jess and moss


One of my favorite movies, and songs.

This is a film still from the film Jess and Moss. I wrote a short story for a project called The Sugar Daddy Diaries under the title Blacula. That’s what’s below:

Blacula – By The Sugar Daddy Diaries

14yr old Texan sugar daddy called Curtis. His parents called him Curtis after Curtis Mayfield. They said they where the first white/black activists, to which Curtis said: ‘Does that make me gray?’

They laughed, dismissed him and he went outside to play. He didn’t live in a trailer, but there was a park at the end of the street.

Tina was taller than him and almost 13 months older than he was. She had simple features and long dark hair that fell very close to her face and straight.

They walked along kicking stones and shooting the breeze. She talked about the future and clearly couldn’t wait to grow up and he talked of the past and how they’d had fun stealing milk from peoples porch’s the summer before. It was hotter this year and lethargy become them. They strolled and had the laconic air of kids without a care in the world.

They explored the woods at the north end corner of the park and Curtis had gone on ahead chasing a squirrel, he found a grey gentlemans jacket and quickly rifled through the pockets upon which he found a $100 bill. He smiled to himself, shoved the bill in his pocket and re-joined Tina.

They came out of the woods  onto the side of a highway and strolled on up to the town.

Main street was quiet and as it was still early. Curtis spied ‘McCullers Café’ and with a wry smile motioned to Tina:

 ‘You had breakfast?’

‘uh uh, I heard that Jennifer Lawrence didn’t eat anything before mid- d….’ – She stalled mid sentence as Curtis waved the bill and said:

‘My treat’

‘Fuck Jennifer Lawrence’ – Tina said as she tried to grab the bill

‘Where’d ya’ get that?’

‘I’m a man of means’ Curtis stated.

‘A Man of Means’.