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I've been really craving some McCree and Genji fluff- just hanging out with their S/o on a slow day and maybe the shy s/o finally says I love you.

(This seems like a poly request, so I’ll answer it as such.)

It was quiet in their apartment that day. Everyone was tired from either traveling or staying up too late – Genji had just returned from Nepal that night, and his lovers had driven over to pick him up from the airport. Jesse was napping, Genji was reading in the kitchen and their s/o was drowning themself in coffee.

“Maybe we should wake him up,” Genji said thoughtfully as he glanced at the scruffy-looking man collapsed onto the couch. His lover shook their head.

“He barely got any sleep last night, while I fell asleep on the passenger seat right away… He was too nice to wake me,” they replied, then directed a weak glare at Genji, “and so were you.” The cyborg chuckled.

“You were too cute while sleeping,” he mused, causing a blush to form on his lover’s face. He didn’t even need to turn his head to know it – he knew their s/o to be very bashful. “But it’s past noon. We really shouldn’t let him nap too late.”

Sighing, they put down their almost empty cup of coffee.

“Maybe you’re right,” they admitted, still avoiding Genji’s line of sight to hide the remnants of their blush.

“I’m always right,” he teased, earning a slight roll of their eyes as a response. He gave another one of his infamously attractive bursts of laughter and set aside the book. “Come on.”

The both of them got off the table and stepped into the living room, Genji leaning to the back of the couch while his lover sat on its edge. They placed a hand on Jesse’s cheek, his sleeping expression remaining unchanged.

“Jesse, would you wake up? It’s getting late…” they said softly, barely leaning close to the man. He only gave a sleepy grunt, not moving an inch from their position. Their s/o frowned.

Genji decided to take it into his own hands, reaching down to press a finger against Jesse’s cheekbone.

“Wake up,” he demanded. The cowboy tried to swat away his hand in his sleep, but Genji held his ground, only pressing harder now. Jesse’s eyes blinked open for a split second, and he took a tight hold of his boyfriend’s wrist.

“Geez darlins, can’t let a man get'a good night’s sleep ‘round here, can ya?” he mumbled sleepily. Genji’s hidden smile was catching onto their s/o, too.

“We told you, it’s past noon,” they giggled and leaned against Jesse’s shoulder. “The night ended hours and hours ago.” Only a grunt was given in return as the man was sinking back into deep sleep. Their s/o shrugged, then decided sticking their tongue into his ear was a good way to wake him…

What the fuck?!” shouted Jesse in a startled manner, accidentally pushing his lover off the couch and on their back. As soon as he realized what he’d done, he sat up with a worried expression, his eyes wide. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry honey, are you oka—”

He was cut off by their s/o’s laughter. Both men instantly relaxed as they looked down at their lover, who was messily sprawled on the carpet. Jesse released an emptying sigh.

“Well, I’m up now.”

“There’s coffee in the kitchen,” Genji stated and circled the couch to offer to help up their s/o. They took his hand and sat up, their gaze averted. He instantly wondered if something was wrong. “[Name]?”

“I love you both,” they said quickly, so quickly it was almost missed by their tired minds. When they turned to look up at their lovers, a deep blush was on their face. “I love you a lot.”

Honestly, it caught them off guard – though they’d known each other for a year, and had been dating for a few months, their s/o had yet to express their feelings in such a straightforward manner. Jesse had said it within the first month of getting together, and Genji had followed soon after, but their s/o was much more reserved a case.

Genji was the first to kneel down to the floor and pull their s/o into a hug. Jesse followed his example, enveloping the both of them in his arms.

“We love you too, honey,” he replied softly, and their s/o gave a small nod, happy to be held close by them both. They were still figuring out their relationship in many ways, but it was nice for the two men to finally hear their s/o confess.

Starting to feel shy because of all the attention, they were the first to pull away.

“How about that coffee?” they suggested, all smiles as they looked up at Jesse. He placed a kiss on their forehead.

“Sounds ‘bout right.”

The rest of the day was spent cuddling and watching movies while trying to keep everyone awake.

–Mod Evie



I rolled over and looked at my sleeping husband. He was so cute whenever he was asleep. He just looked so… peaceful. And that was hard to see in him most days. He had a sixteen year old daughter and his career always took a toll on him.

