Ebony has her best pink sweater on, just in case someone comes to take her out for a walk or adopt her! She’s been at the shelter in Newark, NJ, a long time, and gets overwhelmed at adoption events, so it’s hard for her show her best side.

She loves going for long walks with volunteers and other dogs, and is super mellow when she’s hanging out with people. If you want to meet her or ask questions about her, just call 973-824-7080!

We think Edgar looks smashing in his Edgar Allan Poe Sweater. There’s still time to get one of your own before Halloween!

“When I was young and filled with folly, I fell in love with melancholy. Now things seem to be so much better, since I acquired this awesome sweater.”  

- Edgar Allan Poe

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You can tell a hockey fan immediately upon meeting them, whether it’s from that glint in their eyes, the ever-slightly-jutting-forward body language momentum, the jersey sweater sticking out from under their suit jacket, or the hair. They love their sport in a way few people love anything.
—  Will Leitch on Hockey fans