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Idk if you've talked about this but the fact that the scene in 12x23 when sam is pulling dean away from cas has to be a parallel to 1x01 when dean is pulling sam away from jess. Like I'm not crazy those scenes are pretty much the same. Round of applause to Dabb and everyone who worked on that cause they had to know what they were doing right? I haven't really seen any posts about this and I'm sitting here like how is everyone else not seeing this? (Also I hope you're having a lovely day ❤️)

oh there are LOADS of posts about this!!! its definitely a big thing. umm I wish i could find a good gifset, but basically if you look for gifs for 12x23 the first one is of Jess so it’s been noticed and it is awesome!

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And we had not just this but also the Cain/Colette parallel too..

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So yeah, good spot and its definitely a thing! 

There have been SO many romantic parallels for Cas/Dean over the whole series and quite a few this season, I love it. The ultimate one obviously being the anti-mirror of Mary/John and then the true mirror as @mittensmorgul pointed out to me, pretty much every scene we have ever seen of Jess has now been paralleled with Cas. Eg:

 Lets not forget that Andrew Dabb is the one who wrote Bloodlines and paralleled the whole Dean-Cas angst filled holy fire scene of 6x20 with a canon romantic couple in a canon romantic setting too… but I’m not going to turn this post into a Dean/Cas parallel post or it will take days and ruin everyones dash with all the giffing, suffice to say theres a shit ton of it ;)

it’s literally in the same episode so it’s a fairly obvious parallel and like I don’t think I’m discovering anything new and exciting but I’ve never seen anyone point out or gif or anything the scenes in s3e2 where Lorelai asks Chris is he’s still with Sheri and Jess asks Rory if she’s still with Dean….

probably because nobody wants to compare jess and rory with lorelai and christopher, right….well me either but here we are

Okay, so this has ALWAYS bugged me

So, here’s the scene from Mad Max (1979) where Toecutter’s gang harasses Jesse and Sprog at the beach. In the foreground, we have Starbuck and Mudguts, and on the right of the screen is…. What’s going on there, anyway? I made a GIF to investigate.

Toecutter and Johnny are flopping around while Bubba stares out at the ocean like FML.

So what the hell are they doing? First guess: Yoga, namely the plow pose. Hugh Keays-Byrne was born in India, and Toecutter has a figurine of the Hindu goddess Kali on his helmet. So, yoga doesn’t seem like a far-flung guess.

Second guess: They’re trying to blow themselves.

Or, you know… Both.

You know you're Jesse Swanson deprived when...
  • You’ve memorized every single one of his movements in Lollipop
  • You see him smile into the crowd at the beginning of the number and wish he was smiling at you
  • You’ve realize how attractive someone can be when they spin around in a crazy circle when you see him doing it in Lollipop
  • You see him do his proud little smile at the end of his number and think to yourself “That’s my baby!”
  • You see him handing out flyers and coming to Benji’s rescue and wish the scene was so much longer
  • You see him drop Beca off at her first day of work and are absolutely giddy when you see him reassure her and they kiss
  • You also hear him say, “Nothing’s gonna stop my girl!” and think “LET ME LOVE YOU!”
  • You squeal when you see him at the party and you squeal again when Beca sneaks up behind him and kisses him in greeting
  • You watch the party scene multiple times to see every single moment of his caught on film
  • You think his dorky dancing makes him even more attractive
  • You see him at the riff off and when he says, “I guess I gotta go” and Beca says, “No, why? Why?” you say #SAME
  • You rewatch the riff off scene a million times so you can see him in the background and pick up on anything you might have missed before
  • You almost want to kill Benji for getting the Trebles out first…right as Jesse was geting his groove on
  • You realize upon rewatching the riff off scene that he grins after Beca sings “Before he cheats” and he cheers when the Bellas and DSM are the last two groups standing
  • You wish you could make gifs so you could gif the above moments
  • You hear him call Beca, “Becs” and says, “Let’s go meet the Green Bay Packers” and think, “WHY DIDN’T THEY SHOW US MEETING THEM?”
  • You see the scene where Beca calls Jesse and you’re torn between going, “YAY HE’S THE FIRST PERSON SHE CALLS” and “WHY THE HELL AREN’T YOU ANSWERING YOUR PHONE SO I CAN SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE?”
  • You write fanfic to soothe your soul when we don’t see Jesse calling Beca back
  • You scream your head off and start clapping and barking like a seal when you see Jesse at Worlds
  • You wonder why he didn’t get to see Beca backstage
  • You go, “OMG HE IS SO PRECIOUS” when he says, “That’s my girl! BECAW!”
  • You see him cheering on the Bellas and Beca and think, “WHERE IS MY JESSE SWANSON AND WHY DID I SEE SO LITTLE OF HIM IN THIS MOVIE?”
  • You find yourself thinking about his deleted storyline and going “WHY? DEAR GOD WHY? WHAT DID I DO WRONG? WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?”
  • You find yourself constantly rewatching Pitch Perfect to give you your Jesse Swanson fix
  • You pull a Phoebe and “Lather, rinse, repeat as needed”

