Dorian and his precious sense of humour with Sera serving the images on a silver plate. What are you two rascals doing to the cinnamon roll?

Dorian: I can’t believe you’re scared of magic, Sera. It’s a gift as mundane to me as your bow to you. Surely you see there’s nothing to fear in a properly used tool.
Sera: Tell that to all the “proper” mages wavin’ their tools in people’s faces!
Dorian: There’s an image.
Sera: What about Coryphemus? How many “proper tools” does he have under him?
Dorian: That’s not– I don’t think I can continue.
Sera: Right, well, I don’t care how gifted you are. Don’t cram it where it’s not wanted.
Cole:  I’m lost.


is there anything crueller than
loving and being loved by a prophet?
because they see too much,
they are too much,
and eventually, you will betray them,
it’s written in your blood
and inked into your name.

traitor comes from
the latin
to hand over;
you, handing yourself to them
you, without your heart or body or mind.
them, giving you nothing.

your last name comes from
the aramic
the false one;
you, whispering a thousand prayers into
their skin.
you, tasting ichor on your tongue like acid.
you, worshipping at a shrine of lies.

maybe you could have avoided this,
if your first name didn’t come from
the hebrew
to praise.

you were meant for this.




II You are the only shape I’ll pray to. II

listen here


speak to me in hymns and your whispers like prayers, tell me about how my spine is a rosary and i have lips like ten thousand blessings. i would lay my body on the altar as an offering, hipbones like crosses and hands like a crucifix.

speak to me your litanies of worship with hands and eyes and canticle lips like fever (i need you to run through my veins like disease disease disease) press them into my sides where i tremble under you like the red sea for a one true god and if we were holy before we are sinning now.

(in this church we are sacred). you and i, we were always empreyan.

— AUTO-DE-FE // L.B.

update: for some reason 8tracks is skipping and not showing some of the songs. I hope I will figure things out (if anyone knows what’s going on I would appreciate it). Until then, you can check the tracklist not to miss anything.