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🌼 🌼 waiting for the mission to start, teaching the son important things  🌼 🌼

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took a break from emote requests to do some christmas sweaters! happy christmas everyone! i hope to do some more of these with other overwatch characters, so keep your eyes peeled <3

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I also have this little strange hc that Gabe taught Jesse to knit, and he just knits scarves (like only scarves bc he loves them, obviously bc serape), and Hanzo has this old one that Jesse made for him when they first met and he takes it on missions and shit and has kept it forever, and even when Jesse offers to make him a new one he says "this one is fine" and FLUFF

“You can knit,” Hanzo said in surprise the first time Jesse pulled out a ball of yarn and his needles.

“Yeah?” Jesse sounded confused as he set to his task, hands flickering away on the needles. Hanzo watched silently for a moment, entranced by the soothing clicking sounds and the inexplicable fabric being produced.

“I – I just did not expect this of you,” Hanzo admitted, settling back and wishing he’d brought something to do himself. They were going to be stuck in this hideout for at least twelve hours until their pickup could extract them, and there were only so many times he could clean Stormbow.

Twelve hours later, Hanzo had cleaned Stormbow at least seven times, meditated for at least four hours, and slept as much as he could. Jesse, on the other hand, had produced exactly one scarf, striped in blue and yellow, and just before they were due to leave, he tied it off and handed it to Hanzo.

“Here, they’re your colours,” he said in an offhand way, and Hanzo melted a little inside.

“I can make you a new one, y’know,” Jesse offered as they huddled together. They were stuck in King’s Row during New Year, once again holed up in a hideout waiting for a pickup that was due in a few hours, and it was so cold Hanzo had barely hesitated before taking up Jesse’s offer to huddle together under his serape. Hanzo’s scarf – now battered, coming apart at the seams, and with a few holes in it – was warm around his neck, but he had definitely made poor attire choices elsewhere before this particular mission.

“This one is fine,” Hanzo said, touching the edges of it. He’d seen Jesse knit a dozen more in the past two years, not to mention at least three serapes in various colours – he refused to go out on missions with the man when he was wearing the one patterned like the goddamned American flag – and he had to admit that Jesse’s skill had increased markedly. But still. This one was perfect. The wool was soft and warm, not itchy at all after so many years of frequent use, and just the thought that Jesse had made it for him, in his colours specifically, always warmed him a little inside.

“If you insist,” Jesse said, sounding amused. He reached out to rub the edges, wincing a little at the holes and loose ends. “This was the first complete one I ever made. Gabe taught me how to knit, y’know.“

“He did?” Hanzo was surprised. From everything he’d heard about the former Blackwatch Commander, he was as tough as nails, and Hanzo couldn’t imagine him teaching Jesse how to knit. Perhaps they’d been in a similar situation to their current one – stuck waiting for a pickup, nothing to do, and teaching Jesse to knit had passed the time. Maybe it had even shut him up for a while.

Hanzo sighed softly and leaned closer, his hand brushing against Jesse’s under the serape. They both froze for an instant before carefully letting their fingers brush again, and Hanzo held his breath.

“Why did you make it for me?” he asked. He’d been wondering that for years. Most of the rest of the team now sported Jesse-made scarves, but he’d been the first. He’d only known Jesse for a few weeks at that stage, and he still remembered how happy it had made him to get such a unique and heartfelt gift. They had been good friends for years now, although Hanzo still hoped that they would one day be more.

Jesse was silent, and Hanzo glanced over at him to see him blushing slightly in the faint light. “I wanted you to feel welcome,” he said, but it didn’t seem like that was all.


“And I thought you were cute,” Jesse admitted.

Hanzo turned his face into Jesse’s shoulder and smiled, and beneath the serape their hands slid together in a warm grip.

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Recovery (E2-Harrison x Reader) Imagines [PART III]


Hello my darlings!

First off - yes, I am alive. And second off- YES!! I am proud to announce that “Recovery” (E2-Harrison x Reader) - [PART III] is finally out!! Yay! I know it took a lot longer than it should’ve (about four months and thirteen days, but who’s counting??) but due to having finals, a job interview for a hospital and a bit of a mental breakdown, I had to delay posting.

