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Fairy Tail Chapter 509 Reaction Part 2

I fucking love Jerza. It’s my second favorite couple in Fairy Tail. I turn into a puddle everything Hiro Mashima reminds me how beautiful this couple is.

Note: I finally know how to draw Jellal so that he doesn’t look like Gray. Jellal is still the third hardest guy to draw in Fairy Tail.

Tattoos, Twins and Trouble

Jerza week: Day 2 - Tattoos

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this one. Featuring Jerza and their children! Yep, I have created multiple children for them now, totally getting ahead of myself.
Words: 2,052
Summary: They left Meredy to babysit the kids. What could possibly go wrong?

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Tattoos, Twins and Trouble

After weeks of Meredy badgering them to go out and have an evening to themselves, Jellal and Erza finally gave in with defeated sighs. She had that way about her, able to trade in her sweet and bubbly nature for stern and persuasive in a flash of pink.

As parents of three, the couple found it hard to engage in other activities that didn’t revolve solely around the kids, so when Meredy once again offered to babysit the children for the night, her arms crossed over her chest and her face solemn, they finally decided it really was an opportunity too good to let pass by.

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