“Good morning, my love,” I whispered giving him a peck on his nose. Josh groaned and rolled over. I giggled at his laziness. No matter how old we got I always felt like we were just falling in love.

It was nine in the morning and I knew Josh would soon be up, but it felt like he would sleep the day away. I began to make breakfast hoping that the scent of coffee, French toast, and bacon might stir him and my daughter, [Y/D/N], awake. Besides, I enjoyed cooking for them and I knew they liked it when I made breakfast. It’s always a good way to start the day.

Not soon after I started cooking, Josh stumbled into the kitchen. “Where’s my coffee?” He mumbled rubbing away the sleep from his eyes. He most definitely was not a morning person.

“Good morning,” I chirped sarcastically. He groaned as he got a cup out from the cabinet. I poked him trying to get a response. He poured a cup of the dark drink and took a burning sip.

“Morning,” he finally replied kissing my cheek. He went to kiss my other cheek, but I turned my head so he got my lips instead. I smiled as he spun my body away from the stove and into his in a sexy manner.

“Joshua Dun!” I giggled as he kissed me again and again.

“Ugh. You two are so gross! Get a room,” [Y/D/N] said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a banana.

“My house. This is my room,” Josh said teasingly. “Put that down your mother is making breakfast,” he scolded taking the banana from her.

[Y/D/N] rolled her brown eyes at him. “I’m not going to eat a pig that was slaughtered for us to eat,” she said in the sassy manner that she inherited from my side of the family.

“You aren’t going to eat a banana that was gruesomely picked to be eaten. You will eat what I cook and that’s that,” I replied flicking the spatula at her for effect. Again with her eye rolling.

She pulled out her phone and started texting someone. I could hear her fingernails tapping the screen. “It’s too early for you to be on your phone,” Josh said taking it out of her hands. She protested with a high pitched ‘Hey!’ as he scrolled through her messages. “Who’s Jesse?”

[Y/D/N] turned bright red and reached for her phone. “Give it back! It’s none of your business,” she shrieked. I could see fear filling in her eyes.

“Dear, give it back. [Y/D/N], I don’t want to see it in your hands until after breakfast,” I said sternly.

Josh handed it back giving her a look. “I think it is my business if you expect to go see him tonight. We’re going to meet this boy when he comes by to pick you up tonight.”

[Y/D/N] turned a rosy pink and nodded. “Yes sir,” she mumbled. He handed her the banana as a way of making peace. That’s one of the things I love about Josh. He could be our daughter’s best friend, but also her overprotective and rigid father.


“I’m not going to like him,” Josh griped as we sat on the couch together. [Y/D/N] was in her bedroom getting ready for Jesse to come get her. She had just been down here in a panicky state telling us not to embarrass her or anything like that. I laughed and told her not to worry to which she replied with an eye roll.

“Give him a chance,” I said playing with his fingers. “My parents didn’t think they would like you. And I acted exactly how [Y/D/N] is acting right now,” I continued sweetly.

Josh groaned and rubbed his eyes. “I know. I just want to make sure my [Y/D/N] is safe. Besides, she’s just a little girl. She’s too young to be dating,” he whined. He got this pouty look on his face and I laughed, kissing his lips.

“I was this age when we first started dating. And my parents thought the exact same thing. They didn’t want me to grow up,” I said cupping his face.

Josh was about to respond, but just then the doorbell rang. I could hear [Y/D/N] come running down the stairs before I even got up off the couch. She came into the living room and gave both of us a wide eyed look. “Please behave,” she begged before opening up the door.

“Hi Jesse,” she said sweetly as she hugged him.

“How come he immediately gets the sweet [Y/D/N]?” Josh whispered in my ear. I laughed and punched his arm.

[Y/D/N] invited Jesse to sit down and took the last empty seat. Jesse was a cute kid. I could see why [Y/D/N] wanted to go out with him so bad. He reminded me of Josh when we were young.

“Hello Mr. Dun. Ma'am,” Jesse greeted us. I smiled at his manners. He was doing very good. [Y/D/N] probably prepped him for meeting us. Josh didn’t let his stoic look change, but I knew he was glad the boy had manners.

“Jesse,” he greeted him sternly. “We haven’t heard much about you. "Please,” Josh paused for a little effect, “enlighten us.”

