[Fic Search] #17

1. Hello! i’m such a fan of this account *~* I’ve been looking for this fic in which baek and chanyeol were married and idk the rest but at the very end, Chanyeol came home from somewhere and when he went to Baek’s house, he was with Kai(not sure) and they were kid/s running around. I’ve been looking for it everywhere and I really cant find it. I’m not sure if it’s in aff tho. It might be in wattpad but i cant find it. I hope u guys can help me and thank you so so much!

2. Jesebel hello, i’m looking for a fic that has established chanbaek but yeol got jealous(?) so he made baek have sex w the rest of exo-k (? this is questionable bc i only remember jongin and sehun being there) while he watched. it was rly kinky tbh, pretty sure baek was cumslut in ff. lol thankss ❤️

3. Straight Yet Bent Hello! Im looking for a non au fic where baekhyun and taeyeon are a couple and chanyeol is bh’s bestfriend but has hidden feelings for him 😭 bh always tell chanyeol about taeyeon and cy can’t do anything but hide his jealousy and pretend to be happy for bh like the good bestfriend he is jdhdhjd i’ve read this fic a long time ago but i can’t find it anymore sigh thanks a lot in advance!!~

4. Hello this is my first time asking a fic here and I hope you could help me out. Ive been searching this fic for a long time. So here it goes. It’s a fic where “Chanyeol and baekhyun met in bar. Baekhyun was invited by jongdae/luhan (which is chanyeol’s friend) and cy is kinda mesmerized by baek’s look lol and bh ended up sitting next to cy and they talked and some skinship happened and bh find cy sweet and gentleman. It’s chaptered and completed as far as I remember. Thankyou in advance!

5. The Baby Deal Hi! I really love this blog for it helps us discover more chanbaek fics 😊 I’ve been looking for this fic (i’m not sure if it’s baekyeol or krisho or taoris) where they dance to a local’s dance and they were tricked to drink a beverage to make them horny, and the dance is about great sex I think. They went to that island for a project. I’m pretty muxh sure it’s baekyeol. Chanyeol is the ceo and baekhyun is his secretary…

6. Hello! I’m looking for a fic that has CEO Chanyeol in it. He falls in love Baekhyun and during the ending they break up, but Chanyeol finds him at a club. I think Baekhyun wears his sweater ? And then they talk and get back together. Sorry if it’s vague.

7. Treacherous Hi. I’m looking for this kaisoo centered fic but chanbaek is there as a side pairing. in this fic kyungsoo is baek’s bestfriend while jongin is yeol’s bestfriend. chanbaek hates each other in this fic but it’s because they had some sort of history. the whole school/university knows about their rivalry. i hope you could help me. thank you.

8. Hello! First of all, I would like to say thank you to all of the admins who put effort in this site^^ you all are doing great!! BTW I’m searching for this fic (Domestic!au) wherein the last part, they moved house and fuck each other on a chair while their babies are sleeping on the other room 😂 and then hunhan came to visit them. I’m sorry if this is vague but this is all I remember >< thank youuuu!!!!

9. Hi! could you guys help me find this fic? >< its an incest!au where baekhyun is an escort and then one night, he did not know that it was his older brother (chanyeol) who booked him that night and they fucked heheh thank youuu!

10. Do you know a story where baekhyun was in love with chanyeol for a very long time (they were bffs) but chanyeol left to spain (i guess? Not rly sure) just a day after baek confessed to him bcs he wanted to do ‘big things’ in life. Years later baek became this expert event organizer and chan came back home from his long journey. Baek and Chan finally met thanks to Yoora’s interference but Baek hated him now? The story has happy ending. Thanks in advance!

Daddy Dylan

Author: really-meg

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Warnings: Major Dylan cuteness and fluff

Word Count: 1,205

Requested:  “ Hey! Can you do an imagines where the reader and Dylan have a baby and Dylan is so protective and cute with the baby?? Please”

A/N; I hope this is okay, I thought Dylan was super cute in this and totally wish this was real. On the other hand I have never had a baby or experienced the birth of a sibling. I have no idea what goes on right after pregnancy so there might be some unrealistic things in here. 

From the moment you told Dylan you were pregnant he had made sure you got the best stuff and the best care. He went to every sonogram and appointment, got the most adorablest furniture for its new room and made sure you were alway safe and okay. The moment Dylan found out it was a girl he started crying tears of joy. Everything was perfect. He was with the love of his life and he was going to be having a baby girl.

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is there anything crueller than
loving and being loved by a prophet?
because they see too much,
they are too much,
and eventually, you will betray them,
it’s written in your blood
and inked into your name.

traitor comes from
the latin
to hand over;
you, handing yourself to them
you, without your heart or body or mind.
them, giving you nothing.

your last name comes from
the aramic
the false one;
you, whispering a thousand prayers into
their skin.
you, tasting ichor on your tongue like acid.
you, worshipping at a shrine of lies.

maybe you could have avoided this,
if your first name didn’t come from
the hebrew
to praise.

you were meant for this.




II You are the only shape I’ll pray to. II

listen here


speak to me in hymns and your whispers like prayers, tell me about how my spine is a rosary and i have lips like ten thousand blessings. i would lay my body on the altar as an offering, hipbones like crosses and hands like a crucifix.

speak to me your litanies of worship with hands and eyes and canticle lips like fever (i need you to run through my veins like disease disease disease) press them into my sides where i tremble under you like the red sea for a one true god and if we were holy before we are sinning now.

(in this church we are sacred). you and i, we were always empreyan.

— AUTO-DE-FE // L.B.

update: for some reason 8tracks is skipping and not showing some of the songs. I hope I will figure things out (if anyone knows what’s going on I would appreciate it). Until then, you can check the tracklist not to miss anything.