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Give Jesse that bear hug of yours, Gabe!

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~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

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Fargo Season 2 Themed Valentine’s Day Cards

Overwatch Headcanon

Reinhardt Wilhelm is 100% to blame for Jesse McCree.

Okay, bear with me here.

So, I know everybody likes to act like McCree dressed as a cowboy from his time with the Deadlock gang, but the Deadlocks have their own, distinct Aesthetic. They’re Bikers (As we see with Torbjorn’s Deadlock skin). Sure, they may be based out of the southwest, but their mark is all over diners and gas stations and garages.

Also, judging by their hideout, they’re into some very big, very Dangerous stuff.

But, it must be more than that. If they were just another criminal syndicate, Overwatch would be the ones to fight them. But, we know Gabriel Reyes was involved, which means that Blackwatch was given the job. The operation to take them down was a sensitive one, so an overt Overwatch operation was out of the question.

Which brings us to tiny little Jesse McCree. A hardened criminal by fifteen, embroiled in a life of violent crime. This would not be the smooth talking gunslinger with a southern drawl and a ridiculous belt. This would be an angry child who models himself after the violent criminals whose fraternity he has joined.

So, where does Reinhardt Wilhelm come into this?  Why, Fareeha Amari of course.

Gabriel Reyes is planning to take on the Deadlock Gang. This is a dangerous assignment. He’ll be going in Personally.

Fareeha is a soldier’s daughter, she knows about Violence. Renegade Omnics, terrorists, Talon, ect, but she’s still young, and Ana has been trying to keep her away from the more gruesome details of what Overwatch does. So, when she starts hearing chatter about the Deadlock Gang, she starts to ask questions. Who is the Deadlock Gang?

Now, Ana Amari probably would have said “Don’t worry about that Fareeha.”

Jack Morrison would probably have said “Bad Guys, but don’t worry, we’re going to stop them”

Gabriel Reyes would probably have said “A small army of sadistic murderers, involved in running guns, drugs, prostitution, assassinations, extortion, and who knows what else across the whole southwest. The world will be a better place when they’re in the ground”

And all of those would have been decent answers (Although Gabe, you should probably chill).

But, Fareeha didn’t ask any of them. She asked Reinhardt Wilhelm.

And Reinhardt Wilhelm, as we all know, is RIDICULOUS.

“Outlaws! Like Jesse James!” he says, as he mimes quick-drawing a pistol. “They rob trains, steal cattle, and tie young maidens to railroad tracks!”

Meanwhile, Gabriel Reyes has shut down a major Deadlock Operation. Sure, some of the roaches got away, but the rest are either dead, or in Blackwatch custody, ready for Jack to make a big show of handing them over to the authorities.

And he’s left with a skinny,  battered teenager named Jesse. The kid fought like a demon when Blackwatch kicked down the door, even after a bullet hit his arm somewhere during the firefight (Yeah, that’s not looking too good. Stupid kid should have kept his head down).  But, Gabriel Reyes knows Evil, and this kid ain’t it. He’s just a kid with nowhere to go (just another kid from LA with nowhere to go) who jumped at the first chance he saw (Hello Son. Reyes is it? How would you like a chance to serve your country), and let that decision define who he was(Sgt Gabriel Reyes, Test Subject #2693, Ready for the experiment, Sir!).

If he put him in chains, that would be it. Justice would not be kind to a Deadlock, even after he got out, he’d be a criminal for life.

But, it wasn’t too late. He could be given another chance.

So, Jesse McCree was recruited into Blackwatch, and brought back to Overwatch HQ.

Where he found himself in an odd place. He was hardly the only Overwatch agent with no family, the Omnic crisis had killed lots of people, but the other agents tended to be adults. They had homes to go back to, and they were not considered a pet project for Gabriel Reyes ( I pulled you from that warehouse, kept you out of jail, and got you a new arm. I vouched for you. Don’t make me regret it, Ingrate).  So, he kind of lives at HQ, and one day he meets Fareeha.

“They said you were with the Deadlock gang. You don’t look like an Outlaw.”
“Well, what does an outlaw look like?”

“…Well, they wear Hats”.

And so Jesse McCree gets a Hat.

Next comes the drawl. It’s a joke at first, when they’re hanging out around the base between work (And Gabriel Reyes puts him to work. There are no slackers in Blackwatch, Ingrate!), he puts on the hat and does the voice. But before long, he gets used to it. Back in the Deadlock gang they swore every third word and never called anybody “Sir”. But he finds that doing the Voice helps filter that out, keeps his language clean (I didn’t bring you here so you could insult your betters, Ingrate!), and even if it sounds a bit silly, the Sirs and Maams come out naturally.

Hanging out with Fareeha helps cement the cheesy lines. Ana “Mama Bear” Amari wouldn’t dream of trusting Gabriel Reyes not to screw this kid up even more, but Ana strictly prohibits any soldier talk around Fareeha. There is to be no discussion of Combat Operations, or raids against Talon, or getting pinned down by sniper fire until an airstrike levels the buildings opposite. Plus, the stuff he does with Blackwatch is classified so high that he’s not sure he’s allowed to know about it. So, any conversations about “Work” quickly devolve into cheesy lines about “Dispensing Justice” and “Stopping the Bad Guys”. Deadly firefights become high-noon shootouts. Talon Assassins become “Dastardly outlaws”.

Even when Fareeha stops being amused by it, Jesse McCree keeps it up. He gets to be known as The Cowboy Guy, which is better than being the stray dog Reyes dragged in. The Boots and the Belt come shortly afterwards, gifts from his fellow agents.

When Overwatch falls apart, Jesse McCree doesn’t know who he is. Jesse McCree, Deadlock Rebel was clearly going nowhere. Jesse McCree, Blackwatch Agent? Sure, he was good at it, but Blackwatch is gone.

That said, somewhere, around the table, he’d told stories of Jesse McCree, Gunslinger, Defender of the Innocent and dispenser of Justice. He’d never actually been that man.

But hey, he could give it a try. After all, he had the hat for it.


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I don’t think she’s written as some sort of siren luring him onto the rocks. But I think the female protagonist is [usually] going to encourage the male away from danger and away from violence and I like the way we’ve made that upside down. I think for Tulip she just misses her pal. She missed her pal on the road and there’s a comfort in that life that they lead that’s familiar to her and I don’t think she wants to lure him to his death. I think for her it’s quite simple. It’s like “We had a good time, didn’t we? It was fun.” I think what’s frightening for her is anything else, is change. For a lot of us change is frightening and there’s something about him trying to get on the straight and narrow that terrifies her that she would be left behind or he won’t love her anymore. There’s also this aspect that she inherently thinks that’s all she’s good for, that life.

Ruth Negga, when asked the following by IGN: “Initially, she is somewhat the devil on Jesse’s shoulder because she is trying to lure him back to a life he gave up. As you said, she doesn’t come off as an evil person but she’s kind of skewed in a certain direction.” [x]

Once again, Ruth discusses how for Tulip that kind of life wasn’t about the danger  - it was about living on the outskirts of acceptable society because she’s never been allowed to live any other way. And Jesse didn’t just make it liveable he made it home for her - but without Jesse she’s lost her bearings and has literally no one else - no family or loved ones - and it’s not as if he’s doing better off without her, drinking himself blind and barely being able to get out of bed in the morning. If anything she’s doing better than he is without her.