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My #transformationtuesday isn’t as exciting as others, I know. I haven’t been doing all that well in the health department. Let’s call it what it is: lazy and pickiest eater. It’s my fault and I know it.

I am hoping that with my tumblr friends, doctor, and these pictures…I will get back on track. Feel free to pour your knowledge into my brain! Help me!

*Left picture is when I turned 18*
*Right picture is when I turned 23*


After finally watching the entirety of Gilmore Girls I can unapologetically say I’m team Logan (outside of that crazy OOC proposal/ultimatum) and I kind of don’t understand how that’s an unpopular opinion given the miserable, obsessive, drag-you-down-with-me dicks that were Jess and Dean? Logan was like a happy dude who didn’t deny his own privilege and never pretended to be anything he wasn’t and loved Rory without idolizing her and challenged her without trying to change her and was excited as hell about her journalism dreams and like they were so functional??? I mean yeah, he’s spoiled as hell and makes mistakes but he’s LIGHTYEARS more open to learning from them than Jess or Dean. None of them are perfect, and I think the revival should cast a totally new person for a Rory endgame, but out of the three? I’ll take a Logan any day. 

Overwatch MMORPG AU

Genji’s never left home since an accident left him scarred and paralyzed in the lower half of his body, so he works as an artist (?) taking commissions and he loves playing Computer games.

He starts playing the new MMORPG Overwatch (it’s not an FPS in this AU) where you play as different jobs working under a recalled Organization that’ll protect the world from the terrorist Organization Talon.

Genji (GCND25) chose an Attack Ninja class and just to be a little different, instead of making his character human or omnic, he chose to be a Cyborg.

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Just Ana things I am excited about...!

竜が我敵を– zzZZ…

竜神の剣を– zzZZ…

It’s High Noo– zzZZ…

It never hits me how much it bothers me when Lorelai says she knew guys like Jess, she KNOWS Jess and blah blah blah until I rewatch it again.

…cause she didn’t? When you look at Lorelai’s history….Lorelai knew the Tristans, and the guys Tristan got in trouble with, she knew those guys.

Lorelai knew the Logans, the Finns, the Colins…

She knew the rich kids who acted out. The ones who wanted to escape their parents control, the ones who had their lives planned out ahead of them, the ones who were bored….the ones from money, who went to private schools…

None of these are Jess? When she first talks to Jess she tries to be on a level playing ground….but there isn’t one. Not to mention as an adult she shouldn’t have been making assumptions like that to a troubled kid because you just come off as condescending. She DIDN’T know anything about Jess’ background, where he came from, for all she knew he was beaten on a daily basis (not saying he was, but I don’t think it’s all that responsible to be making assumptions like that)

Seriously, I have complete respect for Lorelai. She went from having everything to nothing, she was one of the few in her world who had consequences to their actions and she deals with them to the best of her ability….I think she does pretty damn good. Rory ends up great and probably wouldn’t have if she’d been raised in the Gilmore house. Doesn’t mean she necessarily gets it for everyone, from all walks of life?

(Not to say she shouldn’t be worried about Rory dating him, it’s just…she had Opinions long before any of that)