Incarnate - Avatar au

Rated - T/M

Summary - The world is on the verge of crashing and burning, with it’s only beckon of hope coming in the form of the newly discovered Avatar. It is a lot of pressure, to put so much on someone’s shoulders. Especially when they never wanted anything to do with it to begin with.

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Before I start, I will just like to tell you that this story is somewhat inspired from the classic show Friends. It will revolve around the life of 8 friends with different personalities and how their lives intervene around each other. I will try to make it a rom-com only with a bit of drama of course.

And so here are the main character’s:

Natsu Dragoneel: Age-23

Lucy Heartfila: Age-23

Gray Fullbuster: Age- 24

Juvia Lockser: Age-22

Jellal Fernandes: Age-25

Erza Scarlet: Age- 23

Sting Eucliffe : Age-23

Yukino Agria: Age-23

Parings included: Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Stingyu


“I will like Irish coffee with some extra whipped vanilla cream on top.”

The light blue haired girl ordered politely as the waiter nodded and went off to fetch her coffee. She sighed and wiped off her head as she slumped on the dusky red couch.

“Hey Yukino! I knew I will find you here.”

Her sweet slumber was shattered by the loud masculine voice as she slightly rose from the couch and rolled her eyes on seeing her friend Natsu. Well duh, no surprise that he was free at 11:34 am in the morning.

Too bad, that she too have joined his club of unemployment now.

“Natsu! How did you know I was fired?”

She asked him once he was settled besides her on the couch as he grinned cheekily and said.

“Well..ahem, I have a date tonight and I needed your opinion as which restaurant have best Spanish food. As you know, she is a Spanish model. So..I called at your workplace, since your cellphone was switched off and that guy told me. So I figured you will be here.”

He shrugged casually as he got comfortable on his seat. Yukino chuckled weakly as it never failed to surprise her how her friend can speak that much without a break.

“So what happened exactly?”

Natsu asked while taking a bite from the chocolate chip cookies lying on the table. Apparently he didn’t care enough that is was a leftover. Yukino rolled her eyes as she was all too familiar with his habit. When it came to food, he would eat just about anything.

She cleared her throat as she turned to face him and said.

“Well You remember how I told you me and this other cook Stacy never got along.”

“Oh ya, that hot brunette with boob job.”

Yukino gave him a dirty look as Natsu prompted her to continue.

“Well so guess what, she have been sleeping with the restaurant manager as I walked into them doing it right on the kitchen rack. So..well as it is the policy that You Can’t have Sex with your co-worker or your hired chefs of course, He fired me, lest I told anyone.”

She finished with a scowl as Natsu gave her a sympathic look.

“Aww come here, you cute little bunny!”

He engulfed her in a hug as he patted her head comfortingly.

“Natsu, What did I tell you about calling me by that name?”

Yukino muttered as Natsu let her go and pouted.

“Well you don’t say anything when your sister calls you that.”

She huffed in disbelief at her friend’s immaturity.


Gray Fullbuster flashed his charming lady-killer smile at the blonde while she narrowed her eyes at him and looked away.

He was currently sitting in the local train from Magnolia to Crocus and he have been trying to catch attention of the particularly attractive lady sitting besides him but all in vain. This was the first time a girl rejected his advances and he was starting to feel low.

He was already regretting not taking his Porsche. Gray was the son of well known scientist Silver Fullbuster and he was a researcher himself. He was quite popular in city so it was really strange that she didn’t recognise him.

He cleared his throat to get the attention of the girl as she knitted her eyebrows in irritation and turned towards him.


She shot out bitterly as he smirked.

“Well, I am Gray Fullbuster. I hope you might recognise me…from..”

“Those fashion magazines, Cosmos, A Playboy, Womanizer, Self-centered cocky bastard. Yes, I do.”

She replied smartly and turned her attention back to her book while Gary was clearly taken aback by her attitude.

So..she wants to play it that way. Fine.

“Do you talk to all attractive men this rudely or Are you a lesbian?”

She gritted her teeth as she once again faced him while the train halted, indicating it has reached its destination.

“I don’t find you clearly that attractive and secondly, I would prefer being a lesbian than hit on by an arrogant jerk like you.”

She sweetly replied before getting up and off the train as Gary remained glued to his seat.

‘Fiery girl huh…he liked the challenge..’

He was in the city for next two days for a conference. It won’t be that hard to find that girl as he have his resources. Atleast he learned her name when he peeked into her ticket.

Lucy Heartfilia.



Juvia Lockser was not used to simply sleeping with the people she barely knew. But she sure made an exception this time. She leaned on her elbows and looked at her companion who was snoring and she had a sudden urge to pinch his cheeks as he appeared really innocent that time.

She placed a gentle kiss on his cheek and got up as she picked her scattered clothes from the ground.

