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Sundance Kid - Part 2 - McCree x Reader

A/N: So here it is. The second and final part of Sundance Kid. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the first part that I wasn’t expecting so I was inspired to write this. I want to thank everyone who liked, reblogged, and commented on it. It keeps me going!

BTW, McCree calls you Etta because that was Sundance’s lover in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid …and in real life :)

Part 1

Words: 1,937
Warnings: None

When McCree mentioned working on your poker face, you were sure he was joking, but here he was standing in your doorway with his hat in his hands.

“McCree? What are you doing here?” You found yourself smoothing down your hair and clothes. You had been relaxing in sweats and a t-shirt, reading a book.

“To work on that,” he points to your face, “Remember?”

“What’s wrong with my face?” you ask, offended.

“I ain’t mean it like that,” he starts.


“’Cause you sure as hell ain’t ugly…” You blush and look away, “…but we gotta work on that poker face.” He walks into your room without being invited and you gasp, but you don’t stop him. You rush past him and star tidying up a little.

“I’m sorry for the mess. I wasn’t expecting company.”

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anonymous asked:

WOW. I Did not expect to get an answer like that, even though I remember you once reblogged a gifset of Hoseok 'caressing' his arrow in bst mv and in your tags you said 'that visual asmr' and I was like wow she knows asmr yas yas! But idk, I didn't expect you to like it, I guess I was wrong. Do you have any favorite types of ASMR videos? like tapping etc. Or maybe favorite ASMR channels?

i rly like tapping (but only soft slow tapping, i hate that “tap as fast as possible and make noise” kind of tapping, it’s rly not relaxing) and also brushing the microphone sounds (but rly gentle again, i dislike the loudass harsh brushes), and i also rly like visual triggers like brushing/touching around the camera lens, yknow?? or those back tracing videos omg, psychetruth asmr does a lot of them and hhHHHGJ i love that shit

nd some of my fave channels are ephemeral rift, ardra asmrrs_j asmrspringbok asmr, i sometimes watch whispersred asmr too her voice is rly lovely, also gotta mention gentlewhispering obvs lmao everyone knows about her she’s amazing ukjfbhkjd plus she’s almost at a million subs like omg she’ll be the first in the asmr community


Jess Mariano Appreciation Week | Day Six: AU Situation | Jess Goes To Chilton For Some Reason. The “see me after class” sprawled out in bright red is such a cliche that Jess can’t help the huffed snort from escaping his throat. What does Medina know about Ginsberg, anyway? “Strong writing, Jess. But, you strayed too far off topic. See me after class.” Jess can’t help the glance of his eye, across Gellers’ desk and Rorys’ and their perfectly marked papers. Perfectly typed out and printed. Perfectly praised. A stark contrast to the scratch of Jess’ pen and the red ink corrections bleeding bullet wounds all over his “radical” opinions. 

“I can see you’ve got a passion for this and that’s something we can work with,” Medina had said to him his first week in class, while he clutched a failed paper in white knuckled hands – not giving a shit if he did well or not, really [ … really]. But, angry regardless that he put in actual effort for such a weak score. Shouldn’t of wasted his time. But, Liz had stared good and hard at him and wouldn’t shut up about how good he could be if he just tried to use this opportunity. And so white knuckles – white knuckles and frustration and frustration at bothering to feel frustrated. “But, you’re throwing too many radical opinions in there. You need to work on facts. That F? That F can be an A. It’s an adjustment, I know. It’s hard curriculum for a lot of people. But, give it time. You’re not the first to not be at the level we expect.” 

Fuck that.