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“Aside from being an important part of any organic garden as a pest deterrent, the Marigold has loftier meanings like: winning the affections of someone through hard work, promoting cheer and good relations in a relationship, despair and grief over the loss of love, and remembering and celebrating the dead” 

💐 florecimiento  /flo.ɾˈmjen.t̪o/ (nm) : flowering, blooming, blossoming 


Okay… Hear me out.

There are immense similarities between Pitch Perfect and Orange Is The New Black characters…

Beca Mitchell is Alex Vause: Dark and mysterious (but she takes off her glasses to see she was beautiful the whole time). Rebel without a cause. Protects those they love at all costs. Total badass. Secretly huge softies for the ones they love.

Fat Amy is Taystee: Life of the party. Can always count on them for an awesome one-liner. Very expressive. Uses deflection as a protection mechanism.

Chloe Beale is Stella: Crazy piercing eyes. Confident about…. all that. Shall I count the ways?

Stacie is Nicky: Flirty. Makes no apologies for who they are they. Sex-crazy. Fun.

And of course, Jesse is Larry: Annoying… Unlikeable…. Hoping they vanish for the third installment (seemed to work in Larry’s case).

The list goes on and on…

Shit Nights Out, Bitchy Schoolgirls and a Secret Son...

Rounding up a week in Hollyoaks (3rd-7th April 2017)

It was a tough week for Maxine as she discovered that Minnie needed an urgent operation and believing that Adam had chosen Darcy over her, chose to keep the news to herself. It didn’t take long for Adam to find out what was happening and he raced to the hospital, angering Darcy. However, she had a trick up her sleeve and announced to Adam that he had a four year old son, Toby. Adam was delighted to meet his son but was left conflicted due to the obligation he felt towards Minnie. If I were Adam, I’d be demanding a DNA test…

Meanwhile, the truth about Kim’s possessive behaviour towards Esther was finally revealed! Over the last couple of week’s Esther’s been growing increasingly suspicious of her wife and this week, she confided in Grace, who was quick to inform Esther that much of what Kim had been telling her was lies. Esther soon confronted Kim, who injected her with a sedative and then plastered up her leg, telling her it was broken. How she managed to do all of this without anyone noticing is a mystery. She then told Esther another whopper of a lie: Jack and Frankie were dead! Later, Grace was confused when Esther refused to answer the door and relayed her concerns to Jack and Frankie. Whilst Kim was out, Grace gained access to the flat but Kim quickly realised what was happening and raced back home, where a tussle broke out. Esther was knocked to the floor and realised that her leg wasn’t really broken. For once, Kim wasn’t able to talk her way out of the situation and Esther decided to move in with Grace.

Elsewhere, Liam was still in a bad way following Eva’s death. Come on, mate. She’s been dead for nearly 3 months, which in Hollyoaks terms, is more like 3 years. Get over it already! After his plan to kidnap baby Curtis fell through, Liam was feeling more lost than ever and began drinking at The Loft, where he attracted the attention of Tegan. Tegan’s attempts to be friendly were met with hostility but Courtney was on hand to stand up for her friend, and bag Liam for herself! Despite sleeping with Courtney, Liam realised that he wasn’t over Eva and was incredibly rude to Courtney before storming out. Later, Liam proved that his vendetta against Grace wasn’t over as he phoned DS Thorpe and dobbed her in for shooting him last year…

Darren got himself into another fine mess this week when his cab broke down and he discovered that the insurance had run out some months ago, leaving him with a hefty bill to pay. To make matters worse, Nancy was talking about holidays whilst Charlie was desperate to go quad biking as part of their bucket list activities. When Nancy overheard Darren on the phone to a loan company, he decided to come clean but promised her that he would sort something out. Could Hollyoaks be about to re-visit Darren’s gambling addiction?

There was a new face at Hollyoaks High this week in the shape of new student, Jasmine. Jasmine stood up for Peri when she was bullied by a group of younger students about Cameron but Peri would live to regret opening up to the newcomer when Jasmine posted what Peri had told her on the school blog! However, realising that getting on the wrong side of Peri wasn’t the best idea, Jasmine turned things around and made Peri out to be a hero for coping with having a serial killer for a Dad. 

Finally, DS Armstrong slipped deeper into ‘dodgy cop’ territory  as he continued to target Leela. Ryan soon found out what was going on and ordered his college to stop, but didn’t exactly cover himself in glory by covering the stalking up. They concocted the genius plan of inventing a stalker who’d supposedly been in prison with Cameron but was now on his way back to prison for armed robbery, meaning Leela wouldn’t have to press charges to get rid of him! Of course, Leela fell for it and DS Armstrong has gone off on his jollies, meaning, in typical Hollyoaks fashion, we’ll have to wait an age for his stalking to be revealed. 

5 Things we Learnt this Week:

1. Forget ‘Tinder’, the dating app of choice in Hollyoaks is ‘Fireworks’.

2. Don’t leave food unattended when Peri and Yasmine are around.

3. You can always rely on Nancy to make a fun activity sound horrendous. Quad biking becomes ‘whizzing around in the mud on a death trap’.

4. Jesse is the most boring man in the world on a night out. 

5. Never ask Liam ‘how’s tricks?’ unless you want his dead girlfriend and baby thrown in your face…

One Last Thing:

How early do the residents of Hollyoaks head out on a night out? Whilst Tegan, Courtney, Leela, Jesse and Liam were drinking in The Loft, Adam was having a kick about with his four year old son!

Characters Featured:

Adam, Charlie, Courtney, Curtis, Darcy, Darren, DS Armstrong, Esther, Frankie, Grace, Harry, Holly, Jack, Jesse, Kim, Leela, Liam, Louis, Lynette, Maxine, Minnie, Myra, Nancy, Neeta, Peri, Sally, Ste, Tegan, Toby, Tony, Yasmine and Zack.

Past Characters Mentioned:

Amy Barnes, Cameron Campbell, Eva Falco, John Paul McQueen.


Teen Choice Awards 2006

Britney Spears was pregnant, Brooke Hogan had a grill, Shawn White had long hair, Rihanna had just got her big break, Pirates of the Caribbean ruled the box office and shows like One Tree Hill, The OC and Supernatural were all in there first or second seasons.


Gary Beach, Roger Bart, Richard Kind, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson face an unexpected moment during The Producers.

Their faces…

c-qcat  asked:

Okay, I have too many feels about a poly relationship between Jesse, Hanzo, and Agent!Reader. Jesse making a crack during a mission and Hanzo and the Agent just giving him this /look./ When the relationship reaches a certain point, the Agent gets two gorgeous tattoos, a dragon and a blooming briar. Jesse touches his partners more in a casual manner, but the Agent knows when to give Hanzo their hand, a reassuring touch. "Stay with me a while," their touch says. He's always happy to oblige.

I don’t even need to add to this. IT”S SO CUTEEEEEEEEEeeeeEEEEE


i dream about you when i sleep; a zouis playlist about being happy and in love because that’s totally what zouis is about !

for @larents  ♡

still into you  – paramore // venus  – sleeping at last // stay (live)  – nick jonas & the admistration // hold my hand  – jess glynne // bloom  – the paper kites // smother me  – the used // a little bit of truth  – you me at six // you’re the one  – dondria // toothpaste kisses  – the maccabees // i would do anything for you  – foster the people

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