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Jess Mariano Appreciation Week | Day Six: AU Situation | Jess Goes To Chilton For Some Reason. The “see me after class” sprawled out in bright red is such a cliche that Jess can’t help the huffed snort from escaping his throat. What does Medina know about Ginsberg, anyway? “Strong writing, Jess. But, you strayed too far off topic. See me after class.” Jess can’t help the glance of his eye, across Gellers’ desk and Rorys’ and their perfectly marked papers. Perfectly typed out and printed. Perfectly praised. A stark contrast to the scratch of Jess’ pen and the red ink corrections bleeding bullet wounds all over his “radical” opinions. 

“I can see you’ve got a passion for this and that’s something we can work with,” Medina had said to him his first week in class, while he clutched a failed paper in white knuckled hands – not giving a shit if he did well or not, really [ … really]. But, angry regardless that he put in actual effort for such a weak score. Shouldn’t of wasted his time. But, Liz had stared good and hard at him and wouldn’t shut up about how good he could be if he just tried to use this opportunity. And so white knuckles – white knuckles and frustration and frustration at bothering to feel frustrated. “But, you’re throwing too many radical opinions in there. You need to work on facts. That F? That F can be an A. It’s an adjustment, I know. It’s hard curriculum for a lot of people. But, give it time. You’re not the first to not be at the level we expect.” 

Fuck that.