While I understand that that may be a plausible excuse, some of you out there are still angry and upset over my lazy @$$, and as such, I am more willing to receive any comments/complaints that you may have. Please contact me on this account, or by e-mail at

In any case, I hope you enjoy the final installment of the “Surprise” (E2-Harrison x Reader) mini-series.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. I would also like to thank my best friend Hayli for helping me haul ass and editing my story, and my boyfriend Nick, for helping me write. I truly wouldn’t have been able to finish this without them <3

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Whenever you’re anxious, just think about ness, waly and schmece all finally being really happy and content and domestic, soft crackling vintage music playing in the background and specks of dust flying around the sun soaked and beigey loft. Like jess is probably knitting and humming to herself and nick is resting his head on her lap while watching tv with winston, who is rubbing aly’s feet while she’s working behind her laptop and schmidt and cece are in the kitchen making dinner and cece keeps feeding furguson pieces of chicken (to schmidt’s annoyance) and all is well

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Could I request a little McHanzo drabble :3

Hanzo was quiet as he walked back and forth in his room, pacing around the bed. If possible, he’d have dug himself a rut now with how long he’s been pacing within his room.

It had been 10 hours since Mcree should have been back. Jesse Mcree had been sent on a mission yesterday, and had promised to be back just after nightfall. Hanzo had woken to the early morning light only to discover that his lover had not yet returned.

Usually Hanzo, as a Shimada, would pride himself on his patience and clear-headed thinking. But as more time went by, he couldn’t help the growing worry and the tension that filled his body. It shouldn’t be taking this long…Jesse should have been back early that morning at worst.

There was no call saying anything had happened. So Jesse must be alive, right? Of course, he tried telling himself. It was Jesse Mcree. Sure, the man was irresponsible and plain ridiculous, but he wouldn’t die easily. And the man had promised Hanzo that he would come home safely. Jesse never broke his word.

Another thirty minutes went by, and the dread building in Hanzo seemed to burst. Grabbing the scarf Jesse had knit him, Hanzo headed for the front door and flung it open, only to stop in shock.

Standing in the doorway was Jesse, wearing his silly cowboy uniform but with little rips and bloodstains. Hanzo easily saw that the wounds were healed, likely by Mercy. But that didn’t stop the dam that seemed to burst in his chest as he reeled back, staring at him.

Rubbing the back of his head, Jesse took of his hat as he faced Hanzo. Honestly, Jesse was shocked by the overwhelming amount of emotion in his usually sober lovers face. It was a mix of relief and worry and anger and fright. And when Hanzo suddenly lunged forward and wrapped his arms around him tight, Jesse could only clutch him close.

“You said you’d be back hours ago,” Hanzo whispered hoarsely, as a metal hand shifted gently through his hair. He felt the tie holding his hair come free, before Jesse dragged his flesh hand through the long locks. Jesse always seemed to love touching Hanzo’s soft hair, usually pulled back harshly into a ponytail.

“I know, darlin’,” Jesse said softly, clutching the shorter man. Just the scent of tea and cherry blossoms that usually surrounded Hanzo seemed to calm him. “I promise, Hanzo, i didn’t mean to stay away so long. But…i just couldn’t leave her there by herself.”

Pulling back, Hanzo frowned at him. “Her?” He questioned.

Jesse pulled back after a moment to reveal a small child, a young girl no older then four or five years old with short black hair and black smudged cheeks staring up at Hanzo with big, watery eyes. Hanzo stared down at her, stunned for a moment. He was unused to being around children…none of them seemed to like him.

“Now, i know you don’t really like children,” Jesse says quickly, “and that we agreed we weren’t ready but-”

“Hello,” Hanzo says softly, crouching down onto his knees. His eyes were locked with the little girls. Jesse held his breath, as if hoping for some miracle, that these two might love each other.

The child stared for a moment and both were still…before the young child sniffled and ran forward into his arms. Hanzo wrapped his arms around her, and for once the hug he gave was with ease. Lifting the girl onto his knees and cradling her, Hanzo looked up at Jesse.

“We’ll have to call Ana. I’m sure if nothing else, she can stay with us a few days,” Hanzo said firmly, and Jesse couldn’t help embracing the child and his lover tight. This was the compassion, buried beneath the hard exterior, that had captivated Jesse’s heart.

