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Being in Barcelona for the past two days has been beautiful. At least Jesse thought so. He was having a good time, and the actor was happy that his son was able to come with them. It was their first trip as a family, and it felt nice. Not having much male friends outside of work, the Aussie was grateful that him and Keegan got along so well, and that Troian and Jen got along so well too. The girls seemed to set them up on a mens only day, which was fine with him. He would’ve asked Keegan and Troian to tag along with him and Jen at some point during this trip. The four got on, and Jesse enjoyed their company. Grabbing the guitar he brought with him, and his violin, Jesse walked to Keegan’s room and knocked on the door. He was wearing shorts, and a t-shirt with flip flops. @supitskeegs

While anyone can play a vampire, there are some who just look like they really fit the bill. Under the cut is a list of face claims that either have played vampires, or that I would love to see playing vampires. Feel free to like or reblog if this was useful to you in anyway! And keep a look out for more lists like these with other species.

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