Second Chance II

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Pairing: Shawn x Reader x Cody x Jessica (Shawn’s wife)

Request: part 2!!!

Note: K so I usually make ya’ll wait a long time for a sequel of something but I thought I’d be nice and post it earlier than I usually would, major cliffhanger please dont kill me 

“Y/N, the day I met you two years ago, you were this beautiful girl with a broken heart. I honestly never thought someone so beautiful could exist until I met you and you showed me things I never knew existed- beautiful things! You’ve made my life worth living, and I don’t think I can ever repay you for that but I will try to for the rest of my life, Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” You stared at the man in front of you, down on one knee asking you the question you never thought someone would ask you in this lifetime. You nodded your head vigorously as he slipped the ring on your trembling finger and got up twirling you around in the air and kissed you.

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I got an ask earlier this morning accusing me of being a fake fan for the pure simplicity of me disliking characters and not agreeing with some of their actions. So I’ve decided to make a post with all the things I HATE about this show. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this show, trying to piece together all the pieces and make sense of all the plot holes, but we have to admit there are some major issues with the show which go past just hating a character for being a shit person. So here all the reasons PLL ANNOYS ME.


- They always demonise poc characters or kill them off. For example, killing off Yvonne to set the pace for Spoby to slowly get back on track.

- This show literally glamourises attractive people not having to take responsibility for their actions in the face of the law. The show is literally called Pretty little liars, no wonder they wouldn’t have charges put against them for anything they do. I mean Aria killed Shana and got away with it, Jessica’s killer is yet to be revealed but so far got away with their crime, Ezra stalked and dated underage girls and didn’t get charges against him??! These people get away with shit just for the fact that they are attractive

- Alison’s character development has been so poor. We have literally been thrown nice Alison in our faces and are expected to forget that this girl bullied multiple characters oh the show, emotionally manipulated her friends and pretty much everyone in her life, faked being kindnapped, faked her death and used Emily on multiple occasions

- Aria forever remains a door mat for Ezra. Ezra could do her so dirty and Aria would be there like his little lap dog. She took him back after he stalked her and lied to her for years and suddenly there’s no trust issues? He then cheated on her on live television with Nicole and Aria much like Veronica, chose to ignore it. And omg, I wanted to go to New York and drag her little ass back to Rosewood when she drove all the way to New York to pay Nicole a little visit like what the fuck Aria? You going to go square up to a woman who doesn’t even know who you are?! All because you’re fuck boy predator cheated on you?! PSA: IT IS EZRA’S FAULT GO BE MAD AT HIM, DO NOT MELT BACK INTO HIS ARMS AND CONFRONT NICOLE. Fuck sake. ALSO ARIA ACTING LIKE JENNA GETTING HER EYE SEIGHT BACK WAS INCONVENIENT?!!!? BITCH YOU WERE A BYSTANDING IN HER BLINDING. YOU CAN STRANGLE YOURSELF.

- Veronica not leaving Peter’s cheating ass is something I’m so against. I understand that she loved him and built a life with him. But she could’ve have taken Spencer and Melissa and built something that wasn’t built on lies. I feel so bad for Veronica because Peter cheated on her with both Jesica and Mary (unknowingly) and now there are children out there who born from affaires.

- PLOT HOLES. Maybe these will make sense as the story goes on but there are so many of them

- Useless red herring characters. We are always and forever being lead to believe that the most irrelevant characters have something to do with A.D. They literally drag it out and have the girls play detective when it ends up being pointless.

- Bad portrayal of mental illness. Can we please just think about the fact that to avoid prison time, every A has willingly revealed themselves and acted crazy to be institutionalised Instead of spending time in jail.


- Hanna; Okay, I agree with @prettylittleliarsxxxx time jump Hanna sucks. They literally brought back the shop lifting Hanna. How shit for character development. She’s saltier than McDonald’s fries at the minute. Getting angry at everyone. She’s irritating me so much. And this is coming from a Haleb shipper, but it pissed me off that Hanna and Caleb just flew back into their relationship without even giving Spencer time. Also, the fuck is up with them putting Spencer and Caleb together? Like that just goes against every girl code. It’s a no zone.

