kicked out of the Auror program due to infringements of paragraph twelve of the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans.

The screaming was still ensuing inside that room and the professor was doing nothing about it.

“Can any of you guess what is in my classroom?” asked Professor Walker.

Everyone was silent. All that could be heard were Gavin’s screams.

“What about you let the idiot who walked in without knowing what was in there out?” asked Donna, probably more loudly than she meant to. Maybe it just sounded loud because no one else was speaking up.

The professor turned his gaze onto Donna, then faltered, making eye contact with Dean. Dean flinched.

“Dean Winchester,” said Professor Walker, and just the sound of the man saying his name made Dean’s skin crawl, “I never would have pegged you for a Hufflepuff. I have to say, I’m not sure if you’re father would approve.”

Dean felt his whole body freeze up at the thought.

But then…Dean felt a hand on his back. He glanced to his right. Cas.

Dean breathed in. Dean breathed out.

“What does my house have to do with the fact that you let a student go into a room with an unknown possibly dangerous creature? Donna’s right, shouldn’t you do something? You are a professor, right?” asked Dean.

The world grew silent besides Gavin’s screams once more. Professor Walker laughed dryly.

“You think I should, huh? If you really want something to happen, what about we let Ms. Hanscum in, see what she thinks about our first class example?” asked Professor Walker. Donna stared at the door in horror, her mouth agape.

Dean thought about those screams. He couldn’t let her go in there. Dean stepped in front of her.

“I’ll go in,” said Dean.

The whole class stared at him as if he were insane. Dean didn’t understand why they weren’t staring at Professor Walker instead of himself.

Professor Walker cracked a smile and laughed once more.

“What about we let it out here. I’m sure you all will see what it is after that,” said Professor Walker.

Dean stood his ground as the whole class moved feet back. Dean glanced behind him to see Donna and Cas were still by his side.

“It’s okay, guys,” said Dean, “Really.”

“Just…Be careful…okay? I can’t lose my first friend just yet,” said Donna, her voice shaky as she stepped back.

Cas didn’t speak. There was only a passing glance. a reassuring touch. That’s all Dean needed from the guy. Dean didn’t even know how he knew it, but Cas’ actions spoke words, ushered volumes of ‘it’s okay’ and epics of 'I’m here for you’. Dean didn’t know why, but what Cas did made all the difference.

Dean turned to the door with renewed confidence. Professor Walker smiled sadistically as he opened what felt like the gates of hell to Dean.

Gavin ran through the door and down the hallway, screaming the whole way through. The room he was in was pitch black, complete darkness. But then the darkness began to move and mold, shift and shape. It became humanoid, structured itself until it finally transformed into what its final form was.

“Why does it look just like him?” called out a random Ravenclaw.

That was when Dean knew what the creature was. That son of a bitch sicked a boggart on his own class. He left a student with a boggart for twenty minutes without any instruction as to how to defeat the beast.

“The whole world is dangerous, class,” said Professor Walker, “And you’re not going to get an easy way out in the real world. This class will be about experience.”

Dean froze, looking at the boggart in sheer horror.

“What’s the matter, Dean?” called Professor Walker, “Where’s all you’re courage now?”

All his courage went out the window the second he saw himself.

Ridikulus!” shouted Cas.

The boggart shifted and contorted, a dress and boa appearing on Dean’s figure.

Dean felt that reassuring touch once more.

Ri…Ridikulus!” shouted Donna, the boggart becoming more confused and funny looking as another came closer to it.

The boggart began to step back. The two shouting the spell over and over until it was back in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room. Quickly, Cas closed the door.

“Well,” said Professor Walker, staring down at Dean in disappointment, “At least two of you could do something right.”

Dean glanced back at the class. They were all staring at him. They were staring at him and his poorly fitting clothes and his strange outbursts and how his own boggart was himself.

Dean took a step back.

“Dean?” said Donna worriedly.

Dean glanced at her and shook his head. He turned, running away from the group.

Dean, once again, found himself lost in the maze of a castle which was Hogwarts. He didn’t know what floor he was on, what wing he was in, all he knew was that he was in a room with things he could break, just like he wanted. A room with colossal windows to let the warmth of the sunlight stretch on its wooden floors, a place where he could be alone.

At first, Dean tried to stay calm. He really did try. But after all the crap that’s been happening to him, well…he had to do something. So he vented. He began breaking lamps, mirrors, vases, and it felt good to at least be in control of that. He couldn’t control what house he was in, how a professor viewed him, what his darkest fear was, but at least this - he could control. But when all the breakables were broken, well…Dean was left with himself to beat up.


Dean tried to pull himself together before he turned to that familiar voice.

Cas didn’t try to talk Dean through it. Cas didn’t try to tell him how wrong he was nor that everything was going to be okay. Cas was just…there. There for him, for Dean. And it was strange, yes, just standing in a room filled with broken china and glass with someone Dean had only known for maybe a day, but for some reason…this was what Dean needed. He just needed someone there. He didn’t need the words.

Finally, Dean faced Cas, his last tears wiped away.

“Don’t tell me I’m flunking Defense Against the Dark Arts now,” said Dean, getting a sinking feeling.

Cas merely tilted his head.

“I don’t know what your grade would be at this time, Dean. Professor Walker said nothing of it,” said Cas.

A laugh came out of Dean without consent.

“What’s so funny?” asked Cas, confused.

“You always seem to know just what to do with me,” said Dean.

Cas furrowed his eyebrows.

“Really? I feel quite lost at the moment,” said Cas.

Dean put his arm around Cas, walking him out of the room to find themselves outside.

“Don’t worry about it. Just…thanks, okay?” said Dean.

Cas flashed a smile.

“I would say the same to you,” said Cas.

Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Why?” asked Dean.

He couldn’t think of any reason why Cas would ever thank him. In fact, Dean could think of a lot of reasons why Cas shouldn’t thank him.

“For giving me a new friend,” said Cas, “Two, if you count Donna, but I’m not sure about her just yet.”

Cas narrowed his eyes. Dean rolled his.

“Come on, she’s sweet and it’s not like it would kill you to make another friend,” said Dean.

Cas nodded.

“I’ll take that into consideration,” Cas said, both of them snickering.


Now You See Me 2 : MBTI

ENTJ : Daniel Atlas

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ESTP : Jack Wilder

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ESFP : Lula May

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