Tele Tuesday!!! My good friend Brian Mackewich’s custom Petillo Tele. The top is a rare two-piece book matched German quilted/bubbly grain maple. Check out the dyed horizontal Ocean Blue Burst. We have a surprise on the hardware with something that has never been done before.


Surf’s up, N.J. 🤙🏼🏄| 📹@andremalok
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AAANNDDD your question is: 

42) What has been your favorite family vacation?

I have 2 favorite vacation memories:

1) When my family and I went to Jersey Shore for the first time. I enjoyed every moment of it! This was before Sandy hit, but we had a great time. We visited many water parks around the area so that was amazing. My sister threw up in the pool, causing it to be shut down for an entire day (we still enjoyed the time anyway).

2) Our trip to Long Beach. This is one of my most memorable vacations because it was the craziest! Some highlights include:

  • There was this group of friends who got drunk by the pool area and one of the ladies got so drunk that she kept throwing herself into the pool by diving in from the sides. She kept coming closer and closer to hitting the banister by the stairs near the entrance of the pool.
  • While my family came from dinner at Jordan’s Lobster Farm (excellent food btw!) we saw that the entire beach was surrounded with ambulances. We found out that two people drowned in the ocean near the beach. While we stood on the balcony to take a look, another drunk woman threw herself on the railing. She fell directly in front of me, almost knocking me off the balcony with her. My mother was about to make a scene, but before that could happen, the woman got up and wobbled across the boardwalk. She almost got hit with a bike on her way back to the bar. 

Yes, those are my most memorable vacations, full of fun and full of drama!