“I love you, darlin’“

“Stupid cowboy.”

More Ness storylines of season 7

When Jess’ car breaks down, Nick drives her to work. Because that’s what a husband does (thank GOD he’s been practising husband duties with Schmidt for 1/3 of his life).

Nick even goes as far as buying Jess flowers (yes, that’s Tran’s bench but he refused to be in the picture) just to make her show that special smile she only saves for him.

When the evening comes, Nick and Jess often go for a walk together. Sometimes they bring Abigail, Remy’s new dog that he got as a substitute for his ex-wife. He says Abigail reminds him of her: quiet, teary-eyed and constantly drooling. Nick is terrified of the dog but does his best to cover it up.

On their date nights, Nick and Jess like to feed each other, but only when the loft is empty (because they know it’s super-annoying for others to be around them when they do). At least they don’t go as far as mama-birding each other. That would just be weird and creepy.

Sometimes when they go for a walk on the beach, Nick likes to pick Jess up “caveman style” just to prove to himself he’s still a man even though he kinda likes to hold Jess’ yarn when she knits, or press the frosting out of that funny thing Jess uses when she makes cupcakes.

Well this is something that will never happen in Nick and Jess’ relationship. Jess HATES jogging and Nick HATES excercise. Period. So this last pic is obviously a montage (but it’s really hard to tell, right?). 

If we get to see storylines like these only once in a while, I know a ton of Ness shippers who will be 100% satisfied - me included :-D. Hugs and kisses again to my dear @zooeyslaychanell who helped me put together this very realistic Ness photo album <3.

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ok but hanzo knitting. jesse wearing literally everything given to him regardless of dropped stitches, bad patterning, off sizing, too many armholes, ugly colors etc because he is SO PLEASED that hanzo thought of him and made him something. and then hanzo eventually gets GOOD and suddenly his hubbo is like the best dressed man ever in cashmere sweaters etc but still has a chest of the fugly first projects because he is SO PROUD OF HANZO'S PROGRESS

this is McDear!

pilot pals hanging out before poes mission to jakku

(“you wanna know what my magic eyes see, dameron? you’ll somehow screw everything up immensely but somehow get out of it as beautiful as ever” "so same thing you see every time?””pretty much”)

Shitty Until Dawn headcannon post (Girls adition)

-Beth throws snowballs at people when they least expect it

-Hannah loves to bear hug people and throw them into the snow

-Emily and Jess knit sweaters for the needy

-Sam spends time in soup kitchens and gives little kids gifts

-Ashley loves to go around singing Christmas songs off key

-When the girls go out, they have a buddy system for when dicks cat call them. Sam and Beth, Hannah and Ashley, and Emily and Jess

-They all shove cake in each others’ mouths and laugh when crumbs end up everywhere

-Hannah makes the best home made chicken noodle soup

-Beth was in charge of making Mac n’ Cheese for them all and set it on fire (Please don’t let her cook)

-Jess and Ashley filled their mouths with whip cream to see who can hold more

-Emily loves to mess with everyone’s hair

-They reenact scenes from Grease together

-When in the car, they sing the lyrics to “Zero to Hero”

-They all dance together at slumber parties

-Girls there are too many packets of crackers and empty cans of squeeze cheese on the floor

-They all fall asleep on the couch with Mulan playing in the background

Boys Adition

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Knitting s/o strikes again! It is the cold season and they have knit BEANIES. Cue Gabriel now having more beanies, with one in particular being dark purple and black with silver mixed in. S/o says that it's "his color". Does he wear it proudly? It is quite warm and soft. How does he feel about his babe knitting him things? (Also s/o knits Jesse some things because he's basically their son Papa Reyes for life)


Papa Reyes picks up knitting and s/o teaches him so he can make his cowman son nice things to wear during the cold seasons, and he makes s/o cute little things like tiny knitted creatures. He rocks every beanie that they make him without fail as well.


Photographed the lovely jewelry designer Jess Hannah on her trip to Seattle yesterday — modeling pieces from her jewelry line paired with some favorite SS15 arrivals from babyandco.

Jess wore: wide knit sweater by sayakadavis, woven shorts by Amelia Toro, socks by Rachel Comey x Hansel From Basel, sweater by clubmonaco, shoes by shellyslondon, and jewelry from her own line, J. Hannah.

