Otp Reunions
  • Zervis:Aww, Zeref looks hot as ever
  • Gajevy:Gajeel's dorky face and Levy's fierce greeting kick
  • Nalu and Gruvia:Faints.
  • Jerza:holee crap let's fight the strongest mages before anything else because that's right you weaklings, we're the powerhouse couple and screw you mashima, give us a break!
  • Kagura:Gets out of the manga and unsheathes her sword and threatens mashima
Our boys are just trying to hold on to whatever strength they have remaining to defeat the bastards who hurt their waifus then they saw their waifus and they fainted because its all just adrenaline, rage and hurt like they’re probably thinking of ending the battle in one full blow (which was when Erza came in). now we’re all waiting for a jerza moment. asdfghjkl