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So I was playing Overwatch the other day and there was a sniper, so a character was like ‘Watch out! Sniper!’ or something, and my bother was like 'So what do they call Hanzo? A boner?’ And then he realised what he said and was like 'Nononono, I mean like, he has a bow and arrow so…’ and my fangirl kinda came out and I was like 'Well…that’s what Mcree gives him’ and I just

Sam Masterlist

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Sam x Reader

Saved By the Sommelier (AU) - One Shot, fluff
Neighbors (AU): Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3
Angel Girl - One Shot, smut (with Gadreel!Sam)
Hugs - One Shot, smut
Two-Stepping - One Shot, smut
These Hips Are Mine - Drabble, angst/fluff/implied smut
Quickie - Drabble, smut
Giggles - Drabble, fluff/implied smut
Peppermint Twist - One Shot, smut
Hunter - One Shot, smut
Creatures of Habit - One Shot, fluff
Secret Admirer - One Shot, fluff (not really reader insert…)
The Perfect Cut - One Shot, fluff and smut
Study Time - One Shot, smut

Sam x Castiel

Warming Up - Fluff (AU)
Celibate? - One Shot, mostly fluff

Sam x Gabriel

Treats - Smut

Sam x Jess

Taking the Party Home - Smut

Sam x Jody

Mistletoe - Smut (Holiday)

Now You See Me 2 [Spoilers]

Soooo, I saw Now You See Me 2 this weekend and oh dear i’ve been dragged back into this fandom. 

Reasons are: 1. Adorable Jack is adorable (with more screen time this time around, yay!) 2. Big brother Merritt is so proud and loves his family, 3. New but surprisingly awesome Lula, 4. Rebellious but wants approval son Danny and of course 5. Protective and worried and proud dad Dylan actually make my life for the moment.

I mean that plane scene at the end, that will forever be my favourite scene in these movies (the best few moments of the movie were defeintatly when Walter (evil muggle Harry Potter) showed them photos he took of/with them when they were unconscious, kind of as creepy as it sound?). I mean when they were all being dragged and tossed out of the plane to their ‘deaths’ they were all so full of fear and love for each other I like to think it was genuine.

Merritt’s line of ‘I may have been brought into this world with the wrong family, but I’m leaving it with the right one.’ just about killed me, like just punch me in the feelings why don’t you? Same with when Dylan and Bradley were in the plane on their way to Macau and Dylan said all he cared about was the ‘health and safety of the Horseman’ and don’t get me started on the moment when Danny said those horrible things to Dylan but he still stuck around to save Danny from Walter AND when Dylan woke up after being saved by Danny to be surrounded by his kids err Horseman (really they are his kids, lets be honest). 

Ps. I like the way they handled Henley not being in this film (I miss their mom aka Alma Dray though), they explained it well enough that you don’t really have questions and you can see that the three boys really bonded (I mean Jack and Merritt live together!) since her departure, I still like to think she was there in London after she saw how wrong the Otca show went for them. 

Is your name Siren? Because im sleeping with you tonight



∟”Now, there’s three possible explanations here. Number one: John Travolta. You know the movie where he gets his power from a brain tumor. Number two: Jason Bourne. Gets his power from a secret government agency. Or, aye, it’s least likely, but it’s my favorite: you’re a Jedi”