The poor boy looked a little nervous. I jumped in by putting my hand on Josh’s knee. “Oh don’t mind him,” I said trying to lighten the mood. Between the kids’ nerves and Josh’s 'I need to be the only male in [Y/D/N]’s life’ attitude the air was more thick with tension than you would’ve thought possible. “He’s just grumpy,” I said smiling at Jesse hoping to help him lighten up.

Josh huffed and put his hand on my shoulder. This was his way of showing dominance. “So tell us, Jesse, where do you plan on taking [Y/D/N] tonight?” Josh asked him.

“Well, I was thinking on taking her for a bite to eat and then going to watch the fireworks over the lake,” he replied trying to be cool. His voice cracked a little, which was what gave him away.

“That sounds lovely,” I said in a motherly tone. “You two should be on your way then. Have fun, darling,” I say as I stood up. I kissed her cheek as she walked out the door.

“It was nice to meet you both,” Jesse said shaking mine and Josh’s hands.

“Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad!” [Y/D/N] called as Jesse led her to his car.

“Be home by eleven!” Josh yelled. There was an “Okay” from [Y/D/N] and a “Yes sir” from Jesse as the car started and they drove off.

I sighed and fell into Josh. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I asked looking up at him.

Josh wrapped his arms around me and kissed my lips. “He doesn’t seem like a bad kid.”

“She’ll be fine,” I whispered.

“I know.”

Are You Ready? (Part 3)

Dean x Reader High school AU

Word Count: 1,449 (I know it’s smaller than the other two I’m sorry!)

Warnings: language, alcohol use, ANGST (don’t hate me)

Summary: It’s senior year of high school and you have everything, good grades, amazing friends, a perfect boyfriend. But what happens to all that when something totally unexpected happens, changing your life forever.

Your best friends will be the lovely babes @bovaria@abaddonwithyall and @winchesterenthusiast

Also tagging: @sincerelysaraahh, @pada-ackles@bookshido, @demondean-for-kingofhell, @emmy-winchester, @elainenc123, @balthazars-muse, @mrswhozeewhatsis@lilyoflothlorien, @pulgapelayo18@ilostmyshoe-79, @aprofoundbondwithdean, @oriona75, @t-bear99, and @hqwcll

Part 1 Part 2

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Housemates (Calum Hood x Reader) Chapter Eight


Warnings: References to cheating, protectiveness, potential possessiveness.

A/N: I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had the best time. I thought I’d update chapters to my series over the next couple of days before New Year’s :)


Calum’s P.O.V.

I don’t really remember the journey from (Y/N)’s place to Jess’. My head was in a spin when I stormed out of (Y/N)’s bedroom, and I guess the adrenaline got me over to Jess’. I don’t know what’s going on; I don’t know why (Y/N)’s got it in her head that I cheated on Jess, and I don’t know why Jess would tell her so.

“Calum?” Jess asks, shocked by my presence at her front door.

“Yeah, I need to come in.” I demand, dropping all sense of my manners.

Jess looks back at me dumbfounded, “Erm…err…yeah, erm, come in” she stutters anxiously, as she steps aside and lets me in her home.

She leads me up to the room, and invites me to sit down on the bed next to her, but instead I pace the room.

“This is a surprise to say the least.” She speaks up, “How are you finding living with (Y/N) and her family?”

I glance at her, “Terrible, no thanks to you!”

Jess furrows her eyebrows at me, clearly not following where I’m coming from.

“Why did you tell her I’d cheated on you?”

She gulps, and her face immediately goes pale. If (Y/N) could be here right now; if she could just see the look on her so-called Saint of a best friend’s face, she would realise that she’s the one she should have a vendetta against and not me.

“Calum…I…I’m really sorry.” She eventually replies.

I stop pacing, and turn to face her.

Sorry?” I question, “Is that the best thing you’ve got?”

She doesn’t say anything, but continues to look as white as a sheet.

“I just don’t understand!” I yell, “You cheat on me, I’m the one left heartbroken, but then you tell your best friend who just so happened to be one of my best friend’s that it was the other way around!”

“I just don’t get it.” I continue, “I really…just don’t get it. I would have done anything for you just to make you happy; I did everything I could…it took me so long to get over everything that happened…and now I find out you’ve turned the one person I really want in my life against me, because what? You couldn’t face the fact you’re a cheat as well as a liar?”

Jess shakes her head, and takes a deep breath. “Calum, I can explain.”

