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this is all awesome and inspiring. makes me feel lazy and like i could save a lot of money by being more active.

I’ve been feeling pretty bummed out about attitudes of people and the fact that I work my ass off all day everyday, but because I don’t collect a paycheck or punch a timecard that it doesn’t fucking matter. I may not make much money, but I can help stretch what little we have.

Goodness, I’m so cheery today. </sarcasm> ;)

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homemaking and childcare IS a job and a difficult one at that, made all the more difficult by not collecting a paycheck. it takes ingenuity to make it work and i respect that.

Indeed. “Women’s work” is no less deserving of respect than any other profession. :) Of course, it’s nice to hear other people say it once in awhile. The world is a really fucked up place and sometimes the negative attitudes can come from people really close to you.