Couples Knitting

A/N:For the lovely whelvenwings who’s celebrating a birthday today. Happy birthday, doll! – AU ~3,300k; in which Dean discovers knitting isn’t all that terrible. (Based off of this gross picture.)

“Couples Knitting? Sammy, what the hell is Couples Knitting?”

It’s early Sunday afternoon and Dean’s seated at the bar in Sam’s big ass house with a mouth full of pancakes that Jess made. It’s their tradition, Dean joins the happy couple for free food once a week, and Sam gushes to Dean about his perfect, apple pie life complete with a successful law firm, one beautiful wife, and a baby on the way. It’s the best part of Dean’s week, usually, until things like Couples Knitting are mentioned.

“Keep your voice down, Dean, geez.”

“Please tell me it isn’t what I think it is,” Dean continues, ignoring Sam’s request. He washes his bite of pancakes down with coffee and stares at his brother expectantly.

“It’s probably exactly what you think it is, Dean. It’s Couples Knitting; me and Jess together, in a class, learning how to knit. She wants to make the baby a blanket before it’s born.”

“So you need to learn how to knit why?”

Sam shrugs his shoulders. “I don’t know she just wants to do it together; as a married couple, I don’t see anything wrong with Couples Knitting.”

Dean shakes his head and reaches across the counter, pulling a few strips of bacon off of a plate and popping one into his mouth. “That’s the problem, Sammy. You don’t see anything wrong with it. Take my advice, if you want whatever’s left of your manhood to stay intact, you will not go to that class.”

“Right,” Sam says with a huff, “Because I should definitely be taking advice from the single guy who’s ‘between partners at the moment’. Maybe you should go to Couples Knitting.”

Dean waves Sam’s comment off with a hand in the air. His life is awesome, thank you very much, he doesn’t need couples anything.

Wednesday afternoon Sam invites Dean out to lunch. Dean feels like he should be suspicious, Sam never has time for lunch on weekdays, he’s chained to his desk for eight hours a day, but when Sam offered to pay Dean reasons it’d be stupid of him not to go.

They meet at Dean’s favorite diner, Sam looking wildly out of place in his suit and tie, and settle in to a booth in the corner. The waitress hasn’t even dropped off their drinks before Sam is grimacing at Dean and saying, “I have a huge favor to ask.”  

Dean lets his menu drop to the floor and eyes his brother incredulously; looking for any signs he might be joking. He finds nothing but guilt written in Sam’s eyes.

“I knew you had ulterior motives,” Dean bites out. “What do you need? Your car need a tune up or something? You know how I feel about those European cars, Sam. Nothing’s where it should be.”

“My car’s fine, Dean. It’s-” he takes a deep breath, “I have to go out of town for a few days; I just found out today and that leaves Jess alone and I feel really guilty already for leaving her, but on top of that-”

“Sam, slow down. How bout we breathe for a second, huh? You want me to check in on Jess while you’re gone? Sure, no problem. It’s not that big a deal, Sammy.”

Sam shakes his head. “No, Dean. I mean yes, that’d be great, but… I’m going to miss the first session of Couples Knitting.”

Sam’s face is pulled into a wince as he finally stops speaking and Dean can’t find any words that would appropriately express what’s going through his brain right now other than, “Hell. No.” which he finds his mouth sprouting off anyway.

“But, Dean she was really excited.”

“I don’t care, Sam. She can be really excited next week when her husband can go with her. I’m not going to some knitting class.”

Sam’s expression fluctuates into what Dean recognizes as pre-begging phase and he shakes his head, cutting Sam off before he even begins. “Forget it, Sam. Jess probably wouldn’t even want me going with her anyway. I’m not part of your couple.”

“Actually, she said she’d be fine with it,” Sam offers.

Dean chokes on air. He knows he’s probably being over dramatic, it’s just a damn knitting class, but something about the idea of being in a room full of married (or committed) couples, learning how to knit something for a kid he aint even having just gives him the heebie jeebies. “You already talked to her?

“Of course I did, Dean. I told her the second I found out I couldn’t go.”

Dean remains quiet and Sam lets all of the air out of his lungs, slumping into the worn booth behind him. For what it’s worth, he really does look like he’s sorry he even had to ask.