“Can you?” I spit.

She sighs, “Well, I won’t if you’re gonna be like that.”

I roll my eyes, before letting her speak.

“After you, (Y/N) was the only person I had. I lost you, and I was scared I was going to lose her too.” She proceeds, “If she found out I had cheated, she’d have treated me the way she’s been treating you.”

My eyes widen, “And, what? That was okay to you? You couldn’t take responsibility for something you did, so you just expected me to?”

“To be fair, I didn’t expect you to come back after you moved away.” She shrugs.

“THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT OKAY!” I shout in frustration, causing her to jump.

Jess sighs, “Calum, I’m sorry. I don’t know what else I can say.”

“I do.” I confess, “You can come back to (Y/N)’s place with me, and you can tell her the truth.”

Jess pauses, and thinks to herself for a minute. I hope she’ll do the right thing.

“Why would I want to do that?” She speaks up, “Why would I want to do anything for you?”

I furrow my eyebrows, “But you wouldn’t be doing it for me…you’d be doing it for (Y/N)…and if she truly is your best friend, you would do anything for her.”

Jess looks up at me, “I’ll lose her if she knows the truth. I’ve lied for too long.”

“That’s not my problem.” I shake my head.

“But you’ve lied to her too.” Jess points out.

I look away from her, before looking back and shaking my head. “She wouldn’t believe me if it came from me.”

“Exactly.” Jess agrees, “So, if you told her, she’d just hate you even more.”

I gulp, “I don’t even know if that’s possible.”

“It is, believe me.” Jess nods, “And besides, you’ve always had a lot of friends. You have people here who you can catch up with; when you go home in a few months time, you have friends to go back to. You say (Y/N) is the only one you need, but she isn’t. To want just her, and to want her to yourself, is just selfish when I wouldn’t have any one.”

I stare at her for a moment or two. I know she’s just trying to manipulate me into doing what she wants me to do, but perhaps she might actually be right. She never was particularly popular – which I’m sure anyone would see why if they had heard this conversation – and I always was.

“Fine.” I shrug, “I won’t say anything.”

Jess breaks into a smile, “I’m glad we’ve come to that arrangement.”

“I’m not doing this for you.” I reply, glaring at her. “I’m doing this for (Y/N).”

I go to leave her room, but I think of one more thing I want to say.

“But when the truth comes out, Jess – which it will, like it always does – you’re going to stay as far away from (Y/N) as you can, because I’m going to be the one picking up the pieces, and you’re going to keep your distance.”

Jess gulps, beginning to look uncomfortable, and I leave her place and make my way back to (Y/N)’s.

I don’t know if I can stand by and watch (Y/N) continue to hate me for something I didn’t do; I know it won’t be easy. But I will do whatever it takes to protect her and keep her happy. I don’t care if that means Jess ends up with no friends; all I care about is (Y/N) and her happiness.

I step back into (Y/N)’s house, her parents still not back yet, and I immediately head back up to my room. I just want to forget that that conversation with Jess ever happened. I thought I had got over what had happened; that I’d moved on…but seeing her, and speaking to her today, has made me think it’s a different story.

It’s also made me really begin to question my feelings for (Y/N). I knew there was a spark from the second I started living here, but I didn’t think I’d become as protective of her as I am now. I would do anything; give anything just for her to be happy – even letting her hate me, if that’s what it takes.

My thoughts are interrupted when the sound of a guy’s voice grows louder as I head down the corridor towards my room. I look up to find a guy stood outside of (Y/N)’s room, (Y/N) seeing him out.

He looks up at me, “You must be Calum, am I right?”

I clench my jaw, “Speaking?”

He looks at me funny, “…I’m Isaac. (Y/N)’s friend.”

I nod, “Cool.”

(Y/N) ushers Isaac away from me and towards the stairs. He says he’s a friend, but I know a guy in love when I see one, so I follow them downstairs.

(Y/N) says good-bye to him; no kiss, no hug; just a simple good-bye. She turns around after closing the door and is taken aback to find me waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs.

“What do you want?” She spits.

“We need to talk about Jess…”

                                                                                  CHAPTER NINE >>

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I can't believe I didn't find your blog earlier, your writing is so wonderful! I was wondering if I could request Genji, Mccree, and Hanzo each taking their s/o on a surprise date?

Ohhhh thank you!

