Gilmore Girls
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Kate submitted:

Oh crap, I thought up another point after I pressed submit!

Another textual example of Jess and Rory’s “making plans” issue being resolved is in one episode (“A Tale of Poes and Fire”?), Jess comes home from work and tells Luke he can’t talk because he “needs to go meet Rory”, and he’s running late. So Jess and Rory made a plan–a specific time and place to meet–and he was keeping to that. He was even worried about being late for it. To me, that clearly indicated that their previous problem was resolved, and Jess was working hard at being someone who shows up when he says he will.

I really wish ASP had either shown us Jess listening to Rory’s message instead of deleting it, or maybe given an indicator that he’d listened to what Lorelai said and was actively improving his reliability. Because to me it was clear he was trying, but we were never shown him making the decision to do so.

*sigh* I honestly think Jess tried as hard as he could in that relationship. He screwed up a lot, but then he wasn’t in the healthiest place and had zero positive relationship examples to go on. He wasn’t Dean, who came from the idyllic middle class existance with his parents together and the precocious little sister. He wasn’t even Logan, who had crappy parents but at least he knew both of them, and he probably had a fleet of nannies to help instill some good values. Instead he had Liz, and her revolving door of husbands and boyfriends who probably liked a drink and liked drugs and stole their stuff. And who knows what his neighbourhoods were like–what kind of people he grew up around. It’s likely that broken homes, absent parents, and terrible (possibly even abusive) relationships were the only things he saw. He did remarkably well for someone so disadvantaged in so many ways, and I fully believe that so many bad examples would inform what he DOESN’T do in his post-series relationships (…with Rory…because I ship.)

This is…a lot of text. Sorry. I just have a lot of thoughts about this show!

Submitted by: Kate

I don’t have a tumblr, but I want to weigh in on the “Jess calling Rory” debate.

I think it’s important to remember that Rory and Jess’ relationship spanned 2002/2003 (I believe), and as you’ve said, cellphones weren’t as ubiquitous as they are now. High schoolers especially mostly didn’t have their own cellphone. I was fifteen during that time, and while my family had a cellphone we shared I didn’t have my own cellphone. It wasn’t until a couple years later that we got a two-phone plan, and one phone went to my mom and another was shared between me and my sister (and it was a couple more years before we all had individual phones). ALSO, Jess might have been working a lot, but he sunk money in to his car and (likely) taking Rory out. A cellphone was probably a needless expense, and possibly one he couldn’t afford. If Luke didn’t have a cellphone at that time either (I don’t remember if he did or not), then it really is unlikely that Jess would consider spending money on one.

Rory and Lorelai, on the other hand, seem very up-to-date with their tech. Rory had a pager for a few years (I only knew one person growing up who did). That was quite the luxury, and possibly something Lorelai budgeted for. As for Emily, she’s ridiculously wealthy, so of course she has a cellphone. Her criticisms of Jess clearly don’t take in to account that he doesn’t have her money, and might not even have Lorelai and Rory’s.

ALSO ALSO, regarding Jess continuing to not call Rory after that episode, their communication issues re: making plans don’t come up again. In fact, Lorelai tells Luke that Jess spends a lot of his non-work hours “palling around with Rory”. I always took the reading that their “making plans” issue was now resolved, as they now spend regular time together. But then, it’s not completely text so I can understand why someone would think that Jess continued to be crap at calling her. Who knows what ASP intended, though.