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they’re the ones who stand over the killer, the weapon in their hand

There are a lot of reasons to love the movie Hackers...

1. Jonny Lee Miller and his american accent.

2. Baby Angelina Jolie embracing androgyny and the Speed Racer look

3. Baby Jesse Bradford smoking lots and lots of cigarettes and wearing braces

4. awful nineties fashion

5. roller blades as a meaningful mode of transportation

6. Penn Jillette and Fisher Stevens as some sort of computer experts that sit in a huge control room combating teenage hackers

7. lots and lots and lots of unecessary graphics sequences that go on for AGES

8. Headgear

9. Baby Matthew Lillard in sloppy braids

10. Awful/wonderful writing

The Plague: Try to stay out of trouble.

Dade: Blow me.

The Plague: Thank you. :D

What I’m saying is… THERE’S NO REASON TO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW THAT IT’S ON NETFLIX… go, go my pretties… 

Did I mention the endless pointless graphics sequences??

i honeslty love this movie… k bye, ?