So sorry that this took forever, Genji’s part just wasn’t coming to me.

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One Night Was All Part 9

A/N: Its finally here and I can’t thank you all enough for being unbelievably patient with me, I hope it was worth the wait. 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader 

@aprofoundbondwithdean, @brooklyn-writes-flangst, @docharleythegeekqueen, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @soab1967, @imma-fcking–nerd, @galactictoastxd1, @supernatural-jackles, @daydreamingintheimpala, @poemwriter98, @spnfanficpond and my wonderful beta @mrs-squirrel-chester (sorry if any of the tags don’t work) 

Warnings: Mornings sickness

Word Count: 1940

Summary:  A new year’s eve party with your best friend and the cute neighbour you’ve been eyeing off ever since he moved in across the street…what could possibly go wrong?


Lunch came and went without any hiccups or awkward questions about our relationship, which I was grateful for; considering after the earlier kiss I still wasn’t exactly sure what that was, let alone what Dean thought we were. Mary and Jess asked basic questions as we ate, where I was from, what I did for work, how Dean and I met…easy things I could answer without thinking too much. All of my fears over coming here this weekend dissipated along with the dirty dishes as Mary cleared the table, Dean leaning over from his chair to whisper in my ear. 

“Told you it would be fine.” He smirked, his breath tickling over the exposed skin on my neck.
I rolled my eyes but smiled, feeling a slight blush creep its way over my cheeks as I caught Jess’ gaze from across the table, her lips spread into a wide smile as she watched us unashamedly.

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About Jess's Death

It always struck me as a little funny that Sam was simply allowed to vanish right after Jess burned to death. It’s pretty suspicious since he was the only other person inside when the fire started. He alone got out safe, and then vanished instantly.

Personally I’ve been entertaining the idea that rumors floated around after he disappeared that Sam killed Jess, but I’ve realized there’s a way better culprit in all of this.

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maniacal laughter

okay huns you’ve got two options: 1) I give you the laconic version that sums up my thoughts in a few paragraphs. 2) I copy-paste the miles of Skype chat conversations that outline every detail, every scenario, and every wayward rambling that covers every piece of my Stanford friend headcanoning

Since you’re lucky, I’m going with the first

Here are the facts Sam’s friends know in s1e1:

  • Sam Winchester does not talk about his childhood.
  • Sam Winchester does not talk about his family.
  • Sam Winchester has no contact with home. No presents for Christmas or his birthday. No holidays spent at home.
  • At 3 AM, Sam Winchester’s estranged brother breaks into his apartment, tells Sam something cryptic about their dad and “hunting”, which apparently spooks Sam enough to send Jessica away and hop on the road with his brother when he has a very important interview Monday.
  • Since Sam was gone the weekend, that gave his friends plenty of time to just meet up or hangout, plenty of time for Jessica to explain just how weird it was to watch Sam race off like that.
  • Sam returns to Stanford late Sunday night
  • Within seconds of returning home, his apartment goes up in flames. Dean rescues Sam, but lets Jessica die. 
  • Sam does not stay for her funeral. Sam does not say goodbye. That very night, he gets in the car with his estranged brother and abandons his entire life. He doesn’t bring his possessions, doesn’t bring pictures or school work or anything. Sam Winchester simply vanishes.

Facts his friends (could very likely) know within the following year (so long as these LAW STUDENTS are savvy enough to figure out what Dean’s on the news for):

  • Dean Winchester is a wanted murderer. Dean Winchester digs up graves, burns bodies, breaks into houses, destroys people’s property, masquerades as a cop, and brings havoc with him wherever he goes.
  • John Winchester was some kind of paramilitary extremist who raised his boys on the road and taught them to handle weapons.
  • John Winchester is missing.
  • Mary Winchester burned to death in an eerily similar manner to Jess
  • Sam Winchester is always there in the background.

Now to me, if I were in the friends’ position, the pieces all seem to fall in place and create a very clear picture. Dean and John are, without a doubt, messed up people. Sam managed to escape. Sam wants nothing to do with his screwed up family. He got out. He cut all ties. Dean and John continued on their screwed up senseless warpath together.

Until John goes missing. Dean, alone for the first time in his whole life, can’t handle it. So what does he do when his usual partner in crime drops off the grid? He goes for plan B. He breaks into Sam’s apartment and demands Sam come with him. Whether as backup, whether as an emotional punching bag, whether as security, we don’t know. But Dean doesn't do alone.

