Je pense que je suis une fille assez banale, dont on se passe facilement. Je suis fade, sans grande saveur, vous voyez, ce qui te donne pas vraiment envie de rester. Ouais, parfois on doit passer de bons moments avec moi, mais ça ne dure jamais longtemps, je manque pas aux gens. Je suis pas importante, c'est bien ça le problème.
—  Royalumos

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Quelle est la chose que tu préfère sur tumblr, quel genre de blog aimes tu ? Et inversement ? (même si j'avais déjà lu que tu n'aimais pas les blogs porno ce qui est tout à fait justifiable xD)

Ce que je préfère sur Tumblr c’est l’incitation à la création, et le partage. 
Le genre de blog, je dirai que tous les blogs qui publient du contenu personnel (texte, photos, dessins etc…) m’intéresse, parce que je suis curieuse, curieuse des gens. Les blogs que j’aime le moins sont donc ceux qui ne font que reblogger, ou qui publient du contenu pornographique effectivement, n’étant pas friande de ce genre d’images/vidéos. 


Study and Going Steady - Jeff Atkins Smut

Jeff Atkins x reader

Request: I was wondering if you could do a smut on Jeff Atkins about y/n coming to his house while his parents are away and we want to “Study” but things go another certain way

WARNINGS: Fluff, smut, cursing

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“I’m heading out now mom!” I scream as I head for the door.

“Okay hun, text me when you get to his house, love you!”

I say a quick love you too as I lock the door and jog to my car. I’m happy cause I’m staying the night at my boyfriend Jeff’s house. His first game can be next Friday if he passes his upcoming test so I promised him I will help him study before we binge watch cringy romance movies. As I pulled into his car, I noticed his parents car isn’t there. I forgot they went away on a business trip for the weekend. I knock on the door and as soon as it opens I’m welcomed by his lips.

“Hey beautiful” he smiles.

“Hello hunnybun” I joke as I walk into his living room.

“Oh gosh, let me stick to the cute names” he laughs as he jumps on the couch.

“Whatever you say boo bear” I smile as I sit down and put my legs on his lap. 

“Did you bring everything for the night?”

“Yep textbooks, pencils, pajamas, charger, hair ties, underw-”

“You don’t have to tell me everything babe” he laughs

“Yeah yeah when do you want to start studying?”

“Uh how about you go upstairs change into your pjs while I get us some food then we can start.”

 I nod my head and take my bag to his room. He has such a modest, but boyish room. I change into my clothes, purposely bringing the tight shorts and tank top Jeff loves so much. I throw my hair in a messy ponytail and get our books out.

“So I brought some classic chips and popco-”

He stopped and made no effort to hide the fact that he was staring right at my ass. That made me blush as I tried to pull down the already revealing shorts.

“And y-you expect us to study with you wearing that?”

“Wearing what?” I ask innocently as I turn away from him to put the rest of the books on the bed. I then felt his breath behind me as he grabbed my waist and pulled my back towards him. 

“This” He said and started kissing my neck and went from my waist to my breast, knowing I don’t wear a bra to bed. A light moan escaped my mouth as I put my hands over his. I felt him smirk on my neck and I almost forgot what we were suppose to do.

“Babe babe babe” I squirm from his grip as I turn to face him and peck his lip. 

“I love you, but we really need to study so I can cheer you on at Friday’s game”

he sighed, but he knew I was right. “Fine fine, but your missing out” he jokes as he slaps my butt. 


“Jeff pay attention!”

“I am babe I swear”

“Which president wrote the Declaration of Independence then?”

“Um.. Abraham Jefferson?”

“Yeah, no this studying is over, I hope your going to enjoy watching the game on the bleachers with me.” I start closing our books and Jeff grabbed my hands.

“I’m sorry babe, I just can’t stop looking at you that’s all, it’s easy for Jensen to tutor me because he isn’t my hot girlfriend.”

“Shall I dress up like Clay then?”

“No no no” he laughs.

“Then what do you want to do?”

he bits his lip and looks at me up and down as he climbs on top of me. he leans down to my ear and kisses it, “you” he whispers.

I can’t help but moan at how sexy that sounded and push him down onto the bed. I attack his mouth, not that he had a problem. He grab my thighs and squeeze them. I wrap my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. his hands travel to my butt as his slides his hands inside my shorts. I rub against his pants and start to feel his bulge coming on. He starts groaning and I smile against his lips. He stops kissing only to remove our shirts and turn me over. He starts to slowly kiss my neck, knowing I hate it.

“Jeff stop teasing” I wine.

“Sorry baby” he smirks.

He started to harshly suck on my sweet spot and I moan into his neck. He then goes to one of my breast and starts sucking on my nipple while massaging the other and then switching. I squirm under him, grabbing his brown hair just wanting to feel him already.

