jersey triad


This Day in WCW History: Following a month where Kanyon betrayed Perry Saturn to align with DDP & Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Benoit stepped up alongside Saturn to defeat The Jersey Triad for the Tag Title, The Triad takes advantage of a distracted referee by having Bigelow break up a Crossface and help DDP connect with a Diamond Cutter to win their 2nd WCW World Tag Team Championship at Great American Bash 1999.


My top 5 highly underrated stables:

1) The Nation: Was such a good stable at the time, and I would put The Nation up against any other stable, especially my favorite incarnation of it (when Faarooq was booted and Owen Hart joined). This stable really is the blueprint on how to build characters from scratch overtime. Early on every member was really just soldiers, and gradually, The Rock, D'Lo, Mark Henry, The Godfather all developed distinctive personalities. Even Owen Hart added a dimension to his character that he didn’t have before.

2) Raven’s Flock: Everybody talks about the NWO, but Raven’s Flock was also a great revolutionary stable at the time. Raven had amazing control over the group, and everyone who joined perfectly fit. It also sparked great character development for when members either wanted to leave, or were kicked out.

3) The Jersey Triad: What’s better than 3 innovative wrestlers getting together using the Freebird rule? Always thought Bam Bam and Kanyon were highly underrated, and DDP was my favorite WCW wrestler. All 3 just embodied natural coolness that you can’t fake or create.

4) Right To Censor: Was such a natural stable to come around at that time. So much natural heat with a mouthpiece like Stevie Richards added to the group’s aura. The “Goodfather”, Bull Buchanan, and Val Venis were the perfect members to add, as they all add something legit to forsake in getting into RTC. Ivory added a great element on the women’s side, and both her and Stevie could not have been better talkers for this group. As watered down as the WWE has gotten overtime, a revamped RTC could do wonders.

5) The Corporation: There’s no better foils for the good guys than an evil ruthless boss, his douche son, future son-in-law, and all his croonies. At various times having muscle like Big Show, Bossman, Kane, Ken Shamrock, and Test did wonders to protect the “Corporate” champions, and Austin, Mankind, and DX were the perfect good guys to lead against the Corporation.