Dean shakes his head. Damn kid with his floppy hair and big, mopey eyes. It’s impossible to say no when he’s looking at Dean like that and Sam probably knows it, the little jerk. Dean heaves a sigh, just to accentuate how uncool he thinks this is and then says, “Fine. But you’re buying me a slice of pie. Hell, screw that, you’re buying me a whole fucking pie. Cherry. And a tub of vanilla ice cream.”

Sam’s smile is wide as he reaches across the table and claps Dean on the shoulder. “Yes, Dean. Whatever you want, just- thank you.”

And though Dean doesn’t mention it out loud, Sam now owes him. Big time.

Friday night finds Dean on his way to pick up Jess, blaring AC DC, and thinking about everywhere else he’d rather be than on his way to Couples Knitting. When Jess climbs into the car though all glowy, and smiley, and grateful, Dean melts just a little.

If this is something that’s going to make her happy, then it can’t be that bad, right?

The class is hosted at the craft store on Main. Dean carries Jess’ bag of yarn and knitting needles inside for her and they file into a small classroom behind several other couples.

As they take their seats, two chairs towards the front per Jess’ request, Dean looks around at the other guys in the room. Several of them look to be in the same position Dean’s in, not actually wanting to be there, but the rest don’t seem to be bothered. Dean still can’t pin point why he is either, but that bother is still there all the same.

A few minutes before 6 o’ clock a man walks in and Dean has to do a double take. He’s tall, lean, with dark hair that’s a bit of a mess, and bright blue eyes. He’s probably the most attractive person Dean’s ever seen in his life, and Dean doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s staring; hard.

Dean expects the guy to make his way deeper into the room, settle in next to some insanely beautiful woman (or man), but instead he takes the seat up front and begins digging through a bag similar to Jess’.

As Dean watches him, attempting to take in the fact that their teacher is apparently some gorgeous god sent down from the heavens rather than an elderly woman like Dean expected, Jess nudges him in the ribs and offers him a wide, knowing smile. There’s a glint in her eye that makes Dean shift in his seat.

“He’s cute,” Jess stage whispers, gesticulating with her head in the teacher’s direction.

Cute is an understatement. Baby animals are cute, small children are cute, that lady on the Progressive commercials with the bright red lipstick and winged eyeliner; she is cute. The man sitting before them is not cute. No, he’s so much more than cute.

Dean offers Jess a weak smile that probably looks more like a grimace, and then the class is being called to attention.

The man, whose voice is much deeper than Dean would have guessed, introduces himself as Castiel and gives a brief overview of what he hopes everyone will get out of the class.

By the time the actual instructional section begins, Dean’s already lost himself in the man’s perfectly angled nose and slightly dimpled chin that’s covered in a soft sheet of stubble. Their eyes catch every now and then, Castiel’s bright, shining, and it makes Dean feel warm all the way down to his toes.

He gets nearly nothing out of watching Castiel’s long, slender fingers maneuver four knitting needles over and through a ball of magenta yarn, but he watches aptly, his eyes never leaving the other man’s hands.

After awhile the class is left to their own devices and Castiel makes rounds about the classroom, critiquing and offering tips to the students. When he arrives at Jess and Dean’s table, Jess has made good headway on what’s supposed to be a simple square, and Dean’s got nothing but knots in his green yarn. When Castiel’s eyes land on his tangled fingers, Dean blushes and pulls his project off the table and into his lap.

“It’s uh-” he flashes what he hopes is a charming enough smile to deter from the fact that he’s shit at knitting and continues, “a little more difficult than I thought it’d be.”

Castiel shakes his head. “That’s alright, Mr.-”

“Dean. You can call me Dean. None of that formal crap with me.”

Castiel smiles and nods. “Dean. This is your first time knitting, am I correct?”

“How’d you guess?”

“Don’t be discouraged. You and your wife can work on it at home together as practice. That’s the point of Couples Knitting, to give couples an activity to participate in as a pair.”

“Oh, he’s not my husband,” Jess is quick to point out, “he’s my brother-in-law.”

A slight look of confusion crosses the teacher’s face, and Dean chuckles. “I’m filling in for my brother tonight. He’ll be here next week. I’m single.” Dean winces before the words are even fully out and he kicks himself proverbially in the ass.