“Babe, I want you already” I wine

“In just a second” he smiles as his kisses travel to my thighs. he pulls my shorts down painfully slow, making me a groaning mess. he laughs at my reaction and comes back up to kiss me. I feel vulnerable being completely naked under him so I tug on his sweats so he gets the idea which he does. He pulls them down and went back to sweetly kissing me. I then feel his hands go in between my legs and I suck in my breathe. He circles his fingers around my clit and I try hard not to moan.

“Oh my go- Jeff!”

he bits his lip as he watches me come undone under him. I buckle my hips into his fingers and just need to feel him. 

“Jeff please..” I whimper with my eyes a shut. 

He doesn’t make me ask again as he grabs one of his condoms from inside his nightstand and slide it on. I can’t help but stare at his huge member and grab it in my hand, knowing he likes me to put it towards my entrance. He groans from my touch and kisses me passionately. He positions himself and stops kissing to look at me.

“Are you ready babe?”

I smile at him for always asking before he did anything. I nod my head and he slowly pushes himself into me. I moan and grab his arm as he stretches me. When he’s all the way in, he stops so I can adjust to him. He starts to slowly thrust into me and I wrap my arms around his neck.

“Fu-Jeff- my god” I moan. He takes my moans as his que to go faster. He takes my legs and wraps them around his waist as he starts quickly thrusting to me. I start to lose air from his speed. I dig my nails to his back and come close to almost screaming.

“Jeeeeeff! Fuck! my gosh!!” He puts one off my legs on his shoulder to deepen himself and goes faster. I moan with every pound he gives me. He’s a groaning mess as he whispers curse words with sweat coming down his forehead. His grip on my waist tightens as his thrust become more sloppy. 

“Babe I-I’m about to-”

I moan over his words as his thrust still didn’t slow down, but only got faster. I felt my stomach tighten as now both of my legs are over Jeff’s shoulders, feeling all of him. 

“Je- I c-can’t” before I can finish I came undone under him.

“Fuck y/n” his thrusts got sloppier as he rode out his high, putting my legs down and kissing my forehead. he slid out of me and collapsed onto the bed next to me. Both of us breathing hard, he turned over so that he was facing towards me and wrapped his arms around my bare torso. He started tracing small circles on my side and pecked my lips.

“If this is whats gonna happen every time we study, I don’t mind sitting on the bleachers” he lazily smiles.

“Well I’m not, your playing next game so text Clay”

“Fine, later” he sighs. 

He looks in my eyes and smiles “I love you babe”

“I love you too munchkin” I smile

“What did I say with the names!”


Breaking news for Cassiopeias worldwide!

It has been revealed today that former TVXQ and current JYJ member Park Yoochun will be getting married to a non-celebrity girlfriend only after a month of being cleared of rape charges.

Below is the confirmation released by his company C-JeS Entertainment:

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yeah me too

(that’s one old crappy comic))

Je te racontes ça, c'est parce que le plus grand pêché, c'est d'aimer quelqu'un et de ne pas lui dire. Si on se tait, cette personne ne sait pas, en marchant dans la rue ou en entrant dans une pièce remplie d'inconnus, elle ne sait pas qu'elle est aimée. Tu es aimée, et ça ne pourra jamais t'être retiré. Ce n'est pas grand chose. C'est tout ce que j'ai. Peut-être que ça suffit.
—  Robert goolrick

j'ai arrêter de parler. parce que personne ne comprenait mes maux. j'ai essayer de leur expliquer. folle, tu es folle. c'est ce qu'ils me répondaient. alors j'ai arrêter de parler. parce que tout ça, c'est pas seulement dans ma tête, ma douleur elle est plus que mentale.

peut être qu'avec le temps, elle finira par s'estomper. je l'espère du moins. je pourrais pas me battre éternellement, avec tout ça. c'est vrai, comment je pourrais avoir la force de continuer alors que mon âme s'est éparpiller un peu partout ?

pourtant je suis encore là, c'est vrai. c'est pas si facile de trouver le courage de partir d'ici. peut-être que je l'aurai un jour, peut être. pour l'instant je me contante de respirer, c'est déjà pas mal.

tout ça, je l'avais pas vu venir. j'en ai pas eu le temps. tu sais, ça m'a sauté en pleine gueule du jour au lendemain. et je pouvais rien faire contre, j'avais pas assez de force pour que la dépression ne s'installe pas dans ma vie.

elle fait partie de moi depuis quelques années maintenant, et je sais qu'elle ne me quittera sûrement jamais.


The story of my life told in Castiels

Cas is the only character I’ve been passionate about since the very begining of my art adventure and, oh my, did he change! At least 4 times haha
#OncetrashforCas #alwaystrashforCas