reasons why you should watch home at the end of the world
  • colin farrell being ADORABLE with a baby and doing the grabby bear paw thing
  • colin being unapologetically bi/pan
  • his character is seriously the sweetest thing in the world who loves everyone and is so caring and REALLY LIKES asking people to dance with him HE’S SO INNOCENT
  • COLIN AS A BAKER/COOK actual cinnamon roll who makes cinnamon rolls
  • baby-faced colin
  • colin wearing cute sweaters and jerseys and rainbow hats
  • colin being cute and singing and air guitaring in the car

and i stole an ask from drunk-onbooks just bc i imagined one line that neil would probably say

Alrighty so. I was just thinking about andreil wearing eachother’s sweaters/jersey’s in public and then I REMEMBERED: those sweatpants with words/named written on the ass. Neil with “minyard” written on his ass. Does this inspire?

  • so neil is wearing andrews pants
  • he’s out with allison and nicky lets pretend
  • with the name “Minyard” on the butt
  • and ofc the press finds him somehow
  • and the questions start
  • “Are you aware you’re wearing one of your teammates pants?”
  • “The name minyard is on your ass, neil” allison says to neil
  • neil grins
  • “Minyard is usually on my ass anyway”
  • allison nearly chokes
  • nicky does

anonymous asked:

Could always make it sleeves normal Back normal and absolutely nothing covering the front. Like those tacky clothing memes going around.

Or even, those cleavage Jerseys (sweaters? - I don’t know what you call them) With that little gap, would go down quite well I’m sure

I love this sweater, even with it’s hole in the elbow :)

Quality isn’t so great but it’s a new place and all.