- MONA. Mona is quite frankly the best thing to happen to this show. Yes, she might have tortured the girls as A but she redeemed herself over the seasons, and really does care about Hanna. These girls still alienate and demonise her and they’d e pretty little dead girls if it wasn’t for her. She’s helped and saved their asses so many times. I just want Mona to find happiness. She deserves it.

The babysitter incident

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester Jessica Moore

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Part 1 off a cop AU I haven’t named yet

Summary: You are babysitting your friend´s daughter when someone breaks into the house. Good for you the older brother of your friend is a cop.

Warnings:a lot of angst Fluff someone breaking into a house

Wordcount: around 1750

AN: My entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing´s kari´s favorit things challenge

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You knew Sam from college. You both had met when your roommate Jessica had first introduced you to her new friend. you had known from the start that the two of them were meant for each other so it hadn´t been a suprise when the two had started datng or when they moved into their own apartment half a year later.

After college Sam had become a sucessful lawyer while you had started teaching Enflish and Math at a High school. You had stayed in touch but you for the most part had lived in a different part of the country. It hadn´t been untl two months ago that you had moved into the same neighborhood as Sam and Jesica who were now engaged and had their first child. A beautiful daughter named Emily that was six months old. You loved the little bundel of joy and it had steered a deep desire within yourself to have kids yourself. If you ever found a partner that is.

Tonight you had volunteered to watch over Emily while her parents went on a date night. They had been reluctant first but you had convinced them that you had everything under control and that you would call them if anything went wrong. Besides what could hapen in one evening, right?

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7x11 Play Time Thoughts (REWATCH)

I’m rewatching Playtime to uncover some clues that I may have missed and something Hanna said stuck out to me. When the girls are talking about Jenna and Noel having a connection to Charlotte and Archer, Hanna says that connected doesn’t equals a motive. So, what If we are finally getting a non-family related twist. What if this quote means that the person isn’t actually avenging Charlotte or is connected to her in anyway? Hanna has a point, if AD was someone who has connections to Charlotte it could be any of the liars. Could even be Ali

- I know Hanna got kidnapped by AD but she’s way more salty than usual. And i don’t know wether to rule this out or not. But in the intro for the episode, Hanna does the ‘Shh’ Does this mean anything at all? Aria looks really guilty but then side eyes Spencer??? And Alison sides eyes Hanna?? So, I don’t know what to make of this.

- Is that Mary Drakes house Spencer is at when she’s looking through the letter box? There’s a lot of mail there that looks as if it has been there for weeks. So, how long has it been since Spencer got released and Mary vanished? Where is Mary? Why is there a bell? I’m so confused.

- Ezra returns just as Aria tries to leave. That’s really suspicious to me. I want Aria to tell Ezra that she saw him on TV with Nicole.

- Caleb and Hanna talking about Jenna, and Hanna thinking that Jenna is AD and then Caleb is all ‘let me worry about Jenna’ and it cuts to Paige. Is this scene being shown after to foreshadow that maybe Jenna isn’t the one they need to worry about.. Paige is. Why would they bring back Paige just to spark a fire in Alison? To show us that Ali is the same person

- How do we know for sure that Alison is actually pregnant? We haven’t seen a test result, we weren’t shown her doctors appointment. Are we seriously expected to take her word for it? I’ve never trusted Alison.

- “Of all the things that happen in this time, those two get taken out by a deer.” *Sips tea* I’m still speculating Ezra, I mean he was out of town because of Nicole, Yes, but whose to say he didn’t cause this accident? Or for someone else to cause it. The Bethany twin theory works here too as Bethany would probably want Toby out of the way. We were never shown the accident. We never saw a deer CAUSE the accident

- Why are they making a point of sending Aria the text and having her make an entrance into Spencer’s barn? Is this relevant? They could have just cut to a scene of the girls in Spencer’s barn or had one of the others walk in? Why Aria specifically.

- Secret Passageway??? To where? Is this meant to represent how Mona snuck out of Radley??? Also, Who do we know that would have the ability and technology to create the game board? Caleb and Lucas. They made a point of telling us that Lucas designs apps and we have seen Caleb’s technical skills. Combining those two characters would make this game board. How does it motion sense whose playing?