“Oh, I see. Well then, if you’re interested in more practice, I also teach Singles Knitting on Wednesday nights. I’d love to see you there.”

Dean isn’t sure if it’s a trick of the light, or if Castiel actually winks, but regardless he definitely knows where he’s going to be on Wednesday night.

When he and Jess leave for the night Jess waits until they’re in the parking lot to smack Dean on the shoulder and squeal, “He was so into you!”

Dean’s grateful for the dark shrouding them, knows his face is probably pinker than pink, but he remains mostly quiet as he fiddles with his keys and opens Jess’ door for her.

Inside the car, Jess doesn’t relent. “He winked at you, Dean. Winked. I’m sorry, but that was a bold invitation if I ever saw one. You know what happened to the last guy that winked at me, Dean? I married him and now I’m having his baby.”

Dean huffs a laugh at his sister-in-law as he shifts the Impala into gear and points them towards home. “You and I both know at least one of those things won’t be happening to me,” he points out.

Jess ignores his poor attempt at a joke and continues yammering. “Please tell me you’re going to that class on Wednesday, Dean.”

Dean shrugs and shifts in his seat. “I’ll think about it.” He can’t give Jess satisfaction that quickly.

“He winked at you, Dean.”

“Did he wink at me, Jess?”

The grin she offers him is wide, her teeth bright even against the inky backdrop behind them. “He winked at you, Dean.”

“I guess we should stop for pie and ice cream then,” Dean suggests.

Jess nods. “Oh, of course.”

During the week Dean does a little research on knitting projects. If he’s going to be attending this class he might as well have an endgame in mind, something he wants to make. He has no interest in making anything for himself so instead he decides on a Yoda hat for Sam and Jess’ baby. If he starts now, he may be able to finish it by Christmas when the baby will be a few months old.

On Wednesday night Dean makes his way back to the craft store, bag of knitting supplies Jess bought for him tucked securely on the floor on the passenger’s side. His stomach is a mess of knots, and his palms feel clammy.

He’s nervous to see Castiel again.

When he arrives, Castiel is already there. He’s sporting a light pink button down and a navy cardigan, and his eyes are so bright against the blue, it’s hard to believe it’s their true color.

Dean takes a seat, in the front again, and when Castiel’s eyes catch his own, the teacher smiles. “Dean, you came.”

“I caught the knitting bug,” Dean lies with a sheepish smile.

Castiel nods. “Have you been practicing?”

“Uh-” Dean’s brain flits to the corner his knitting needles and yarn sat in all week. “No,” he finally admits.

“That’s alright. I’ll just have to keep a close eye on you for awhile; until you feel more comfortable with handling the needles.”

Dean swallows hard and nods. He’s not sure how he could get comfortable with anything when Castiel’s eyes are on him.

When the class starts, Dean gets lost again. The cadence of Castiel’s voice, and the slow, soothing movement of his hands, the slight twist of his wrists, is just too much.

Dean does a bit better on his square this time than he did at Couples Knitting, but when Castiel looms over his table and looks down at Dean’s progress, Dean still feels embarrassed by his lack of talent.

“May I?” Castiel asks, coming to stand behind Dean. Dean nods, and then finds himself encircled in Castiel’s arms, and the teacher’s hands closing over his own. They’re warm, soft, and dammit, Dean, he’s saying something, listen up.

“I find it easiest if you loosen your wrists a bit. Yes, like that, and don’t curl your fingers so much.” His hands graze over Dean’s showing him the proper way to hold the needles, but all Dean can think about is how he’s going to pass out from holding his breath if Cas doesn’t move soon.

Castiel steps away slightly, watching as Dean tries to mimic the technique Castiel showed him. “Yes, Dean. Just like that. That’s perfect.” The praise gets Dean another warm smile, and Dean smiles weakly in return.

From the back of the room comes a shrill voice, drawing Castiel’s attention away from Dean’s face. “Yoo-hoo! Handsome! I need some help back here. My hands don’t work like they used to!”

A small sigh escapes Castiel’s lips and he gives Dean a slight shake of his head. “I apologize, Dean. It appears Ms. Smith is in need of some assistance.”

