Okay guys, I’m going through major Bamboozle depression here. I’m seriously sobbing right now, you have no idea at all. I had to go on the dumb band trip THIS WEEKEND of all weekends… the exact, abrupt weekend when My Chemical Romance would decide to be back home in NJ. I LIVE in New Jersey. I can get to Asbury Park any time I want. I literally live 15 FUCKING MINUTES away by car. I’ve been there tons of times. I know the place like the back of my hand, honestly. I’ve walked the very boardwalk so many times I can’t even…

And now, the one time I need to be there I can’t. I feel like shit. I honestly… Just, oh my God. 

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Because it is the corniest thing you’ll ever read. I just got so sucked into all this Real Housewives of NJ drama. When the show started, I was obsessed! I was obsessed with everyone being as thick as thieves and with the “bubbies”. But now it’s gotten so crazy. I know she’s so annoying but I have a soft spot in my heart for Teresa. I met her and I really liked her (liked her enough to spend $20 on her book). She was my favorite. Now this is nonsense. Jacqueline and Caroline seem to be done with her. I guess I just need to move on.