“During my time in Israel this summer I was able to visit Israel’s famous Holocaust museum — Yad Veshem, which is located in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital.

Growing up in high school I was taught about WW2 and the Holocaust, but not in such detail as I witnessed in Yad Veshem. I felt a tsunami of emotions fall all over me while I saw and read what the Jewish people had to endure under the power of Hitler. I was engulfed with rage, sadness and shame at the same time.

How could one man commit such ghastly and horrific acts of evil against innocent human beings? How could the nations remain silent during that time of evil, hatred and ignorance?

My eyes were left glossy due to the water that filled them, and my fists were left sweaty due to the anger I felt. My body wasn’t my own anymore…instead I felt possessed by the pain and sorrow of the fallen, their broken dreams suddenly became my broken dreams, their broken hearts became mine, their empty stomachs became mine, and their tears soon translated into the water that rolled down my cheeks.

Inside the museum I saw groups of IDF soldiers visiting for the first time and their faces were drenched with terror. The young warriors were pensive as they watched the videos, pictures, & testimonies of the men, women and children killed, and those of which escaped death.

There was not one person smiling or laughing within the walls of Yad Vashem…there was just a heaviness and stillness within the atmosphere.

From this eye opening experience, I learnt more beyond the treacherous fences of Auschwitz, I learnt about three other Nazi extermination camps: Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka. Their purpose as you’d suspect was the systematic mass murder of Jews from central Poland. Upon arrival, the victims — women, men, & children were sent directly to the gas chambers. About 1,700,000 Jews, most of them from Poland were murdered in these three camps.

Finally, upon leaving the museum I was still trying to recover from the grief and anger I felt, but that started to change as I heard Israel’s anthem being sung and seeing pictures of Theodor Herzl in all his splendor, alongside the joy filled faces of women, men & children who survived the Shoah. I was graced with Israel’s gorgeous landscapes that consisted of trees and luscious hills. I stared into the beauty that was before me and was absorbing everything I saw. I couldn’t help but overhear an IDF soldier telling a family, ‘You have seen the struggles we have faced as a people, and now that you’re here, the Land you see before you is what we finally call Home, a place we have built up, this is our pride and this is why we fight for Israel.’ The soldier’s words brought a smile to my face as it brought the same to others around him.

When people say they are against Israel, they are saying they’re against the Jews. People need to stop lingering within the borders of ignorance and start getting educated on who the Jewish People are, and how much they’ve contributed to our world and civilization. Israel is the Land of the Jews, they are and have been indigenous to it for over 2000 years, and no one could take that away from them!

Seeing little children playing with their mothers and fathers within the walls of the Old City made me feel so joyous as it was a symbol of victory over the ones who have tried and are still trying to destroy them.

This is why I love Israel.
This is why I love the Jews.
This is why I am a Zionist.
This is why I am hopeful! Because the Jews have given me hope and inspiration.

My first time in Israel has left me in awe and in deep admiration of this exuberant and fruitful nation. To anyone who visits Israel; the Land of Canaan, the Holy Land, the Promised Land, the Land of Milk & Honey….you will be unprepared and spiritually transformed. Israel has my heart eternally. You are NEVER alone.”

— Matthew Chin, York University student

Taken from Hasbara FB page

ירושלים - בית הכנסת היהודי, אשר הובא מאיטליה בשלמות, ומקומו נקבע במוזיאון ישראל / Jerusalem - Synagogue, brought as a whole from Italy, placed in The Israel Museum - LCDL Scholar Search ירושלים - בית הכנסת היהודי, אשר הובא מאיטליה בשלמות, ומקומו נקבע במוזיאון ישראל / Jerusalem - Synagogue, brought as a whole from Italy, placed in The Israel Museum

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This is not at a war zone .. this at Al Aqsa mosque .. the first qibla of the Muslims.. this morning the mosque was attacked by huge Zionist groups in what they claim to be “the memory of the destruction of the temple” .. the police forces had forbidden the entry to all Muslims since early hours of the morning (before fajr) .. however, some of the youngsters already slept in the mosque in order to stop the Zionist extremist groups from attacking the mosque.. the soldiers attacked each and every Muslim inside the mosque including the guards !

Shira Banki

The 16 year old teenage girl who was stabbed by a Jewish orthodox terrorist, Yishai Shlissel, on Thursday 30/7/2015 at the Jerusalem pride parade, has passed due to her injuries.

May she rest in peace, תנוחי על משכבך בשלום