jersey problem


OKAY. jersey problems. because there are no shop rites, a&ps, or stop & shops in this entire fucking city because everything that’s necessary for life is super compact, my friend and i couldn’t find ANY taylor ham (aka pork roll) this morning to go with our egg/cheese/salt/paper/ketchup on bagels/rolls. it was a huge disappointment “a void in the perfect morning sandwich” as he called it. 

guess it’s just a jersey thing =_=

Jersey [Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader]

Summary: You’re a journalist and your neighbor is playing music too loud, you go to complain and turns out he is writing a musical.

Word count: 1,168

Warnings: None. Light cursing maybe?

Author notes: MY FIRST DRABBLE YOU GUYS! I think it turned out better than I imagined. Please let me know what you think, if you like maybe I can write more?

“You need to stop!” Your words echoed on the hallway that connected your apartment to the rest of the building. The loud music suddenly paused and you exhaled in relief after slamming the door. 

You had three articles to write until the end of the week, the last thing you needed on that friday night was the same song played slightly differently for what seemed like hours to you, it was already bad enough that you had to ditch your friends because of work. 

When the inspiration came back to you the words just flew from your mind all the way to your laptop. Your fingers moved quickly and you wrote not more than two paragraphs before the loud drums started once again.

That was the last straw. 

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me in the fall: wears hockey jersey

me in the winter: wears hockey jersey

me in the spring: wears hockey jersey

me in the summer: turns up ac, wears hockey jersey

Frankie Valli Had a Problem With Jersey Boys

by Michael Musto        Village Voice, Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As you know, Jersey Boys is the Tony-winning smash about the creation and success of the 1960s vocal group the Four Seasons.

Well, you’d assume it would be all kudos and champagne for the original Four Seasons, who got a burst of renewed interest and lovin’ ever since the show debuted in 2005.

But lead singer Frankie Valli had his reservations.

As showbiz guy Fred Weintraub relates in his new memoir, he had lunch with Valli after seeing Jersey Boys and gushed about how good it was.

But Frankie looked troubled.

“What’s the matter?” asked Weintraub.

“It really wasn’t fair, Fred,” he said, pained. “Did you hear all the applause the guy playing me got?”

He was jealous of the fake version of himself!

“Frankie,” assured Weintraub, “he’s only imitating you. Didn’t you notice? When the original footage of you was shown at the end, the applause was thundering,”

“Yeah. …You’re right,” said Valli, giving in. (Big boys don’t cry.)

“And now you’re going to be remembered forever,” added Weintraub.

Valli smiled.

And John Lloyd Young won the Tony.

i just can not stop thinking about remus and sirius wearing each others clothes? and sometimes it’s not even intentional? like they are getting dressed in the morning just grabbing the closest shirts in the dark and only noticing when james sighs and mumble something like ‘fucking nerds’ that remus is wearing sirius’ quidditch jersey and sirius is wearing remus’ light grey sweater. but they just kinda shrug, smile a little and sit down. [i think about this way too much it might not be very healthy]

Reasons I Don't Like Taking Big Parties

Nobody can decide where to sit.


It takes forever to figure out what they want to eat.


When the food comes out, everyone seems to have developed amnesia and has no clue what food goes to whom.

When it’s time to split the bill, it requires an economics degree and thirty minutes.

When I see all the shit I have to clean up once they’ve gone.

Without auto-gratuity, your chances of getting the tip you “deserve” are about the same as your chances of breaking even in Vegas. 

Assata Shakur is one of the strongest and most courageous black women you will ever read about. Assata meaning “she who struggles” and Shakur meaning “the thankful one” is a true warrior in the fight for black equality. At a very young age in the 1960’s, she participated in various struggles including the Black Liberation Movement, the Student Rights Movement, and the movement to end the war in Vietnam. As member of the Black Panther party, she fed thousands of black children every morning insisting that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. She, as a young teen, mentored many young black girls on the importance of natural hair and supporting black men. In 1973, she was falsely accused of shooting a state trooper on the NJ turnpike after medical evidence showed she clearly couldn’t have done the crime. She spent almost 7 years in prison in solitary confinement, suffering from brutal beatings from prison guards, severe malnourishment, and complete lack of medical attention. Through it all, she stood strong and with the help of the Black Panthers, was able to escape that hell.
While in prison she birthed a beautiful baby girl named Kakuya Shakur.

Today 40 years later, she is still being pursued by the FBI and recently was placed on the FBI’S “Most Wanted Terrorist” list. This is the same list the Taliban and OSAMA BIN LADEN were placed on. She is not only the first woman to be placed on the list, but the second person in history from the U.S to be placed on the list. The state of New Jersey also added $1 million to the FBI’s $1 million bounty on her head. They are offering $2 MILLION for her capture. Isn’t it crazy that New Jersey with all the problems it has can come up with $1 Million to place on Assata’s head? She was basically kidnapped by the police, sentenced to life in prison with no evidence, severely beaten on the regular, starved almost to death then she is able to finally escape the torture and now she’s the terrorist? Anyway, she is a phenomenal poet and if you get the chance read her autobiography. It’ll change your life. The fact that they are still chasing her and offering so much money shows that they are afraid of what she symbolizes. Assata is an inspiration to us all and shows us how important it is to be able to stand on your own two feet. Stand for something or Fall for anything. Strong, Black Woman I Salute your Existence!!!!!

“Freedom! You askin me about freedom?! Askin me about freedom? I’ll be honest with you. I know a whole lot more about what freedom isn’t than about what it is, cause I’ve never been free. I can only share my vision with you of the future, about what freedom is. Uhh, the way I see it, freedom is the right to grow, is the right to blossom. Freedom is the right to be yourself, to be who you are, to be who you wanna be, to do what you wanna do.” Assata Shakur

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