- So the game is called 'Liars Lament’ and Lament stands for grief or sorrow. This could refer to avenging of Charlotte’s death OR making the liars take on tasks that reference something that connects to them emotionally and then they are rewarded for it. So Spencer’s task was to visit Toby. Why would it be to visit Toby? Perhaps Spencer feels guilty for the accident with Yvonne in a comma when she kissed Toby (Even though, it seems like her possibly twin kissed Toby) and she was rewarded with a letter from Mary dated back in the Radley days.

- @badassmona pointed out where each outfit the figurines are wearing are from. So, I took a little look at the episodes and I found some interesting things;

Spencer - 5x24 - This is the episode where Hanna and Alison are both in jail and it’s the day of Alison’s trial. Alison gets sentenced to being guilty for murder in the first degree. At the end of this episode, Charlotte is playing with a toy bus that resembles one of those prisoner truck things.. and she takes out a brunette figurine. Did this represent Mona? Or Spencer? Is this supposed to make us suspect Spencer?

Hanna - Hanna is dressed the most elaborate and her outfit wasn’t exactly matching to an outfit she’s worn on the show so I don’t really know how to evaluate it. Whoever, this person is sees Hanna as a fashion forward individual

Aria - 1x11; So Hanna is in hospital and Ezra shows Aria the 'I see you’ message on the back of his car. The episode before, Aria has an A Like moment where she slowly pulls down her hood. It seemed like a mini reveal.

Ali - Alison is obviously wearing her yellow top. The iconic yellow top that she was buried alive in, the final outfit she was known to be in. We all somewhat know what happened that night through Charlotte. However that is one person’s experience.

Emily - Emily is wearing her sharks swim team attire and this is the episode where she discuses swimming abilities and skills with Sydney. This is also the episode, Alison texts Emily and sings it A by accident then changes it. Why would Alison subconsciously type A at the end? This episode had a lot to do with Paige..

Now that I’ve analysed the episodes, I think I know the possible route for the game. Each liar will have to perform a task that correlates with someone close to them / failure to do so could result in that person being harmed. For example, 1x11 had details of Aria being with Ezra and Noel finding out about it, Her task could be Ezra related, Her reward possibly Nicole related, and if she fails, Ezra could find out about something idk. Emily’s episode had a lot of Paige, What if she’s forced to do something that involves choosing Alison or Paige? What if it results in Alison’s death? Hanna is dressing Katherine Daly for a career boost and her game piece features fashion-elements.. AD could ruin that so badly. Spencer’s was related to Toby because of her love for him. I don’t have much more to say I’m tired lmao

- “So continue with Plan A.” When Hanna and Aria are talking about Nicole and Hanna tells Aria to CONTINUE WITH PLAN A. Is this foreshadowing Aria?

- Alison is so salty over Paige. Why is she so intimidated? Alison was the one that bullied Paige

- Why is nobody asking Who shot Spencer? The only people present were Mary and Jenna. So does that mean? Mary shot Spencer? But why?

- I really don’t want Katherine Daly to be Bethany. I just don’t like it.




- Why does Alison have to attack Paige? Paige is literally doing her job and Alison just makes things shitty? Why. Why is she forever victimising herself and Why is she being the old Alison. Is this been shown to let us know that Ali hasn’t changed?

- Maybe not the rest of the world. But this is ROSEWOOD. LITERALLY LMAO

- Why is Spencer so easily whipping off her cast???

- Okay so the letter from Mary says that Spencer was made through hate and so that Jesica and Peter are aware of a mistake they made on s daily basis? I know that Mary pretended to be Jesica so with Spencer living next door to her, She’d be able regret the affair that she also had with Peter. Also, How did AD get this letter? Must be working with Mary

- Paige is right about Alison. Emily will make excuses and it is demeaning. Alison always victimises herself.

- and again Hanna is very defensive and salty. Questioning wether the letter is real.

- PLEASE LET THAT CUP, THE TEA AND THE SCRUBS BE A REFERENCE TO WREN. ALSO, Jenna at the end, Does her Braille spell out End game or The actual identity of the person and their reason? Why would she just smile and say End game? I’m confused