Hey, would you like some rooms with these bags? I’m bored so ima talk about that Jersey Shore Season 5 haha. Started off pretty good with snooks slurping pickle juice straight from the jar cause she misses pickles. Then as soon as it got good it got bad real fast. If deena is dumber than snooks than unit makes sitch look like a fucking adonis. Unit is not only the dumbest kid I’ve ever seen he’s like a Pauly on the outside with the attitude of a situation, and I hate how everybody says snooks is guilty just cause she was nervous and crying. How could she not be like that?! If someone was trying to make mad shit and end your relationship with the one you love then I would be nervous too. It doesn’t even have nothin to do with trust either cause a couple could have the strongest trust but the persuation of rats and snakes could be even stronger. Anyway, when they got back to the house Sammi’s right. Sitch is so gay for unit haha. He was sprayin cologne everywhere and then sprayin on unit’s pack. damn. bieber status lol. not even comparible to team bromance cause their feelings are mutual towards eachother haha. And Deena made it so obvious she was jelly of Ryder with Pauly. I was laughin so hard when she walked in the room and made awkward silence. Then in the mornin, “everybody ryder, like a bus driver” LMAO. well it’s no surprise, ryder’s pretty hot I ain’t gonna lie. In the end, Vinny might leave for a while and that sucks cause he’s like the baby of the fam and you can’t have a fam without a baby. He’ll be back doe you can tell. It’s like when sam left except people actually cared haha. It was sad when he was sad doe cause he’s the one who’s always cheerin everybody up even doe he’s the youngest and then when he’s down nobody can cheer him up. I know how that feels lol. All in all, good season premiere. Went by fast haha.