jersey shore season 4


The season premiere of Jersey Shore’s Season 4 got 8.8 million viewers! The most-watched season premiere of Jersey Shore history. America is not tiring of Jersey Shore at all. I really don’t see anything wrong with America because it loves (well, many of them love) Jersey Shore. People look to TV for relaxation, to put their mind at ease, to escape. Jersey Shore does that. They’re dumb, mindless entertainment. No one mistakes Jersey Shore for good TV. People don’t look up to those Jersey Shore kids. They enjoy looking down on them. They’re clowns. There’s nothing wrong with America because they enjoy looking down on those Jersey Shore meatheads. Intellectual entertainment would never be dominant. Rachel Maddow is freaking brilliant & great & will never dominate TV. It’s called ‘Boob Tube’. Some go to TV for their mind and watch MSNBC or PBS or History or Discovery but most don't—FoxNews dominates. Did you go see Bridesmaids? HarryPotter? Smurfs? You did? What about Tree of Life? Midnight In Paris? No? Then don’t judge Jersey Shore fans. And I’m not a Jersey Shore fan (I dug season 1 but no more) but I don’t look down on people for enjoying “bad” TV. Do you watch those Housewives shows? You do? Then don’t judge Jersey Shore fans. I remember a deep subtext to the 1st season of Jersey Shore. They thought they were insiders in Seaside Heights because they’re Italian-Americans. They found out, to their dismay, that they weren’t considered accepted and were actually being looked at as doing what we’d call “cooning”. The town was constantly attacking them because the town saw them as embarrassing and hated them—this was all before one episode even aired! So there’s this deep cultural subtext running through it. Mindless? Not if you don’t let it be. See most people don’t think about things in this context. My mind is one that a lot of you don’t get. You see meet me once or hear about me from other people or you hear stories about what i’ve done in the past and you think you know me. You don’t know s*** about me. I’m a Stranger. I’m an iceberg. When you see me out or hear stories about me from others, that’s what you get to see + hear above the surface of that ocean. The most powerful and largest part of who I really am still remains unseen and unknown as a huge mass below the surface. Read my blogs and understand my mind and where I’m coming from. Don’t just like my quotes because they sound cool. Understand them and you’ll have a better chance at understanding me. You’ll have a better chance at loving me and not judging me based on the most embarrassing mistakes of my past. Get to know me. I’m f****** awesome. I wish I could date myself. I’d have boundless unconditional love, flaws and all. I’d never leave during a storm.