Sam, dealing with an experienced killer, agrees to it.

After the weekend though, Sam decides he’s had enough. Sam wants out again. Sam wants to return to Stanford. He’s got a girlfriend! A life! And Dean says “fine.” He says “I’ll bring you back.”

And within seconds of getting home, Dean sets fire to the apartment. Mary’s death was caused by something. Maybe John, who was fed up with her, and who taught Dean everything he knew. Maybe it was Dean who killed her, a psycho from a young age.

Dean saves Sam, not Jess. Dean’s sent his message. “You wanna put these people before me, fine. Here’s what happens.”

Sam doesn’t stick around because he’s now scared out of his wits. He realizes how serious Dean is, how insane. He realizes that Dean will torch everyone else he cares about if he dares put a foot out of line. Grieving, scared, broken, Sam leaves with Dean as a hostage. 

I headcanon that (at least) one of Sam’s Stanford friends puts the puzzle together like this. This friend is terrified for himself because he sees that Dean Winchester uses Sam’s friends’ lives as bargaining chips. In s5, when Lucifer smites all Sam’s friends/acquaintances who were possessed by demons, what else could it look like if not for Dean straightening Sam out? Sam did something to defy Dean, and half a dozen people died because of it.

So I headcanon that this friend (or friends) slaved away for years trying to secretly pile the evidence against Dean for what he’s done. He knows it’s a pretty useless effort because Dean’s been caught time and time again but always escapes, or dies and reappears somewhere else. He’s dangerous in the extreme, and a little extra evidence on his head will probably do little considering he’s probably already looking at life in prison–or worse.

But he still works at it because maybe he can spare Sam. Maybe someone out there will finally catch the Winchesters for good, and this friend can prove that Sam came along as an unwilling hostage. For nearly ten years Sam’s been the slave to a man he hates because he had no other choice.

also love to headcanon that sometime within the first few seasons, the Winchesters had to return to Stanford on a hunt. This friend, frazzled, baffled, shocked to see Sam Winchester back (who no doubt looks more worn, tired, dead, scared than the boy who left all those years ago) and it even more terrified when he sees Dean Winchester right in tow.

And since they’re here on a hunt, that means people have been dying. Right on cue with Dean Winchester’s return, bodies are dropping left and right. 

And this friend/friends/however many stuck around for grad school is scared absolutely senseless because whose head goes on the Dean Winchester’s chopping block? Sam’s friends. Always Sam’s friends.

So this person(persons) decides that it’s now or never. Something’s gotta be done. He knows what happens when the police get involved. Dean escapes. Sam goes with him. More people die. And this time, he'll be the victim if he’s the one who calls the cops and delivers all the evidence against Dean. 

So he takes it into his own hands. Nerdy, small, with thick glasses and an IQ waayy higher than his bench-press record, grabs a butcher knife from his kitchenette and decides he’ll end Sam’s suffering once and for all. He’ll break into the Winchesters’ motel and kill Dean in his sleep. 

When the confrontation goes down, the friend wouldn’t stand a chance. Lucky for him Dean Winchester would never kill a quaking nerd, even if that nerd had a knife in his hands. So the friend, with all the courage he can muster, accuses Dean outright.

“It’s your fault Jess is dead. It’s your fault Sam’s life is hell. You drag him everywhere. He never wanted to–but you. You. You did this!!”

And Dean, ever-drowning i his self-hating complex, admits to all this. Agrees with it all. Yeah, it’s his fault Jess died (had he not returned she might have been safe). Yeah, it’s his fault Sam’s life went to shit. (Sam could have had a normal life if he never showed his face) etc.

Sam, woken by the commotion, is beside himself. Here’s his old friend with a knife to his brother, and when Sam tries to defend Dean, the friend throws out all his suspicions accumulated over the years. Sam tries his damnedest to deny them, but when asked what he's really doing here, Sam can’t answer.

How can Sam explain all his actions over the past years? His whole life? The entire underworld he alone knows about? It all looks like stuttered, faked, desperate lies to cover for the fact that if he admits the friend is right, then the friend (and others) are bound to die.

At this point it could go in so many directions, have so many variations, I’ve kinda dropped off from one concrete storyline. But hell I want to read this AU so bad.