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Why I think everyone should read Six Of Crows

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1- Literally the most original world and characters ever

2- People of colour, Jesper and Inej (not just a basic side black character)

3- SO MUCH CULTURE (which introduces more people of colour rather than a book world full of white people)

4- Amazing lgbtq representation in a non-exaggerated way. Both Wylan and Jesper are openly Bisexual. What more could you want in a book???


6- Leigh Bardugo writes in this amazing way where the tension I feel during the epic and exciting moments is so strong. There was a moment in crooked kingdom I was actually holding my breath

7- KAZ

8- Wylan’s cute little geeky ass

9- The whole gang are so individual. It’s guaranteed that you’ll find someone to relate too.

10- The book covers? Like they’re so beautiful? Just buy them to look at the covers if you don’t read?


memes among the dregs
  • “and that’s why they call me two guns jesper”
  • scheming face
  • “get a girl who looks at you like kaz looks at money”
  • “crows arent real”
  • drawing a goose on your non-tattooed arm and pretending like that’s the new gang symbol
  • “i think this is a flute moment”
  • “careful, inej is probably watching”
  • pointing at any imagery of a dog/wolf and being like “matthias is this you”
  • everyone is at least 30% in love with nina zenik
  • “i love you, but not enough to buy you a boat and reunite you with your family”
    “yeah same”
  • muttering “no mourners, no funerals” whenever kaz verbally drags someone through the mud
  • waffles
  • everyone getting sick of the waffles meme
  • using the waffles meme ironically
  • one time inej stole kaz’s hat just to see if she could and no one will shut up about it
  • making up ridiculous ketterdam slang and convincing matthias that that’s what people actually say
  • “nice ___” “yeah i bought it legally” *laughter*
  • whenever they get hate mail/threats wylan picks it up and “reads” whatever it was as a gushing compliment to the receiver
  • kuwei discovering really bad pick up lines. jesper encourages this.
  • one time, after a very successful scam/heist, kaz took a handful of bills and made it rain. no one is quite sure this actually happened, even though they were there for it
  • wylan: *looks at jesper* man im so fucking gay
  • kuwei: *also looks at jesper* i too am fucking gay
  • inej: *looks at nina* am i bi???
  • nina: *looks at inej* yah im definitely bi
  • matthias: *looks at nina* god i love her
  • jesper: *looks at wylan* bi bi bi til the day i die
  • kaz: *looks at inej, represses his feelings* god i love money

Jesper: Wylan?  Yeah, he’s really great, a brilliant guy– *trips* *thousands of photos of Wylan falls out of his pockets* Oh heck, this is probably exactly what you think- *casually trying to pick up photos* these are all mine, I have tons– *slips on a pile of photos* Hey do you want one? I have plenty

How soc characters show affection
  • Kaz: buys inej's contract, gets her a boat to track down slavers, names the boat Wraith, finds her parents for her and reunites them
  • Inej: conscious of kaz' personal space issues, gives him space when necessary, follows him into fights and protects him, gives him sage advice and is his anchor
  • Matthias: accepting of nina's people, fights his own people to protect Nina, treats her with respect and love, brings her lots of sweets and waffles
  • Nina: accepts him for who he is, tries to brighten his day, is gentle with him especially after the life he lived in the army
  • Jesper: reads to wylan, defends him in front of his father, constantly compliments him when he does something smart
  • Wylan: stands up for Jesper to his father, strives to keep that carefree smile on Jesper's face

Crooked Kingdom

- Leigh Bardugo Edit

“Sometimes, the only way to get justice is to take it for yourself”

I just recently finished Crooked Kingdom, and I couldn’t let it go, so I made this instead.

a totally accurate depiction of kaz throughout most of six of crows





Inej: Does he like me or does he hate me what is he?


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Inej looked at her strange crew, barefoot and shivering in their soot-stained prison uniforms, their features limned by the golden light of the dome, softened by the mist that hung in the air. What bound them together? Greed? Desperation? Was it just the knowledge that if one or all of them disappeared tonight, no one would come looking?