She heard a rustling sound just in time as she was dressed fully.

“Leaving huh..?”

She turned around just to find him sitting lazily and rubbing his eyes as he yawned. Juvia almost drooled at his muscular abs and strong shoulders but gained her composure once she find out he was staring right back at her.

She cleared her throat as she avoided his eyes and spoke.

“We had a great time last night. But I broke up with my boyfriend last month So I am not looking for a relation right now. It was just a heat of moment thing. I hope you understand Mr…uhh..”


He finished for her as she laughed nervously.

“Ohh…Yes that’s right. I mean I didn’t forget your name or anything…”

“It’s all right. You don’t have to give an explanation for everything.”

He assured her as he flipped his hairs and pulled over his pants and shirt.

She smiled and nodded as he walked towards her and extended his hand.

“It was nice meeting you Ms. Juvia.”

She politely shook it as she grinned.

“You too Sting, and I am very thankful that you were so understanding. Its just…when I broke up with Bora, I..”

Juiva started to sob as Sting scratched his neck and offered her his hand.

“Well why don’t we head out and have some hamburger and coke huh..As friends?”

Juvia meekly agreed as she wiped off her eyes and followed him outside.


"Yes Natsu I will. Why don’t you give the phone back to Yukino?”

Erza groaned as she pleaded her cousin . There was some shuffling and some cursing and shouting before she finally heard her best friend.

“Yukino! I was hoping you could lend me your red halter top for tonight… You see I have a date with this hot Physics teacher I told you about…you will…Thank you sweetie.”

She pumped her hands victoriously as she hung up the phone.

Erza Scarlet was English teacher in the high school. She was quite intelligent and was also doing her PHD for getting a lecturer job in University.

She have known Yukino through her cousin Natsu as they went to high school together. She first met her when she came to his house for vacation. Both the girls hit it off really well and since then she, Yukino, Natsu and Gray were best friends.

Gray was Natsu’s neighbour and his best friend. Although they both used to fight day and night, but they clearly cared about each other.



Jellal Fernandes was not usually seen outside the kindergarten, but it have become his habit since last three months. Ever since his…


He smiled as he saw his four year old daughter Wendy running towards him on her tiny foot. Her bag swayed on her shoulders as she ran with a toothy grin.

Wendy was his world. His everything. He have just enrolled her in the school as she turned four a while back. People were always surprised to find that he was a Dad at such a young age. He haven’t planned her. But he can’t complain either. She was his and Ultear’s daughter. His girlfriend in college. Ultear have passed away after she gave birth to Wendy. He was in depression for a long time but he realised that he needed to be there for their daughter. Ur, Ultear’s mom was quite helpful and took good care of her granddaughter when he wasn’t around.

Jellal was a well known doctor in the city. Both he and Ultear were doing their medical when she died.

Jellal picked his little girl up as she placed a sloppy kiss on his cheek and he trotted back towards his car.


I made Gray womaniser here..I always liked the idea of him being one. I put the Sting and Yukino pairing as I really like their pairing. I also made Yukino and Natsu good friends since I liked the way he cared about her during GMG arc..Erza and Natsu both have similar kind of hairs so I made them cousin..lol..

And with Sting and Juvia, don’t worry they won’t be a pairing. They all are adults here and are certainly not virgins so sex won’t be a big deal here.



Every once in a while, Gildarts, Laxus, Erza, and Mirajane would take s-class jobs together, and the gesture pissed the shit out of Natsu.

  • Gildarts coming home and hopping on the second floor of the guild to look for a good-paying request.
  • Laxus meets the old guy there and the two catch up.
  • Mirajane serves them their favorite alcohols, then joining their ~s-class~ conversation, too.
  • Erza taking flight upstairs as well to pin some requests.


And then the *cough* elite *cough* four pay interest on a mutual job and decide to work together as a team. Makarov overhears their plan and talk shit about how destructive their group would be, but in the end supports four of his fiercest children.

BONUS: Mirajane contacts Jellal to disguise himself as Mystogan so that Erza’s happiness goes extra for a week or two. And what can Jellal do–whether he approves or not? Laxus warned him before that Mira’s not someone to piss off so…

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: We've known each other for a while now and I've been thinking that maybe it's time to take a step forward in our relationship.
  • Person B: What?
  • Person A: *kneels down on one knee*
  • Person B: ...
  • Person A: *Pulls out a sticky note* Here. My wifi password.

Okay everyone It’s a very sad message but

There is confirmation from Hiro that this is the last Arc FT.

Cover of volume 60:

“I was so delighted as Volume 50 was released, and here we are at volume 60. Surprisingly fast, is not it? I think some of you already guessed that it was the last Fairy Tail saga. I will do my best to draw to the end so please stay with us.“