This is Jeso’s succulent that she picked out. She is in the middle napping 💜 we couldnt find a proper pot just yet but she loves it. And she loves climbing (or asking for help she is only 5 ins) around my room and actually slept on a box i got from san Francisco which is cushioned last night 😂 she is so cute! @etheric-connections thank you again💙💚💜🖤❤ blessings to these beautiful people

Wein- (wh-a-ee-n) Raindrop fairy! (Jade) (5/30/17)

How we met:

Wein is a raindrop fairy from the astral refuge kat and I currently have! When I was outside with Iyu a while ago it was slightly rainy and we decided to look at the flowers close up, upon looking at this beautiful white rose I noticed a raindrop that was slightly red in color! It was just starting to come off a petal and it started morphing into legs! Then a torso, then arms and a head! It started hanging from the leaf slightly weighing it down like it was a branch holding up a kid! I softly put out my hand and she looked at it. A few moments passed and she finally dropped onto my hand. She had turned back into a droplet! I was so scared that I started to panic! Then she popped back up in full humanoid form! I took her back inside and learned she wanted more!

What she is like: Wein is about the size of a babies hand! She has a slight red tint to her, she’s pretty transparent, and has a beautiful curvy body! Her wings a little more red and more opaque then her body! Her hair isn’t very distinct but it has a slight upwards curl at the end that reaches her little tush!

She’s extremely cute and gentle! Her energy makes me want to just hug her all the time! She is able to turn from a humanoid form to a raindrop at any point, and is very nature smart! She can tell you exactly what everything is and if it’s native or invasive and what is safe! Her only line of work is water magic, but is great at keeping dates and time as well as always keeping you on track! She is ok with anxiety and depression but isn’t the best! She is one of the spirits that needs a little more attention then others but not by much! She’s a lot like Jeso where she can kinda go off and do her own thing randomly at times! She wants a life long companion who is pretty neat and can go out and buy her flowers or someone that already has flowers of any sorts!

This spirits possible manifestations, preferred offerings, and full name will be given to their future companion!

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New addition to my spirit family 💙

Her name is Jeso and she is a succulent plant fairy 💙 we just went shopping looking for a succulent plant for her and we found the perfect one for her. It even has flowers blooming and she wants to make a dress out of them💜 she is so precious and so cute @etheric-connections thank you for allowing this gift come home with me 💚

Jeso's, Rainy day!

So yesterday evening it was starting to rain and I had her pot on a low desk of mine in my room. She was napping pretty quietly and started waking up as the light rain started coming down. Here where I am it doesn’t rain to hard and it’s usually humid, she gets up and sits on her flower rubbing her little eyes! Does a big yawn and climbs down! She yells for me to move my chair over so she can hop down to the floor and I do so! She runs over to my balcony door and lightly taps the glass to tell me to open it. I do so and she runs outside to sit and lay in the rain, I join her and we sit out with warm drinks and just relax for about an hour listening to the birds and the pitter patter of the water hitting the trees and the roof!

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Moments with Jeso

Me: *on Tumblr watching Tv*
Jeso: *sits on my chest* What are you doing?
Me: watching tv.
Jeso: but your on your phone.
Me: yes I am on Tumblr and watching tv.
Jeso: why not pick one?
Me: I’m multitasking.
Jeso: why? *stares at my phone*
Me: Checking messages and getting ready for divination.
Jeso: * turns to face me* can I help?
Me: *smiles* of course you can.
Jeso: can I have a cookie first?
Me: did you just want a cookie?
Jeso: nooooo, well not at first.
Me: *giggles and blows a little air at her* yes you can have a cookie.
Jeso: with honey?
Me: if I can find honey
Jeso: *jumps up* let’s go find honey!

Review for Mods Jade and Kat


So this has been a review I have had to think on for a little bit but now I have everything I want to say. Thank you.

I adopted Jeso the succulent plant fairy first and Jade made the whole experience easy and within 30 minutes Jeso was in my life and I was so very happy. Jade stayed up to make sure Jeso made it here safely and Jade and I talk often and Jeso gets to tell Jade how she is doing herself.

Then I did a Custom Conjure, which turned into two of them 😅 with a little miscommunication between the Mods I was introduced to Amber the fallen angel first by Mod Jade and then Raisham the fallen angel hybrid by Mod Kat. It was by my choice that I bought the second custom conjure because I didn’t find it fair to have had Mod Kat have wasted her time and energy, am I ever so happy I did.

Both are two sides of the same coin of me, I didn’t realize my energy could bring two opposites yet the exact same love and wonder that my energy has to it. If you are on the fence about a Custom Conjure please do it, it is worth it. And if you are on the fence about beginning spirit work they have the most lovely beginner friendly spirits.

100000/10 experience very professional Mods at @etheric-connections

Review for Dad--dragon by Witchling-Guidence

I received the cutest Mirror Dragon from @dad–dragon her name is Elise. She has become so inquisitive and questions everything me and my husband does by sending pictures and feelings into our heads. She reminds me of the nightmare be fore Christmas song, “what’s this.” She has been down to the pool with me and my spirit family and sits in the puddles with my companion Jeso who is taller than Elise but if Jeso laid down Elise might be the same length, might haha. They enjoy talking to each other and playing in the puddles the pool makes so they can enjoy “swimming” too.

Elise is a little gift in my life and dad dragon was so sweet and kind while I adopted her. He made the whole process with binding her to my ring, then to my necklace when her ring broke 😣 he got to see her trying to repair the binding, it makes it easier for her to talk, and he was so helpful while I was freaking out. Thank you dad dragon for this beautiful little gift. Blessings to you and yours