jerusalem: the biography


Melissa Müller: Anne Frank The Biography - first American edition (1998)

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When Robert Downey Jr was a kid and his camp counselor Todd Graff remembered that Robert would be ‘insanely hyperactive’ and a 'pain in the ass’  

from the biography of Robert written by Martin Howden

can u imagine that, reading that part made me laugh so hard!!!!

Really elections it is more important than human life?

The brother drinks in a black way, we with mum very much struggle, we persuade to be treated, we appeal to conscience. Helps nothing! From apartment gradually cunningly one behind another: the Computer, the Washing machine, a computer table, a pier glass, mirrors, the vacuum cleaner, interroom doors, the refrigerator. The wife has run away even earlier. Its new “friend” released from jails has broken to the brother a nose. And last night, when I the brother of visors to itself, it have broken a door and have stolen the last - the TV. I understand what to continue to live there - disastrous for it. But! The main thing that this  destruction starts with its Way of life, after all neighbours - people basically family, working, behind a wall the neighbour of the brother in a platform, I heard, even in police works (There were cops - became понты!) And they do not have such problems. But! What to do to us in this situation, at such relation of the brother (he does not want to resist), neighbours, authorities? Today I, as well as yesterday (twice), went to police to meet the divisional, to ask for it the help. But! Also it is ineffectual. Instead of participation I have seen Indifference; when I have addressed to group of policemen which sat in audience supposedly how to meet the divisional of the Fifth kilometre, anybody and words has not said. And only the entered employee, having talked over with me with some impudence that they-de do not sober and so forth, has specified to me then in the young employee supposedly approach to it, he will write down you. I have approached, that has with a great effort lifted a head and, having listened to me, has told that all of them will be now strongly occupied on Polling districts in connection with elections and that I have approached on Tuesday (and today Thursday!) . I have objected, - so after all till Tuesday all can happen! But it has sounded, as “the Voice scandalous in desert”
 I have left with feeling of disappointment. Really elections it is more important than human life?