jess lourey

Salem’s Cipher, Jess Lourey

NetGalley copy in exchange of an honest review.

The story starts with two women who get attacked one night.They knew their enemies were coming to get them, but still, they get surprised and their bodies are nowhere to be found when their daughters are called by the police and the FBI.

Salem is one of those daughers. She is a genius cryptanalyst who’s been asked many times to work for different government agencies. On arrival on the crime scene, she discovers a code that her mom left for her to find.

And a whole new world opens to her, in which a terrible secret organisation wants to take over the world. Welcome to her new reality.

Phew! I’m out of breath and I haven’t moved from my chair. But I feel like I’ve run miles along with the characters.

This story feels… intelligent. It’s super well-researched, and I loved the inclusion of real facts and cultural information about bits and pieces of history/events. It feels like you’re getting entertained and taught, which is something I thoroughly enjoyed.

The style is on point. It’s fast-paced, very well articulated and super super oppressive. I felt anxiety creeping through my body on several occasions while reading this book (which is good because it felt realistic, but not that good for my mental health!)! It feels like the story has a mind of its own, and it decided to grip me by the throat and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And I really love that we get different perspectives throughout the story, and not only the two daughters’ one.

I identified to Salem a lot, and she is a character that is very well portrayed and to whom I have a lot of affection.

If you are interested by conspiration, race against time, threats, secrets, secret organisations, fear and strong women, this book is for you!