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Lovorka Loky ‏@Lokach#askjessica funniest thing that happened while filming with Tom Hiddleston

Jessica Chastain ‏@jes_chastain@Lokach dance parties

Bill Skaleski ‏@billskaleski@jes_chastain What performance of yours are you most proud of, film or stage? #askjessica

Jessica Chastain @jes_chastain@billskaleski Maya & Lucille because they are the most different from me

Taisha Perez ‏@TaishaMPerez@jes_chastain what do you do when you have trouble merging w/ a character?You’ve done the prep but something isn’t clicking #askjessica

Jessica Chastain ‏@jes_chastain@TaishaMPerez I try and surround myself with the energy of the character. With Crimson Peak I hung images all over my trailer.

Shannon Theumer ‏@ShannHarnisch@jes_chastain any upcoming events you will attend in Germany this year? #askjessica

Jessica Chastain ‏@jes_chastain@ShannHarnisch I think we’re coming to Berlin with @CrimsonPeakFilm Peak

What should I do to choose the right career?

Well, there is nothing like dedicating yourself, and doing what one likes. Sure, we could propose something that we really like and we will not be profitable to be stable in life, we must seek and dedicate ourselves to something that combines both, but decide in a mature way, otherwise you can lose good years of your life, but never too late to do what you love …. Ask yourself what do you really like? and consider listening to a guidance counselor. Inform yourself by researching online and you may discover something that interests you!. Remember Life offers many more opportunities than we can see. Knowing where we are going is the first step and perhaps the most important.