Dean turns in his seat and glances towards the back of the room. He finds Ms. Smith sitting there, silvery-purple hair all ratted and smoothed, and arthritic hands shaking. She smirks at Dean when their eyes meet and he offers her a small salute.

“No problem, Cas. Thanks for the help.”

As Castiel walks away, Dean’s ashamed to admit his eyes are glued to Castiel’s back side.

Class ends shortly after that, and as Dean is shuffling out of the room with the rest of the class Ms. Smith wraps her arm around Dean’s and pulls him close. “He has such soft hands, doesn’t he?” she says.

Dean rubs at the back of his neck with his free hand. “Uh, yeah. He sure does.”

Ms. Smith winks at Dean, and then she’s toddling off towards the EXIT.

Dean actually practices before his next class. He wants to impress Castiel and he feels the only way that’s possible is if he becomes a Knitting Jedi.

He makes a little progress, but not much, and by the time the fourth week rolls around, Dean’s getting more enjoyment out of listening to Ms. Smith sprout off boisterous pick up lines at Castiel from the back of the room, than he is actually knitting.

Castiel never gives up on him though. He’s always there with a concerned furrow of his brow, or a soft smile, encouraging Dean to “Keep trying.”

By the fifth week, Dean is done trying. He feels discouraged and like he’s wasting Cas’ time so by the end of the class, he’s made the decision to move on from Singles Knitting, and move on from Castiel.

As his class mates head out of the classroom, Dean remains at the table, staring down at the lumpy piece of work that is his square. Some in the class have moved on to other projects, but not Dean.

“Dean, what’s the matter?” The voice comes from above him, gentle, but disquieted.

Dean looks up into Castiel’s familiar blue eyes. “I’m not getting better.” he grumbles, casting his glance down to the table in front of him.

“It’s alright, Dean. Some catch on quicker than others.”

“I shoulda just asked you to dinner.” Dean mutters with a shake of his head, “Woulda been less humiliating.”


Dean finally brings his gaze to rest on Castiel’s again. “I said, I shoulda just asked you to dinner, after that first Couples Knitting class. It’s the only reason I agreed to Singles Knitting in the first place, Cas. Cause I thought you were hot.”

“You thought I was-” Castiel stops, pressing a hand to his chest. His expression is unreadable.

“Yeah. And then Jess said you winked at me so I thought maybe you were feeling it too, and-” Dean sighs, “I shouldn’t be here. I’m sorry.”

Dean moves to stand from his chair, but is stopped by Castiel practically shouting at him, “I did wink at you, Dean!”

“What?” Dean’s staring up at Castiel now, his eyes locked on Castiel’s.

Castiel nods. “I did. When I invited you to class. I-” he smiles, lopsided and small. “I thought you were attractive too.”

“Then what the hell am I doing in fucking knitting class?!” Dean exclaims, a wide grin growing on his face.

Castiel shakes his head, and then he’s bending down, gripping handfuls of Dean’s shirt and yanking him close until their lips meet. Dean practically squawks into the kiss while his brain tries to catch up, but when it does he stands, never breaking contact with Cas, and cups Castiel’s face in his hands, walking him backwards until Cas’ back is thudding against the wall.

If Dean thought he could imagine just how good of a kisser Castiel would be by his teaching methods alone, he was very, very wrong. Where Castiel was quiet and patient with his students, he was insistent with his mouth, demanding more, taking more.

Dean’s never been so turned on in his life.

When they break apart, both of them breathing hard and clinging to each other with a death grip, Dean smiles.

“You may ask me to dinner now, Dean,” Castiel mutters in his quiet-teacher-voice, all traces of the frenzied man he’d been just seconds ago dissipating.

“So you’re the dessert first type-a guy, huh, Cas?” Dean asks around a grin.

Castiel shakes his head. “Terrible,” he breathes before sealing his mouth over Dean’s again.

After that night Dean does give up on Singles Knitting. He doesn’t really see a need for it, after all, when he can get private knitting lessons whenever he wants from his extremely hot and ever patient boyfriend.

When Christmas rolls around Dean proudly presents baby Sunny with a hand knitted Yoda hat, complete with matching booties, courtesy of uncle Cas.

Along with it, he finally admits to Sam and Jess that maybe Couples Knitting wasn’t such a terrible idea after all.