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🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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took a break from emote requests to do some christmas sweaters! happy christmas everyone! i hope to do some more of these with other overwatch characters, so keep your eyes peeled <3

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ok but hanzo knitting. jesse wearing literally everything given to him regardless of dropped stitches, bad patterning, off sizing, too many armholes, ugly colors etc because he is SO PLEASED that hanzo thought of him and made him something. and then hanzo eventually gets GOOD and suddenly his hubbo is like the best dressed man ever in cashmere sweaters etc but still has a chest of the fugly first projects because he is SO PROUD OF HANZO'S PROGRESS

this is McDear!

More Ness storylines of season 7

When Jess’ car breaks down, Nick drives her to work. Because that’s what a husband does (thank GOD he’s been practising husband duties with Schmidt for 1/3 of his life).

Nick even goes as far as buying Jess flowers (yes, that’s Tran’s bench but he refused to be in the picture) just to make her show that special smile she only saves for him.

When the evening comes, Nick and Jess often go for a walk together. Sometimes they bring Abigail, Remy’s new dog that he got as a substitute for his ex-wife. He says Abigail reminds him of her: quiet, teary-eyed and constantly drooling. Nick is terrified of the dog but does his best to cover it up.

On their date nights, Nick and Jess like to feed each other, but only when the loft is empty (because they know it’s super-annoying for others to be around them when they do). At least they don’t go as far as mama-birding each other. That would just be weird and creepy.

Sometimes when they go for a walk on the beach, Nick likes to pick Jess up “caveman style” just to prove to himself he’s still a man even though he kinda likes to hold Jess’ yarn when she knits, or press the frosting out of that funny thing Jess uses when she makes cupcakes.

Well this is something that will never happen in Nick and Jess’ relationship. Jess HATES jogging and Nick HATES excercise. Period. So this last pic is obviously a montage (but it’s really hard to tell, right?). 

If we get to see storylines like these only once in a while, I know a ton of Ness shippers who will be 100% satisfied - me included :-D. Hugs and kisses again to my dear @zooeyslaychanell who helped me put together this very realistic Ness photo album <3.

pilot pals hanging out before poes mission to jakku

(“you wanna know what my magic eyes see, dameron? you’ll somehow screw everything up immensely but somehow get out of it as beautiful as ever” "so same thing you see every time?””pretty much”)

Shitty Until Dawn headcannon post (Girls adition)

-Beth throws snowballs at people when they least expect it

-Hannah loves to bear hug people and throw them into the snow

-Emily and Jess knit sweaters for the needy

-Sam spends time in soup kitchens and gives little kids gifts

-Ashley loves to go around singing Christmas songs off key

-When the girls go out, they have a buddy system for when dicks cat call them. Sam and Beth, Hannah and Ashley, and Emily and Jess

-They all shove cake in each others’ mouths and laugh when crumbs end up everywhere

-Hannah makes the best home made chicken noodle soup

-Beth was in charge of making Mac n’ Cheese for them all and set it on fire (Please don’t let her cook)

-Jess and Ashley filled their mouths with whip cream to see who can hold more

-Emily loves to mess with everyone’s hair

-They reenact scenes from Grease together

-When in the car, they sing the lyrics to “Zero to Hero”

-They all dance together at slumber parties

-Girls there are too many packets of crackers and empty cans of squeeze cheese on the floor

-They all fall asleep on the couch with Mulan playing in the background

Boys Adition


Photographed the lovely jewelry designer Jess Hannah on her trip to Seattle yesterday — modeling pieces from her jewelry line paired with some favorite SS15 arrivals from babyandco.

Jess wore: wide knit sweater by sayakadavis, woven shorts by Amelia Toro, socks by Rachel Comey x Hansel From Basel, sweater by clubmonaco, shoes by shellyslondon, and jewelry from her own line, J. Hannah.

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Hc ideas: Jesse has a cactus garden. So many colors for the eye to take in. Depending on if this is at the overwatch base or later at there ranch they bought, maybe Hanzo plants a cherry blossom tree? Or plants forget Mr nots. They own a hairless cat named thunder. Hanzo knits her sweaters. Jesse gets her a fancy little bed. Later they own a huge mastiff named bullet. He loves to try and lay in there laps. They allow it for awhile. Jesse knits the dragons sweaters.

Aw man with the domestic fluff HCs! *straight to the heart*

This is precious I love it. Idk much about cactus planting so not sure if it’s possible, but maybe Jesse starts the garden at the Watchpoint (something to do, something to focus on and away from darker memories) and then transports it to their home where it gets bigger and more colorful and yes, absolutely is adorned by at least one Sakura tree. 

Also, Bullet and Thunder, welcome to Petwatch!