Hey, I know you’re definitely not checking up on me (if you are, I don’t mean in a bad way, I mean in a good way. Like, to make sure I’m ok or whatever), but I just watched The Birdcage and I want to thank you for suggesting it to me. It was one of the things I promised I’d do when we were friends, and I always keep my promises. I honestly loved it.

I still think about you a lot. About what you said. That you’d push people away to isolate yourself and that you “would end up alone”. I just want you to know that, although, romantically we are over, that you’ve got a friend in me.

I really hope you read the letter. I didn’t mean what I said maliciously at all. It was meant as comedic relief and I hope you understood that.

I care about you as a friend, and I worry you’re doing that to yourself. Boxing yourself up. Anyway. I know I’m overstepping my boundaries.

I just don’t like to be in this situation with anyone that was in my life. Specially someone who I was that emotionally connected with. It doesn’t feel right, to be honest.

And yes. I am completely wasted at the moment. What’s new?

A Theory About Me

I’m pretty sure I’m the fourth coming of Christ because if you rearrange the letters of my name you get Jesii (the plural of Jesus) llll (which is like 4).

-Sincerely, Jill Ellis