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French Slang Masterpost


Slt (Salut) = Hello
Bcp (Beaucoup) = A lot
Dsl (Désolé) = Sorry
Stp (S’il te plait) = Please
Dac (D’accord) = Okay
Qd (Quand) = When 
Qqch (Quelque chose) = Something
Qqn (quelqu’un) = Somebody

Internet words 

Mdr (Mort de rire) = Lol
Ptdr (Pété de rire) = Lmao
Vdm (Vie de merde) = Fuck my life
Tg (T’as gueule) = Shut up
BG (Beau gosse) = Hot guy 
Tkt (T’inquiête) = Don’t worry

Common sayings 

Bref = In short
Ouais = Yeah
Putain, Merde = Shit
C’est de la merde = It’s crap    
Ça craint = It sucks        
Ça me soûle = It’s annoying me 
C’est relou (C’est lourd) = It sucks 
C’est ouf (C’est fou) = It’s crazy
C’est trop cool = It’s awesome
C’est le bordel = It’s a mess
Je suis claqué = I’m exhausted              
Je me casse = I’m getting out of here  
Je m’en fou = I don’t care        
Tu rigoles = You’re jocking      
Tu te fous de ma gueule = You’re kidding me 
Tu fais quoi? = What’s up?
Laisse tomber = Just forget it
Fais gaffe = Be careful                
Péter un plomb = Going crazy                
Avoir la flemme de faire quelque chose = To be too lazy to do something

Unformal verbs

Bouffer = To eat
Taffer = To work
Roupiller, Pioncer = To sleep
Kiffer = To have a crush on someone
Etre vénère (Etre énervé) = To be annoyed
Se marrer = To laugh

Unformal nouns

Un mec = A guy            
Une meuf = A girl        
Un pote = A friend      
Une bagnole = A car                    
Une baraque = A house            
Un pieu = A bed            
Un bouquin = A book
Une clope = A cigarette                       
Le fric, le blé, le thune, l’oseille, le pognon = Money  
Un flic, un keuf = A cop              
Un gosse, un gamin = A kid      
Un boulot, un taf, un job = A job          
La fac = University        
Le bahut = High school

The above phrases/words can be used in almost every informal situation, but don’t use them in your essays or in any kind of normal writing!

I keep thinking about this line tbh. At first I just assumed he didn’t know Ma Rin properly, and his tears were simply in regards to his own impending death, but it just doesn’t seem like something he’d do. I feel like in any timeline, he’d try and find Ma Rin and stay close to her as to prevent their deaths. 

So now, I feel like in this future, she found out the truth, and as a result of his own carelessness and selfish behaviour - he loses her, and in turn falls into complete despair and depression. Which is why future!So Joon is so completely broken? Maybe no matter how many times he travelled into the future, he could never find her except at this very moment - and so, even if he stays at home - she would still die. 

I mean, future!So Joon is defo hiding something, and my theory will most likely change once we know what that is lols - but for now, i feel like he’d tried everything, and nothing helped. Everything leads back to present!So Joon’s actions towards Ma Rin, and maybe present!So Joon had never previously spoken to future!So Joon at the moment of the accident until this scene, thus why they still end up dead. 

Miro is just sitting there like: Ball, do you see how Basti stole my child? He just can’t do this to me.So now I’m sad. That’s my Erik he can’t just steal him. Ball, you’re the only I still have.
Than  Basti is there like: Haha you idiot now he’s mine.
And Erik is sitting there like an innocent child who hasn’t done anything.

iluboo  asked:

its not jetaime or je'taime u dumbo its je t'aime

frehch is messed up why would you even put the apostrophe there

sacre bleu