First Date


Emershan was on the phone with Mathieu Boyenval, the man in charge of the Belgium HQ while he was stationed in South-Africa, talking about the details of his future trip there, his presence being greatly needed at the moment.

“Je sais, je sais…” He muttered, holding his phone with his shoulder, his head tilted to the side as he was still chopping the vegetables for the salad. “Une semaine? J’ai beaucoup de trucs à regler ici avant, je crois pas que…”

He saw Jeso peer from the door leading to the kitchen, nodding at Emershan.

“Ms.Burnwood is here Mr.Augustin…” he simply said, heading to greet the woman at the door.

“Mathieu, J’vais te rappeler plus tard…” he rolled his eyes, the person at the end of the line still forcing him to hear the details to his future trip. “Mathieu, s’il te plais, laisse moi te rappeler, j’ai de la visite…Non, laisse tu veux?”

Stepping out of the kitchen and straight to the entrance hall, Emershan noticed Diana, winking at her as he remained on the phone, Boyenval still pestering him with questions he already had answered to.

“I’m sorry..” he mouthed to her, a smile taking place on his face, glad with her presence here tonight.