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Headcanon #15: Shimada Brothers

Drift compatible Shimada brothers


Just, them fighting together as a team. Moving completely in sync with each other, they know what the other is about to do without speaking a word, without even having to look at each other. Every move they make is calculated and considered to complement the other, every attack is partnered with the necessary defence. They’ll even switch weapons without thought; one moment Genji’s Dragonblade is in his hands, the next he wields Stormbow like it’s his own while shuriken fly from Hanzo’s fingertips.

Watching them fight as individuals, you’d never think they’d fight so seamlessly: Hanzo is sharp angles and hard lines, every movement planned, set, executed before moving onto the next one while Genji is fluid, changeable, two steps ahead before he’s halfway through his first. Their styles and technique are so different it’s hard to imagine them working together but when they do, that’s when the dance becomes clear and it’s a dance of dragons, some otherworldly performance of steel and blood. Individually they’re a force to be reckoned with, put them together and you have something akin to the wrath of God coming after you

… and McCree is just standing in awe of them in the background, like

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A harder challenge: Flash characters, paired up with the seven archangels. Do you accept?

Challenge accepted!  Source for the descriptions.  I bolded my justifications.

Michael’s name means, “Who is like God?” and he is the ultimate embodiment of the pious general and the Patron of soldiers, police officers, and firefighters. Various traditions say that he was the first of the angels who were created, which may explain why he is often revered as the eldest brother of his brethren. Traditionally, Michael has been referred to as the Prince/Guardian Angel of the people of Israel and he is now revered as the Guardian Angel of the Church.

Gabriel’s name has many meanings: “Strength of God,” “Hero of God,” and “God has shown Himself Mightily”. These variations can be summed up in one definition, “God is My Strength”. Gabriel is God’s holy messenger and traditionally he has been revered as the Archangel of Wisdom, of Revelation, of Prophecy, and of Visions.

Raphael’s name means, “Healing Power of God”. Traditionally, due to the meaning of his name, he is revered as the Archangel of Healing.

Uriel’s name means, “Fire of God.” Traditionally he has been revered as the Archangel of Repentance and of the Damned and some apocryphal sources claim that he is God’s regent over Sheol/Hades (i.e. Hell).

RAGUEL (as known as Sealtiel) – His name means, “Friend of God”. Traditionally he has been revered as the Archangel of Justice and Fairness.

REMIEL (also known as Jerahmeel, Jehudiel. or Jeremiel) – His name has various meanings: “Thunder of God”, “Mercy of God”, and “Compassion of God”. Traditionally he has been revered as the Archangel of Hope and Faith.

ZERACHIEL (also known as Saraqael, Barachiel, or Sariel) – His name means, “God’s Command”. Traditionally he has been revered as the Archangel of God’s Judgment.

Jesse Tuck nearly got hit by a car while trying to catch a Pokémon, pass it on

Lorelai seemed comfortable with Jess at her home, and with him staying there. Has he stayed before, maybe a weekend or two? He and Lorelai spend most their time snapping words at each other, passing the extra cheese over Luke as they eat in the kitchen and Luke wishes Rory was there, so maybe that way Jess would shut up and Lorelai would not end somehow making him part of the banter.

One day, Rory comes without announcing and finds Jess nested in her old room because he is visiting and is making breakfast for Luke and Lorelai, and she looks between them like ‘when this happened? why i wasn’t aware of this?’ and really, her mother may still have something against Jess but it isn’t that bad anymore.

Sometimes she even likes him.


Comic Meme: Pitch a series you would like to read for anonymous

Sensation Comics

I’ve talked about this pitch before and almost didn’t go with it but decided “why not” anyway because while the digital first Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman now exists, it’s not exactly my pitch.

An anthology series headlining not just Diana but all the Amazons and Wonder Women of the world. All stories involve independent storylines following various kickass women across the DCU, seemingly with all their stories independent but soon learning that our stories are not so separate after all.

An all women Justice League? The Lady Titans? Amazon politics on Themyscira? Days off for the Birds of Prey? Female Furies and female magic users finding their powers in flux? And the biggest story Lois Lane has ever chased in her life?

You better believe they can handle it!