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‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’, Andrew Dominik (2007)

By his own approximation, Bob assassinated Jesse James over 800 times. He suspected no one in history had ever so often or so publicly recapitulated an act of betrayal.


I’m the number one fan of who you are at 3 am.

-Alex, baka bukas 2016 (maybe tomorrow)
written & directed by:Samantha Lee


The Gilmore Girls Drinking Game

- Every time Lorelai makes a reference

- Every time Rory is reading or studying

- Every time Emily mentions the DAR

- Every time Emily, Paris, Michelle or Doyle says something rude

- Every time Jess says something sarcastic

- Every time Luke says something moody

- Every time Logan calls Rory “Ace”

- Every time Kirk is working or says something weird

- Every time Mrs. Kim references God or Jesus

- Every time Sookie and Jackson argue

- Every time a new maid appears

- Every time Lane and her band reference music

- Every time Dean is being soppy

- Every time Tristan calls Rory “Mary”

- Every time Madeline or Louise talk about or to boys

- Every time Richard takes a work call

- Every time Miss Patty talks about her show days

- Every time Taylor talks about the town

- Every time Babette talks about cats

- Every time Jackson does something stupid

- Every time Christopher comes back to town

- Every time someone says Stars Hollow

- Every time someone drinks coffee

- Every time anyone references anything!


lkasjklajslkas jess (@messofthejess) sent me this hours ago when i was feeling down and i’m still crying alkjsklaslkasj FOK. he’s saying “i love you mommy” in portuguese lakjsklajkljalsjlkajs guys i’m literally a Death

My favourite YouTubers

There are many different YouTube channels that can help you for study motivation, study help and for learning a language. These are some of my favourites

Revision with Eve ~ Eve has a beauty channel and a clog channel aswell, Eve got all A* ( I believe) in her gcse’s so she’s definitely one to watch

Unjaded Jade ~ Jade wakes up at 5am and has really good morning routine videos and study with me which are definitely ones to watch of her

Ibz Mo ~ Studies at Cambridge university and gives really good advice he shows that you don’t have to be incredibly smart to get somewhere in life, you just have to try hard and strive for your dreams, he also has some sass 😂
Jess Louise ~ is great for study and gives great advice on everything study related

Ophelia vert~ has her own tumblr( I believe) and is great at languages, she speaks Russian, Spanish and French just to name a few

Study with Jess ~ gives great advice about study and helps you to destress

Ruby Granger ~ has really good study videos about everything and is a big HP fan

Science and maths by primrose kitten ~ She is really helpful in regards to science and maths for gcse’s and A levels (I am from New Zealand so we do ncea level 1, 2 and 3 from year 11-year 13, but her techniques are super duper helpful

Study with me ~ make real time study with me videos which are really good to watch/ have playing in the background while you’re studying and help with motivation

Will Huw ~ teaches welsh( I am learning welsh at the moment and I’m doing the 90 day challenge starting from the 24th June, which I’ll be documenting on here) he’s really helpful and it’s great that I can find someone that teaches welsh( welsh is very rare in New Zealand, I’ve only heard one person speak it but he was from Wales 😂)