Hey, it’s me. I just want to tell you… I had pancakes this morning. It reminded me of when we were on the run from the Rodriguez brothers back in… 2010? Something like that. Anyway, I remember we ate at a diner just outside Kansas City. You asked the waitress for M&M pancakes. She said, “That’s not on the menu." And you like it how you like it, so you said, "You got M&Ms, right? You got pancakes. So you bring them to me and I’ll put them in there myself.” That’s what you did. One by one.


Robazizo’s 22 Days Of Literati
Day 11 - Favorite Book Discussion

The love of books and reading these two share is one of the greatest selling points of Literati for me, being a major bookworm myself. Because I already made a lot of gifs of my favorite book discussion for Day 4 (what better to talk about than Jess’ own book, right?) I bring you a couple of gifs from that discussion that I didn’t include in Day 4, some of the follow-up conversation at Truncheon and also a compilation of several other great bookish moments.

Some random musings:
- Is anyone else dying to read The Subsect as well?
- Am I the only one in love with the fist-to-knee bump in the Truncheon scene that’s sadly partially hidden under my text here?
- I’m with Rory: Hemingway is painful. I haven’t read Rand yet though.
- Look at the way she smiles at him when he gets the Dodger reference!

Summary of the Ness fandom’s reaction to the final conversation leading up to Nick and Jess’ official break up/post-break up angst

 Jess: “I don’t want you to be that guy, I want you to be yourself”!

Nick: “And I want you to be yourself”.

Jess: *awkward face* “Are we…”?


Nick: *immediately snort laughs*

“NO! I love you!”

Jess: “Well I love you too”!

Nick: “More that I’ve ever loved anybody”!

External image

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Jess: “I love you too, but what if that’s the only thing we have in common”?


External image

Watching Jess’ face crumpling with despair/desperation and Nick’s face falling in resignation/defeat:

Nick:  "I miss my friend".

Jess: “I really miss my friend too”.


External image

Nick: “So what does that mean? Are we…”?

Jess: “Yeah”.

External image

Nick and Jess’ faces/looks given to each other and their body language towards each other throughout the whole thing:

Nick and Jess instinctively raising their arms at the same time to touch each other for comfort, but realizing the significance of what they just decided to do, forcing themselves to stop and awkwardly trying to figure out what to do with their hands:

External image

Jess tugging on Nick’s arm, abruptly pulling him in and flailing her arms around his neck for that intense hug, with Nick automatically giving into it, wrapping his arms around her waist, and burying his face into her neck, while Jess is crying and gripping her fingers tightly into the back of his shirt to pull him closer, never wanting to let him go: 


Nick decides to do a military salute. Jess responds with finger guns. And being hit with the heavy implication of those gestures:

External image

Realizing how the hug scene completely paralleled/mirrored the ‘Cooler’ kiss scene, right down to the clothing, location, and staging: 

External image

External image

They better explain what the hell happened to cause this breakup that seemingly happened out of nowhere.  All this buildup throughout the season of Nick and Jess being perfect for each other, working through their issues, and accepting each others’ flaws…yet they just give up? Unacceptable. This reunion better be epic.

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